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Almost no one accounts for this type of expense in their budget, so having an emergency fund for these types of expenses can help, but knowing how to save on appliances can keep the unexpected expense from wiping out your hard earned savings.
Scratches, dents and dings are just minor superficial marks that won’t affect the functionality of the piece. Just like with cars, older models are often put on clearance when the new years models come in.
While having a lot of features may seem neat, consider each feature as something else that can break.
Taking steps to maintain your appliances yourself like cleaning out the refrigerator coils or leveling your washing machine can help extend the life of your appliances too. When an item is refurbished, that means it previously had a problem that has since been fixed. When buying refurbished, be sure the store has a return policy and that your item has a warranty of at least 6 months. Get Edwin’s Money NewsletterSubscribe to Edwin's MONEY newsletter and join the 809 other smart people receiving exclusive MONEY tips in their inbox weekly. Subscribe my MONEY newsletter and get exclusive money tips from my blog network every week! They may not all be applicable for everyone, but I promise you that you’ll be able to apply at least half of these to save money on household bills. Note – this is our latest draft document for the 2016 savings challenge and is therefore still a work in progress.
So, I would recommend bookmarking this page and going to complete your detailed budget before you continue (you may need to bookmark it anyway given that it’s almost 30,000 words (more than most novels) and there are 111  ways to save money on household bills to get through!
Once you have completed your budget, I would recommend that you list all of your expenses in descending order, with your largest household bills at the top and your smallest household bills at the bottom. The sections in the 111 ways to save money on household bills below are designed to be in this same order, but obviously this will vary for each person and household. If you are unsure what the “30 day test” is, it’s a simple concept whereby you write a single item that you want, but don’t need, on a piece of paper. However, once you replace that item with a different “want” that then stays on the paper for 30 days. So, take every major expense in descending order of cost, and put it against the flowchart. Housing costs (whether it’s a mortgage or rent) will be the biggest cost in most peoples’ budgets. According to Rightmove, the average semi-detached property in London last year fetched ?560k. However, if you jumped over to the 0.98% rate, the interest payment would fall dramatically to ?280 per month, with the total repayment falling to ?2,069 per month (with a much larger proportion going to capital repayments and therefore reducing the interest in future periods as well). We do not endorse this product, and there may be cheaper products available – it is simply for illustration purposes of how much you could save by remortgaging if you are currently on a standard variable rate with your lender.
ACTION POINT: CALCULATE HOW MUCH YOU COULD SAVE BY COMPARING THE BEST MORTGAGE DEALS ON THE MARKET. It may be obvious that remortgaging to a lower rate could save you money on your housing costs, but a lesser known tip is changing the date which you pay your mortgage. Interest on the vast majority of mortgages is calculated daily and then charged to the account at the end of the month.
The best thing about this trick is that you can actually do it whilst you’re still in your “fixed” mortgage period, although terms and conditions may apply. However, if you made your repayment at the beginning of every month, and you paid the same amount as you would anyway, you would actually end up paying off your mortgage 3 months early and, more importantly, your total interest paid over the 25 years would drop to ?288,766. This is a saving of over ?6,000 in this example, which is a nice chunk when you consider that all you did was change your payment date.
Renting doesn’t mean you have to be a slave to your landlord and always accept those annual rent increases that they keep trying to throw your way.
Say you are paying ?700 per month rent to your landlord for the past 11 months and you’ve been an exemplary tenant.
If you can throw in examples of how you’ve looked after the property and saved them hassle (even if it’s only changing your own lightbulbs, etc), then this will help as well. Or, they can kick you out and find a new tenant at ?700 – not only is this harder than it sounds, the tenant has to consider the other related costs.
So, by the time they take their income and take off the ?350 finder’s fee, they’d make more money by sticking with you.
Don’t be afraid to have these conversations will your landlord, and feel free to quote these types of figures to make it clear that (even if you are paying less per month), they aren’t necessarily losing out compared to the alternatives. ACTION POINT: DON’T BE SCARED TO CONTACT YOUR LANDLORD PRIOR TO THE END OF YOUR RENTAL PERIOD.
