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It may not be possible to turn a computer on-and-off when being used throughout the day, but if you and your colleagues get into the habit of turning off computers when leaving the office this can lead to huge savings. Peripherals like printers and scanners should also be turned off when not in use. Unplug chargers when not in use. If a charger feels warm when it is plugged in without being attached to a device it is still converting energy. Cutting the amount of waste your business has to handle is the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly method of dealing with waste. Seemingly trivial changes can produce significant savings, such as printing and photocopying double-sided, refilling printer cartridges, switching off lights and electrical equipment, and using rechargeable batteries.
Why lose up to 35% of the heat from your office through the walls and up to another 25% through the roof when you could install cavity wall and loft insulation? Shutting the curtains, especially lined ones, will stop heat escaping through your windows.
Double-glazing cuts heat loss through windows by 50%, resulting in a significant reduction to your heating bill each year. Common sense tells you that people who live alone use a greater percentage of their income on regular living expenses compared to couples.
When you dissect the average person's monthly budget, the basics include rent or mortgage, utilities, cable and Internet, cellphone, groceries, entertainment, transportation expenses, and loan payments, says Mitchell Weiss, adjunct professor of finance at the University of Hartford. Weiss recommends spending no more than 25% of your annual pretax income on housing costs, which may require some planning.
Just as you can cook in bulk and share food with friends, you can pool your money to make bulk purchases, says Clarissa Hobson, a CFP with Carnick & Co. While you still can clip coupons from the Sunday newspaper, there are numerous other ways to find coupons. If you own a car, then gas, car insurance and maintenance costs can become a hefty budget item. If you're still making car payments, consider trading it for an older model that you can pay for in cash.
It is essential for a business owner to save as much money as it is possible to be protected from financial difficulties. It is easier to cut costs in your own business than you might think, all you need to know is where and how.
Many businesses spend a lot of money on advertising campaigns to get noticed; advertising your business however doesn’t have to be as costly as you think. Meetings with clients can be an expensive task, especially if traveling long distances and having to stay for a number of nights. Stationary is a must in any business however it should be managed with care and consideration. Remember electricity and water aren’t free so make sure you use them sparingly.  If you see a room that is not in use make sure that the lights are switched off. As you are aware recycling is great for the environment however in some circumstances it can be good for your pocket. Earlier this year, Small Business Trends published a report on the 25 best ways for small business travelers to save money on the road.
Based on the responses Small Business Trends and SurePayroll received, planning ahead before the trip seems to be a surefire way of saving money and being prepared for the unexpected. Of course, there will always be business travel horror stories that make a disaster out of even the best laid plans. Before you pack those bags, peruse the Web to look for better deals on everything vital to the trip. You may feel panicked or rushed while you’re in a new place with unfamiliar surroundings. It seems the best money-saving practices are those that you’d follow with your own household budget.

Despite the possibility of Frequent Flyer miles accruing and the like, it may not always be best to just throw all expenses onto a single card or to limit yourself to a single airline. ParkWhiz is a mobile (and desktop) app that allows travelers to scope out different parking lots and garages at a particular location. Saving money on your next business trip can actually start while you’re on the previous trip. There’s one tip that was shared by a lot of the people responding to the SurePayroll and Small Business Trends query.
So if you have to leave the comforts of your home office, remember what these travelers have shared and don’t forget to look at the previous tips shared on small business travel.
When shopping hotels, consider the cost of a cheaper hotel plus a couple Uber trips and compare to the conference hotel rates. Founded in 2003, Small Business Trends is an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them. Together with hundreds of expert contributors, Small Business Trends brings you the news, advice and resources you need. Get the best tech deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable tech news and more! TechRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Being energy efficient makes a huge difference and boosts your businesses’ green credentials. You could cut your lighting costs by as much as 15%, just by making sure you turn lights off in rooms and corridors that aren’t being used. Energy efficient lightbulbs may be more expensive initially, but they will save in the long run. To save money on gas, consider carpooling to work or using public transportation, says Clarissa Hobson, a CFP with Carnick & Co. With the economy going through a tough time we can’t expect others to give us the financial support we might like.
Below are some simple and effective ways of saving your business a considerable amount of cash. Do you really need to have as many meetings as you do or can they be done via a conference call? The most important rule when buying stationery is to do so in bulk be it pens or compatible forms. Ink cartridges for example can be refilled by a supplier, this is not only cheaper but it also contributes to keeping the planet healthy. The questions were posed to small business owners and managers about their practices and policies for business travel. A journalist with 17 years of experience in traditional and online media, Joshua got his start in the newspaper business in Pennsylvania. Numerous times I’ve found it less expensive to stay near the airport and then use Uber to get to conferences in the city. According to recent reports, the company is not haemorrhaging quite as much money, the stock is up a little, and a new CEO seems to have a few worthwhile ideas.
You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. Often in a business environment simple heat saving tips can be employed that will save money.
A two-bedroom apartment may cost more than a one-bedroom, but it won't cost twice as much, and the utilities won't be doubled.
If you don't have room to store 25 rolls of paper towels, you can still take advantage of the bulk prices at Sam's Club or Costco when you shop with others for household products.

