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At this years NESEA Building Green 07 conference I got the chance to listen to Larry Harmon, from Air Barrier Solutions, and Peter Talmage, from PE Energy and Design.
So here in no particular order at the top ten most effective ways to reduce your energy costs without spending a dime. It sounds obvious, and it should be, but the lower you keep your heat the less energy you will use.
Do you find yourself spacing out in the shower and before you know it you have run through all the hot water? If you live in the northern hemisphere trim the bushes on the south side of your home so that sunshine can get in and warm up your house.
Baseboard heaters and appliances with air intakes like refrigerators and some others with condenser coils need to have clean vents in order to function properly.

While cooking use the correct size pot for the burner you are using (does not work as well with gas stoves). Thank Will and Steven for the great tips, Steven you are right I should do a special southern climate tip feature. Nice posts, but sometimes I wonder who needs these tips anymore… ain’t it clear by now to turn of the light when leaving the room? Michael: It might make you sad to realize how many people do not know about these simple tips, and how many more do not follow any of them. You should always fill you washer to its fullest setting, for top loaders this usually means you have to leave some space at the top, with most front loaders (especially the newer ones) it means you can just cram cloths in until you just cant get anymore to fit. I was wondering if there is a web site or if any one knows which is more efficient, baseboard heaters (which are about 30 years old) or new 7 fin oil filled radiators?

Darren: I am just going to guess that the newer ones are more efficient, but are you talking about electric heaters? If you want to figure out what produces more co2 (the old radiators, or the new electric ones) you will need to know what the main source of fuel is for both kinds. Research indicates that a leading cause for energy wastage is that people have little or no understanding of the amount they spend on electricity or gas while using domestic appliances !
I am committed to educating and enlightening people all over the world to the growing need for change.

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