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At this years NESEA Building Green 07 conference I got the chance to listen to Larry Harmon, from Air Barrier Solutions, and Peter Talmage, from PE Energy and Design. So here in no particular order at the top ten most effective ways to reduce your energy costs without spending a dime. It sounds obvious, and it should be, but the lower you keep your heat the less energy you will use.
Do you find yourself spacing out in the shower and before you know it you have run through all the hot water?
If you live in the northern hemisphere trim the bushes on the south side of your home so that sunshine can get in and warm up your house. Baseboard heaters and appliances with air intakes like refrigerators and some others with condenser coils need to have clean vents in order to function properly.
While cooking use the correct size pot for the burner you are using (does not work as well with gas stoves). Thank Will and Steven for the great tips, Steven you are right I should do a special southern climate tip feature. Nice posts, but sometimes I wonder who needs these tips anymore… ain’t it clear by now to turn of the light when leaving the room? Michael: It might make you sad to realize how many people do not know about these simple tips, and how many more do not follow any of them. You should always fill you washer to its fullest setting, for top loaders this usually means you have to leave some space at the top, with most front loaders (especially the newer ones) it means you can just cram cloths in until you just cant get anymore to fit. I was wondering if there is a web site or if any one knows which is more efficient, baseboard heaters (which are about 30 years old) or new 7 fin oil filled radiators? Darren: I am just going to guess that the newer ones are more efficient, but are you talking about electric heaters? If you want to figure out what produces more co2 (the old radiators, or the new electric ones) you will need to know what the main source of fuel is for both kinds. Research indicates that a leading cause for energy wastage is that people have little or no understanding of the amount they spend on electricity or gas while using domestic appliances ! When entire family is at home, have you tried using a common hall instead of using multiple rooms for each member?
Have you tried installing a "all-in-one" switch-off button at the main door which controls the entire building energy ? 5) if you have a inverter at home keep it in the visible area so you are aware that inverter is using from mains or from battery. 7)do not boil the milk packet directly from the fridge instead bring it to room temperature and boil it. 8)check for the tap leakages often, install a auto off mechanism for the motors so it shuts off when the water tank is full.
By far the most practical and effective way to save on energy bills in to properly insulate your home.
Compare the cheapest electricity rates and electric plans from the top electric companies in Texas. Keeping your home cool and your energy consumption low during the torrid months of summer is a challenge. If you have cracks and gaps in your foundation, windows or walls, you are letting cool, air-conditioned air escape and hot summer air in.
Request your unit be placed in a sheltered, shaded area of your home to promote longevity and efficiency. This entry was posted in Energy Efficiency and tagged electricity bills, energy efficiency, energy savings, save money by Devon. When you’re charging your phone or laptop, energy is used up rapidly and can add onto your electric bill every month.

Fluorescent light bulbs are the new, Eco-friendly way to save energy and also help the environment. Whether you enjoy hot showers or wash your dirty clothes in hot water, you are still using up much of the energy in your home. Transform your home into an energy-saving machine with a Vivint home automation system with these wonderful and essential tips.
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Welcome to the JELD-WEN blog, designed to keep you up-to-date on the latest developments in doors and windows. Is there a room in your home that is always cold no matter how high you set the thermostat?
Depending on the severity of the air leaks, it may be something you can fix on your own by applying fresh caulking and weatherstripping.
One strategy for regulating the temperature of your home is to consider the direction your windows are facing with respect to each room.
Low-E glass helps block harmful UV rays during the summer while keeping warm air in during the winter.
If your windows are old or ill-functioning, and are only single pane, upgrading to tripane windows will not only increase your home comfort, but can significantly reduce your heating bill during the winter.
I am committed to educating and enlightening people all over the world to the growing need for change. Wash clothes two times a week with full load instead of washing clothes all the days in a week with half empty. Even when you are leaving in a hurry, you need not worry about switching off all the electric buttons individually by installing this. With the extra money you saved us we were able to lease another delivery truck and hire an additional driver. The average household electricity bill for the June-through-August time period last year was a staggering $395, according to the U.S. Subsequently, your HVAC system is working harder to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.
If a replacement unit isn’t within your planned budget, you can still make the most of your current system by scheduling regular maintenance appointments and replacing your filters each month. There is no reason to keep everything plugged in, especially in light of the fact that these items continue to consume energy just by being plugged in.
With tight wallets and financial stress, it’s becoming a new trend in modern day society to save money by saving energy in homes. Unplug chargers when your electronics are fully juiced up to ensure you’re saving energy and money every month.
Not only do they illuminate any room more brightly, but they are also highly effective and wallet-friendly as well. Turning off the lights when you leave the room can be a great and essential habit to develop to avoid paying too much on your next electric bill. Since laundry detergent brands are going green, you can use cold water to wash your soiled clothing and receive the same results if you had used hot water.
You’ll find articles on renovation, trends, energy efficiency, new products, and environmental standards.
Heating is expensive, so if warm air is escaping, it is like throwing money out the window. Feeling cold drafts, particularly when you are near a window is a good indicator of an air leak. For example, if you have large, south-facing windows in your living room, they are likely responsible for a fair bit of heat gain.

Just like with vehicles, furniture and other household goods, there often comes a time when it becomes more expensive to repair or maintain something than it would to replace it.
Engaging them in the common room with the parents would save lot of energy along with the attention to what they are doing.
Just try these energy saving tips and you should save 30% to 50% of your regular electric bill. Keeping a home as passive as possible by insulating the roof and external walls, and windows is the best way to save on energy bills. I love doing analysis on various investment options like mutual funds, Stocks, IPO's, Bonds, Insurance products. Protect your home and wallet by ensuring these areas are properly sealed and your home is adequately insulated. In extremely hot climates, light-colored roofs help reflect the sun’s rays and keep your home cooler. If you’re willing to replace your current heating and cooling system, these green HVAC technologies will significantly reduce your monthly costs. When it starts cooling off outside, open those windows back up to allow for a nice cross-breeze—it’ll help keep your home at a comfortable level. Make a habit of putting things away or storing items that are not receiving regular daily use.
Take these following tips to help you and your family save money on your next electric bill. You can also unplug other unused household items, such as hair styling tools, to reduce your use of energy. Homeowners can save up to $70 every year when they switch to the fluorescent lighting fixtures. Encourage your family to turn off the lights as they exit a room as well to help them adapt to Eco-friendly and money-conserving ways. You can also save on energy and water by making sure you have a large load of laundry and dishes before you wash them. Another excellent way to conserve energy and still cook your family meals is by using your oven for several dishes at once. If one window in particular causes the flame to flicker or go out, it is an indication that air is escaping through that window.
In the summer, you may find the room to be quite warm, especially during peak afternoon hours.
Dualpane windows are ideal for temperate to mild climates, such as coastal or inland British Columbia.
Caulking around windows usually suffices, but if you have very old, rickety windows or window frames, replace them with energy-efficient ones.
Proper attic ventilation is a must—it removes warm air and moisture that cause your air conditioner to work harder and mold to grow.
Light dimmers and motion sensors by Vivint are also fabulous investments to consider for further money saving. Other simple ways to save water in your home are turning off the faucet when you brush your teeth, installing low-flow fixtures, and fixing leaking faucets and toilets. When you have more than one dish that needs to be cooked around the same degree, you can add them all to the oven to cook and not spend hours of time and electricity. If you live in the prairies, and are dealing with extremely cold winters and hot summers, tripane windows with Low-E glass are a must.

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