Another way to reduce your monthly rent may be by signing up to a shorter or longer lease in line with your landlord’s desires. Maybe your landlord is unsure what they are doing with the house, and so would give you a reduced rate if you went on to a 3-month rolling rental contract? Alternatively, maybe they want the stability and, if you are sure that you’ll be in that place for a while (maybe you are paying down debt and are a fair while away from getting your deposit together to buy a house), then signing up to a 2 or 3 year deal instead of a 1 year deal may entice your landlord into accepting lower rent. ACTION POINT: SPEAK TO YOUR LANDLORD ABOUT HOW LONG THEY WOULD LIKE YOU TO STAY IN THE PROPERTY AND TRY TO NEGOTIATE LOWER RENTS (OR RENT FREEZES) IF YOU SIGN SHORTER OR LONGER THAN STANDARD CONTRACT TERMS. If you are renting a property and you are looking to make savings to your monthly budget, it may be worth considering if you really need everything that you are paying for.
If you are looking to save up for a house deposit, or just generally looking for ways to save money on household bills, then temporarily “moving down” in property might be a good choice for you financially. If you are willing to downsize to a one-bedroom flat and move a mile and a half further out, then a similar quality flat in a similar standard area is only ?950. Even better, you could get a room in an existing house, with bills included in the same area for only ?110 per week, which would equate to around ?500 per month. This is an extension of point 5 above, but will be something that I’m guessing you’ve not come across before. It’s basically legal squatting, where you pay a highly reduced rent, but if you are the adventurous type, there’s some awesome opportunities out there. A quick search in my local area shows a 5-bedroom vicarage 25 minutes from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, with a garage, patio doors, new carpets, freshly painted, new boiler, electric shower and new furniture.
To compare a property to the rental examples we were looking above, there is accommodation available in Blackfriars (5 minute walk from The Thames) for ?110 per week. ACTION POINT: IF YOU ARE REALLY FLEXIBLE, WILLING TO SHARE WITH OTHERS AND “ROUGH IT A LITTLE” THIS CAN BE A MASSIVE CASH SAVER. In tips 5 & 6, we’ve looked at how you can save money on housing costs by moving into a smaller home, or to a different area.
Using sites such as the aforementioned Spareroom or EasyRoommate, or even just through Gumtree, you can probably quite easily find a new tenant to rent out a bedroom in your house. In this article, we’ve explored the process in detail (including legal issues, taxes, safety concerns and much more).
For example, the average double bedroom let out on EasyRoommate in London is ?650 per month. ACTION POINT: THINK ABOUT WHETHER YOUR SPARE ROOM IS REALLY WORTH AS MUCH AS THE INCOME YOU COULD BE EARNING IF YOU RENT IT OUT. Again, if you are living in central London, parking spaces are going on Rightmove for anywhere up to ?75 per week. You could reasonably be making up to ?2,000 a year with little to no effort by allowing someone to park at your property. Taxes may not seem like a “household bill”, but they are one of the largest expenditures that households will incur every month and year. Finally, if after this you believe that you are in the wrong band and should be moved into a cheaper band, you can click on your property in the link in step 1 and you’ll see another link to “Do you think this Council Tax band is wrong?” where you can contact the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) to discuss your case and make a formal challenge if necessary.
The amazing thing is that not only can you change your band going forward, but you’ll be entitled to compensation for every single year going back to when you bought the property, or 1993, whichever is earlier. There are reports online of people getting thousands of pounds back in compensation – maybe you could be next.
ACTION POINT: CHECK THAT YOU ARE IN THE CORRECT COUNCIL TAX BAND BY FOLLOWING OUR 5-STEP GUIDE. However, it’s estimated that thousands of people may have the incorrect tax code and could be overpaying their tax.
The most common situation for incorrect tax codes is where you are placed as the standard 1060L, but in fact you have some circumstances that suggest you should be otherwise. Some other common examples of non-standard codes would be if you have multiple jobs, you’ve been living out of the UK, you’re retired, you receive tax credits or you have significant employee benefits (company car, healthcare, paid for accommodation, etc). Also, for the self-employed (and other people who need to fill out self-assessment), make sure that you avoid mistakes on your returns. One of the biggest things I’ve learned from writing Moneystepper is that you shouldn’t pay tax twice.