If you prefer to shop certain brands, check those manufacturers' websites for current coupons. My experience and great temptation to write help blog about everything that will help you make proper financial decisions, learn new money saving tips and investment strategies , discover how to correctly use insurance services and how to develop a stable and outstanding business. Most of your advertising these days can be done online through the use of social media platforms. Try to cut down on the number of meetings you attend if possible as this will cut down your costs.
Buying in bulk works out cheaper than buying individual products that can mount up in price.
Be aware of your surroundings so that you know exactly what needs to be running and what doesn’t. Rides and rooms are two major expenses that can be offset by the use of apps and services like AirBnB and the ride share companies like Uber or Lyft (if they operate where you’re going). Small Business Trends reached out to one of the respondents to SurePayroll and found some other ways to save on the ground, namely with parking. That was the advice given by a lot of small business travelers who responded to SurePayroll.
You can also cut transportation-related expenses by raising your insurance deductible or switching to liability-only car insurance, says Matt Kelly, owner of Momentum Personal Finance Coaching in Durango, Colo.
It is also important to make sure that you only buy what you need to avoid unnecessary costs and waste. He eventually founded his own local newspaper, the Pottsville Free Press, covering his hometown.
Yet BlackBerry (known formerly as Research in Motion) does make a series of business-oriented apps including one for protecting your phone from theft, a travel app, and a password manager. Still, that's not the same as creating more BlackBerry apps for the two dominant platforms in the industry.2. Refocus on business messaging devicesThe enterprise decided a long time ago that the BlackBerry smartphone is fading into the sunset.
But maybe the company's mobile hardware offerings can live to see another day.To save them, BlackBerry should refocus on messaging devices with a real keyboard designed exactly like the original models (not using a new layout like you'll find on the BlackBerry Passport).
Offer these messaging devices at a price so low that the enterprise jumps back on board.Lopez says BlackBerry already emphasises messaging devices as a top priority but has retooled communication around this to encourage customers who "bring their own device" to reconsider BlackBerry apps to make them more productive.
It's a ridiculous app that promises to bring you closer to family and friends and emphasises emoticons. And, while they are changing the marketing message, go ahead and add stronger encryption, better admin controls, and more swiping features like those in popular apps like Mailbox."Apple iMessage has been a smash hit on iOS devices and Apple continues to innovate with it," says David Johnson, a Forrester analyst covering mobile devices. But that's a tall order and there are probably too many competing interests for BlackBerry to be successful with it to dominate."4. Emphasise BlackBerry Enterprise Server even moreIt may be too late, because most of the momentum for using this email server for managing devices in business has been lost.
BlackBerry needs to create new TV commercials, online ads, and viral videos that emphasise better security. Go for the jugular with iOS and especially Android devices that don't use the same level of security. Start by selling the wide availability of cross-platform BlackBerry apps for business."When President Obama was elected it was all over the news that he wanted his BlackBerry as president, too," says Johnson. They can still draw on this and give examples of high-security organisations that depend on BlackBerry security, though, and perhaps find innovative ways to either bring that security mojo to other devices and platforms, or make it so good for BlackBerry devices that no one can touch them on the high end.

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