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Pauling Labs is a company whose foundation is built on developing world class natural products. Part of remaining healthy is getting out into the world and discovering new exciting things on your local store shelves. I recently shared an article on Facebook about how flexible work hours are changing the average American employee’s workday. Some businesses are catching on that they’ll have happier, more productive employees if you give them the autonomy to choose their start times. Flexible business hours are a kickass idea because you can honor your natural body rhythms and work on your highest priorities when you’re most focused. But regardless of when you sit down at your desk, hop in the car, stand at your station, or wherever your workspace is, you’re eventually going to feel your energy dip. And if you don’t work in one of those ultra modern Japanese offices with space-aged sleeping pods, you’d better perk up before your boss fires you. Get dozens of free life editing resources in the Editor's Toolkit!Introduce yourself and your programI will never share, trade, rent, or sell your information with any other company.
By the way, starting off a post with an adorable sleepy kitty picture is always a great idea.
9 quick ways to get your energy back when you're feeling tired [infographic] - Holy Kaw!

Who doesn’t have that one time of day when your energy starts to flag and a napping opportunity is nowhere in sight?
Ener-C’s powerful combination of vitamin C, zinc, vitamin A and E will help maintain and build your immune system.
All natural nutrients provide your body with extra assistance to keep you in a state of optimum health, and well-being.
Our company’s focus is to help people lead healthier and happier lives through nutrition and natural supplementation.
If you're new here, please subscribe to my weekly ezine The Life Editor so you won't miss any freebies, videos, or updates. If you normally try to drown your sleepiness in Diet Coke, try swapping it out for a better alternative like doing 10 jumping jacks. If you get sleepy after lunch, try swapping your usual sandwich or pasta for a salad loaded with all your favorite veggies.
I know that if I have one everyday in the morning, I don’t get that mid-afternoon slump. I definitely experience afternoon slump and I really love these tips, especially front loading your day and stretching.
I’m a night owl and always get sleepy in the early afternoon BEFORE my energy levels go to a maximum.

Pauling’s integrative approach is proactive, we want our customers to maintain good health and reduce the time they are ill. I mapped out a 1-mile path that started at the front of the building and looped all the way back.
Take a few minutes to write about your ideal life and what your day would look like if everything were working. Call your best friend if you’re in corporate or another business owner if you’re an entrepreneur. I’ve noticed that I have gotten into the habit of being super productive in the first 6 hours of my day and saving more distracting tasks like phone calls and e-mails and more passive tasks like uploading and importing for the end of my day. I motivate myself by splitting my to-dos in smaller steps and accomplishing them within an hour, then move to the next hour’s tasks. The stronger your immune system is the better you are able to fight off illness and enjoy a healthier life every day. Keep each other accountable by sharing what you accomplished yesterday, what your goals are for today, and how they can support you.

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