If you plan your investments badly, you could find that you pay tax when you earn the money, pay tax again on that money when you invest it, and pay it again when you die through inheritance tax. However, for the majority of people, you should be able to “tax-wrap” your investments to make sure that the tax man doesn’t get paid twice or more at your expense. Not only should you protect your current investments against tax, but also your future self. Equally, people who don’t plan properly could end up with inheritance tax bills, but if your estate is planned well enough (and your heirs understand the inheritance tax rules), the majority of people can avoid this tax.

ACTION POINT: TAKE A LOOK AT YOUR OVERALL INVESTMENT STRATEGY AND MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT TAX WILL BE DUE IN THE FUTURE. ACTION POINT: MAKE SURE YOU KNOW YOUR TAX SUMBISSION DEADLINES AND PUT REMINDERS IN YOUR DIARY TO ENSURE THAT YOU DON’T MISS THEM. But, if you do decide to save and invest for your children in their own accounts, then you should definitely make sure that you aren’t paying taxes on this either.
Finally, by understanding your tax benefits, you can actually save money in your monthly budget by taking advantage of Gift Aid. Essentially, using Gift Aid means that the taxman will add 25p to every ?1 you give to charity. That effectively saves you that ?8 in your monthly budget and the person you are sponsoring still gets their ?40. Gift Aid is available to everyone, limited up to a maximum of 4 times what you have paid in tax in that year. However, this is often not done automatically, so you’ll have to select a box if you are making your investment through JustGiving or something similar, or you may have to provide your details if you are making a direct donation so that the person raising money for charity can top-up that 25% through Gift Aid on your behalf.
ACTION POINT: MAKE SURE THAT YOU USE GIFT AID WHEN MAKING YOUR CHARITABLE DONATIONS SAVING YOU 25% ON YOUR GIVING. I have no idea why this is the case, but it’s deeply ingrained in the British psyche that car expenditure is just something we have to deal with. The first way to save money on car expenses is to work out whether you need your car at all. For example, we lived in Marseille for two years without a car, and after a month or two this became the norm. The argument for buying new cars is that you know what you are getting, and that you’ll save a significant amount of money on the repairs and maintenance which an older car would require.
To those who argue to go new due to repairs, you can get a hell of a lot of repair work done for the ?8,800 difference in the cost of these two vehicles. This will shock people (especially those who think buying new is the norm), but Dave Ramsey (US personal finance guru) recommends that you don’t buy a new car unless you have a $1 million net worth. ACTION POINT: DON’T BUY A NEW CAR (ESPECIALLY ON FINANCE OR PCP – SEE #20), BUT INSTEAD SHOP AROUND FOR A GOOD CONDITION RELIABLE SECOND HAND CAR WHICH FITS IN WITH YOUR BUDGET. When it comes to car expenses, getting repairs done at your manufacturers’ or dealers’ garage is the equivalent of shopping at the Hugo Boss store. According to recent research, franchised dealers’ quotes are generally up to 20% more expensive than independent garages. However, people often go with the franchised dealer because they feel more comfortable with them and are worried about getting ripped off by an independent garage or mechanic. Speak to people you know and online reviews in order to find 2-3 cheaper, but reliable independent garages in your area.
Next time you have a minor problem with your car, take it to the franchised dealership and these independent garages to get a quote from each for your work. Also, ask each to estimate how long they think it will take to complete the job (independent garages can be slower than franchised dealers if you don’t agree a timetable up front). I use an independent garage for our MOT and all repairs and I now have such a good relationship with them that I am confident that they will provide the cheapest and reliable service I can find. If you followed our advice in #18 and bought second hand, you may find that you have a few more things that rattle and shake on your car and you need to visit the garage slightly more often. ACTION POINT: GET ADVICE FROM FRIENDS AND FAMILY (AND ON THE INTERNET) REGARDING LOCAL INDEPENDENT GARGAGES.
I encourage you to check out some of these apps and also read this post by Molly on how she saves money with apps. I’ve been using the Walmart Savings Catcher app so I can’t wait to try some of the others!
Well, some of your spending habits are just that… habits, and may be draining more money from your budget than you think.
