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Keep in fashion by buying basic colored tees and skirts and then adding trendy accessories. It portrays the visionary Mike Hands whose cropping system (Inga Alley-Cropping) has the potential of stopping the slash and burn agriculture which destroys the rain forests.
I’ve found buying baby diapers and gourmet foods with subscribe and save and amazon mom save me a lot! We use coupons sometimes but sometimes it seems like a hassle to buy the Sunday paper just to get them. Choose more local, organic and seasonal food. This will reduce unnecessary transportation ways, keep the environment cleaner and your body healthier. Our store website (Shop Rite) has digital coupons to add to your shopper card, which I never remember to check!
Those kind of news give me motivation to change my own lifestyle in order to reduce my footprint. Even if you are not able to implement these every day – remember, even the smallest things can make a difference!
It is the number one climate killer. Eating little or no meat will save water (2500 gallons of water per one pound of beef), save the rainforest from being cut down for plantations that will feed the factory farm animals, it will benefit your health and stop suffering of animals in the mass production.

This will help to reduce waste and the over-production of food which will save natural resources and habitats. Synthetic materials such as Nylon and Polyester are made from petrochemicals which are seriously polluting and also are non-biodegradable. Its headline read that the worlds CO2 emissions of 2010 increased again and faster than ever before.
That means one out of three apples, one out of three kilos of rice, one out of three breads. Pretend that you are driving with a full glass of water that you don’t want to spill. Bees are critical to our food production since they are responsible for pollinating plants. While non-organic cotton uses more pesticide per crop during its growth than any other crop in the world. Her journey would not succeed without remembering to put Faith first, Family second and Work third. If we would just make some small changes, we could not only live healthier lives but also have a huge impact on the big picture.

This means that, even after big countries anounced plans to reduce their emissions and after many people of the world have become more aware of global warming, we keep on poluting this planet, even more than ever. Something really needs to happen, especially since the increase of the worlds population won’t make things easier in the future.
What’s even worst, is that millions of people still die from hunger at the same time and nature is being destroyed irrevocably from our massproduction. We should take a step back from the artificial world of massproduction and technology for the benefit of a more natural life. But you can also see that there has to be a better way to fix the problem because there could be enough food for all of us, even if we produced less food. The food would be of higher quality, there would be less antibiotics in meat and diary, less pesticides and less genetically manipulated products. This is not only better for us but also more sensible for the countless animals in factory farms.

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