The challenge is actually realizing where you are losing money, and then changing some of your spending habits which have been ingrained into your social behavior. A large percentage of people come into work during the morning carrying a cup of coffee that they bought on the way in at a their favorite local coffee shop. If there are two people in your household getting a coffee every morning, you guessed it, by changing your habits your savings will jump to nearly  $1,000 per year! And that’s just considering $2 a day… do you get a muffin or breakfast with that??
I think it’s fair to say an average workday lunch from the local sandwich shop will run you anywhere from $5 to $10 per day.
What if you brown bagged it every day?  That’s a savings of $35 a week, $140 a month and $1680 in a year! True, it does cost to make your own lunch, but in comparison, that cost is drastically reduced. Depending on your existing habits, you could easily save hundreds of dollars a month by reducing or eliminating your habit of eating out. These three simple steps have the potential to save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each year! We have a major grocery store that offers .10 off a gallon of gas for every hundred dollars you spend in their store. Don’t use dish washing or clothes cleaning soap or liquid to clean your hands or skin. Make sure you use only soaps designed for cleaning your skin – if not you will pay for it later on in life. I understand your skepticism, but I have to say, I have been using this for about thirty five yrs, with only the odd time not. Whether it’s your washing machine that gives out or your refrigerator that fails, there’s nothing quite as bad as having to replace a major appliance in a hurry.
Because the appliance is no longer the latest and greatest, many stores put them off to the side and mark them down. They price them low to get the piece off their hands which means great deals for you if you’re willing to buy a used item. Only choose the options you really need and will definitely use to avoid having unnecessary components that break and cost money to repair. If your current appliance is repairable, you’ll probably save money fixing it rather than replacing it. Here on Stack The Chips I share with you how I keep my hard earned money and make it grow exponentially.
But, by being here, you’re telling me that you are looking for ways to save money on household bills, and we are going to give them to you! If, after 30 days (or any other time frame of your choosing, but I would recommend a MINIMUM of 30 days), that is still the one thing that you want (but don’t need), then you can go and look to buy it.
If you are not currently in a fixed rate period (or even if you are and you’re in a very bad one!), you could save hundreds every week by remortgaging.
So, whilst it may seem a lot to pay that ?1,545 product fee upfront, it pays itself back within the first two months! Therefore, if you move your payment from the last day of the month to the first, you could reduce your interest charge quite significantly. If you stayed on the 5.45% standard variable rate for the entire 25 years, and you made your repayment on the last day of every month, then you would incur interest of ?294,794 over the course of the 25 years. You have a look at the rental market in your area and you conclude that rents have generally stayed the same over the past year (which would make sense due to the near 0% inflationary environment we are currently in). If 11 months have gone on your 12 month rental contract, approach your landlord and say “I can see that rents in the local market are stagnant, and I’ve been a perfect tenant for the past year. Combine that with the possibility that the landlord may not find someone straight away (voids are VERY expensive for landlords), and the fact that the new tenant would be an “unknown” and suddenly your suggestion doesn’t seem all that crazy.
If you can guarantee them the rental income which makes their property profitable to them for the next three years (even if it may be below market rate) many will bite your hand off for such a guaranteed stream of income.
This could be moving back in with your parents for a while, finding a flat share rather than having your own place, or simply just finding a smaller place.
For anyone not living in London, paying ?950 for a 1 bedroom flat in London may seem crazy, but it’s a huge saving of ?1,000 a month if you are willing to give up a bit of space and compromise on location.
Yes, you only get one single room to yourself and you’ll have to share other areas of the house, but for a difference of almost ?1,500 a month, just think how much quicker you’ll be able to save up for your own deposit. HAVE A LOOK ON RIGHTMOVE AND SPAREROOM AND SEE HOW MUCH YOU COULD BE SAVING BY CHANGING YOUR LIVING ARRANGEMENTS. So, as long as you are willing to be super flexible, you are employed and you are willing to give up some of your renters’ rights (for example, they could ask you to move out at a weeks’ notice) this could be an option for you. However, for homeowners (and renters with permission of their landlords), you could cut your costs by renting out a room in your home. This will give you a nice monthly income which you can use to pay down extra on your mortgage, or to reduce the amount that you are actually paying in rent or mortgage payments. People might argue that having someone rent a room in your house can cause a significant disruption to your living arrangement.
If you are not using some space outside your front door, you could be earning more income, which you could be netting off against your monthly expenses in order to save money on your household bills. However, if you live anywhere near a place of employment (city centre, hospital, schools, etc), you’ll be surprised how much value you might be leaving in your empty driveway. THESE SITES CHARGE A FEE, BUT WILL SAVE YOU THE HASSLE OF HAVING TO FIND A “TENANT” FOR YOUR DRIVEWAY.
Well, according to some estimates, almost half a million homes in the UK could be in the wrong council tax band, which could mean that you could be paying more than you should be.
For instance, if your property was worth between ?40,001 and ?52,000, you would be in Band B.

The closest comparison you can find which is in a different band, the better chance you have of getting compensation. Put Valuation year 1 as 1991 Q1, and the Valuation 2 year as the date you found in step 3 above. In the UK, income tax is paid via “Pay As You Earn” (PAYE) and the amount of income tax you pay on this scheme is automatically calculated using many variables, one of the most important of which is your tax code.
The most frequently noted code will be “L”, which means that you have a standard personal allowance, but you can find all the letter codes on the website. It’s usually a good idea to pay a professional to take a look at your return to make sure you aren’t paying more tax than you should be. CHECK THIS AGAINST YOUR PAYSLIPS, AND IF THERE IS A DISCREPANCY, SPEAK WITH THE HMRC TO GET IT RESOLVED. This is so important that it actually made it into one of my top 10 learning lessons from Moneystepper – a PDF that you can get free by signing up to the mailing list in the sidebar of at the top of this page. For a more detailed explanation for your exact situation, check out our comparison of ISAs vs pensions.
Even if you do, then there are other options available to investors who still don’t want to pay tax on their investment returns, such as investing in VCTs or EISs. DETERMINE YOUR SPLIT BETWEEN ISA AND PENSION INVESTING BY READING OUR COMPARISON GUIDE LINKED ABOVE. For example, we often receive questions from people who are about to sell investment property and are suddenly surprised that they are going to face a substantial capital gains bill.
For people submitting self-assessment tax returns (and for small businesses), not submitting your tax return will hit you with a late filing penalty of ?100, and then you’ll start to pay interest after that. Firstly, you should be considering whether you want to save for your children in your own tax-wrapped accounts or one’s in their own names.
Therefore, say you’ve decided that you want to give someone ?40, then you could actually reduce your charitable donation to ?32 with Gift Aid making the rest up to the ?40 total that you want to invest.
For most people, this limit won’t come into play and so the vast majority of people can receive gift aid on their donations. Whether it be petrol, repairs, MOTs, insurance or the car purchase and related financing, people seem to be more willing to spend money on their car than almost anything else. Once or twice, this was an inconvenience, but for the huge amount of cash we saved, we simply paid for car hire (which can be surprisingly cheap when booked in advance – as low as ?15 for a day) or taxis in those situations. Smaller cars will cost less in ongoing costs such as repairs, use less petrol and will cost less in the first place.
IF NOT, AND YOU NEED TO SAVE MONEY ON YOUR HOUSEHOLD BILLS, CONSIDER DOWNSIZING YOUR VEHICLE IN ORDER TO SLASH YOUR CAR EXPENSES. At the extremes, Band M road tax (many large 4x4s and convertibles) is ?505 per year, whereas Band A road tax (many hybrids and smart vehicles) is ?0 – that’s right, it’s absolutely free! For example, the purchase of a low emission vehicle allows the business to place 100% of the purchase cost against profits in the year to reduce their corporation tax bill. THESE CAN OFTEN COST A LITTLE MORE UP FRONT, BUT THIS CAN QUICKLY BE PAID BACK VIA THE MONTHLY REDUCTION IN THE EXPENSES. The most significant factor in this debate is the value that a new car loses the minute it is driven off the forecourt. The first image is the price of buying new from Bristol Street Motors if you pay cash: ?12,995. Yes, the waiting seats are comfortable and everything looks flashy, but you are basically paying a hell of a lot of cash for very little. It also showed that the average timing belt replacement quote was over 60% more expensive with the franchised dealer than the smaller independent outfits – for exactly the same job!
Once you build that relationship, you’ll find that the garage will even do smaller jobs for free because they know that if they do, you are likely to come back for more significant work.
If that’s the case, then finding the best value (and most reliable) mechanic in your area is a must to save money on your car expenses! They seem to be matching fewer and fewer items so this week I did some price matching on my own at the store and then also submitted my receipt. Since prices have gone up so much, I have to keep reminding myself that it’s cheaper than eating out but I can certainly do better. And for reasons beyond just saving money… We should be able to feed ourselves without being dependent upon other systems to do it for us.
It was found that leftover cafe or restaurant food contributed to pathogen stomach ailments. It allows me to wear nice, brand-name clothes while spending even less than if I’d bought new things at Wal Mart. If the blemishes really bother you, you can usually put a bit of paint on it or use a dent remover to fix the flaw. Sometimes the older model will be nearly identical to the newest one, but at a fraction of the price. Once you’ve found the lowest sticker price, head to your local store and have them price match so you get the best price and great local service.
Not only is this free, but hundreds of people are now using it to record their budget (and net worth) each month and accelerate their journey towards financial freedom. On a 25 year mortgage on the standard variable rate (SVR), you’ll be paying around ?1,580 per month in interest alone, with your total monthly repayment being around ?2,242 per month. In fact, maybe you should only offer ?650 per month for the next year if you are sure that the market rate is still ?700.
Effectively, you are paid by a property management company to live in (and look after) an unused property.
Therefore, if everyone else on your street is band B and you are band C, then you might well be in the wrong category. Then, a little bit of trial and error with the “property value” will pop out a Valuation Date 2 amount equal to the sales price from step 3 above. Also, you can visit the Council Tax Appeals site where you can download an application to challenge your Council Tax band. The taxman calculates your tax code, and it is used by your employer to determine how much tax to take out of your wages each month and hand over to the government. The number shows how much you can earn in a tax year before your employer needs to deduct tax, divided by ten. In fact, did you know that you can even write off an income tax liability of up to 30% of the amount of your VCT investments, so not only do you not pay tax on your investments, you can save tax on your income! There are many reasons to choose your own accounts to save for your children (we’ve made a full article on How You Should Save For Your Children.
Most people will baulk at this idea, but for many (especially those who live in the city centre or have two vehicles) it is a real possibility. Trust me, you have to take a lot of taxis, bus rides and train journeys in a month to spend as much as you would running a car. A more detailed explanation of why can be found in our prior article about buying new vs second hand cars. If you brown bag your lunch (for example) you will save money, but you still have to buy the food you bring with you, so you don’t really save the entire $7 a day. But really, the biggest things people can do to save money are 1) get out of debt and 2) limit the monthly bills.
They can either accept your terms – in which case they will get ?8,100 income on the property from a tenant that they already know and trust. The idea is that by you living there you will defer squatters, keep the property safe and it means the owners can make some income whilst the property is empty.
But, if it is well managed, it will have an even more significant reduction on your household bills.
The closer you are to 1991, the better your estimate will be and the more likely you are to have a claim upheld. With a combination of public transport, pedal power, home deliveries and car hire when you really need it, you might be able to get rid of your car altogether and save yourself from a multitude of related car expenditure. Throw a frozen piece of beef, a couple of onions,a couple of carrots some water and some potatoes in there in the morning and you have pot roast when you get home.
Still good advice though, and the few dollars saved adds to the health benefits of not eating crappy fast food. Every time you let some website or movie service hit you up for 10 bucks a month, that starts adding up really fast.
For example, a glass bottle can be recycled by melting it down and re-forming it as a jam jar. Pay your car insurance all at once at the start of the policy and they’ll give you a discount.
Do you really need to live in the city center because you’ve got “everything on your doorstep” – even though you only use them once every few months?
Great dinner for a couple of days or that lunch you want to take to work and only about 10 min. For most areas of car expenditure, the answer will usually (but not always) be “Yes” to question one and two, but it’s almost always “Yes” for whether you can cut those expenses down. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so.

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