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Water is a finite resource that we use everyday in our lives – whether we drink it, use it to brush our teeth or grow our food. Stormwater runoff is when precipitation (from rain or snow) collects debris, chemicals and other pollutants as it goes to the ocean.
According to the EPA, the average American family of four uses 400 gallons of water per day. By upgrading to WaterSense or low-flow appliances, you are easily reducing your Water Footprint. If you sing a song that is about 4 minutes or so (for example, Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”), the song helps you keep track of your time in the shower. It’s also extremely helpful to turn off the water while you’re brushing your teeth! It’s important to keep in mind that water is a finite and essential resource that we can work together to conserve. Greening Forward establishes, engages, and empowers a diverse global green movement powered by young people.
However, the act of saving money is a difficult one for many people as they have trouble developing the discipline to put money into their savings account.
The first goal should be to save up enough money to pay for most small, unexpected payments.
Certainly one of the biggest reasons why most people fail to save money is that they try to put back too much at the start only to withdraw it when they have a payment to make. If you have your payroll check direct deposited, check to see if you can have a small amount put into your savings account. One of the simplest and most effective ways to save money is keeping you change at the end of the day and putting it into a jar. While you should start small, set modest goals of increasing what you save each paycheck so that you can reach your longer term goals. By following these five ways, you can start building your savings so that you can reach your goals.
The Money NewsletterSubscribe to my awesome MONEY newsletter and get money tips in your email every week. Subscribe my MONEY newsletter and get exclusive money tips from my blog network every week! Single or married, many African-American women are primary earners in their households and have to make their hard-earned dollars stretch.
The upshot is that, wow, using cash really does make you more aware of how much you’re spending! So I’m challenging myself to spend at least $20 less in every category than I budgeted for last month. Other ideas: mix black beans with chicken for tacos, use less sausage and more veggies in your lasagna, or blend brown rice with ground beef to add bulk to your stuffed peppers. This is more in the income side, but still under the category of doing away with things that you no longer need or use. In the mean time, I remind myself that really, it is relationships, experiences, and meaningful work that matters. As an addition to #1 – If you’re a Coke drinker, or any coke products, if you save your codes and enter them on the webpage you can actually get a lot of those magazine subscriptions FOR FREE! But we have more than one thousand blog posts in the archives, and they're not going anywhere. If you liked this post, you'll love hearing us discuss topics just like this on our free weekly podcasts! You can also ‘Stack’ Manufacturer Coupons with Target Printable Coupons to double your savings!
Receive 5% off Your Total Target Order after filling 5 eligible prescriptions in the Target Pharmacy!
SHARES have staged a strong rebound since a panic-stricken January and February, but experts do not expect the rally to last much longer. AUSTRALIA is following the overseas trend of blacking out names on CVs to tackle unconscious gender bias in the hiring process. Pick one thing and cut it outDo you have a particular weakness when it comes to impulse spending? A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites.
According to the American Water Works Association, less than 1% of all the water on Earth is fresh water we can actually use! Stormwater runoff contributes to nonpoint source pollution which means that we cannot detect one main source of our pollution. Excess fertilizer can often cause a rise in nutrient like Nitrogen in our waterways, which results in a creation of a dead zone which drastically affects our environment. American Rivers provides a vast amount of volunteer experiences which you can participate in (depending on where you live).

For example, Seventh Generation is a company that provides sustainable products, ranging from dish liquid  to diapers. One of the most obvious is that when you need money for unexpected events such as car repair, medical expenses or utility bills that are higher than expected, your savings account will be there for you to save the day. Therefore, the effort should be to develop the discipline first so you can maintain the effort to save money over your lifetime. Once you have reached that level, the next step is saving up for large expenses such as down payments for vehicles or homes. Instead, start off with an amount you can almost throw in the street such as $10 – $20 per week.
If they do not have such a service, then transfer a small amount once the balance shows up on your account.
By emptying your pockets of cash on a daily basis, you can start saving a little money each day which will add up over time. It helps if you can actually create incomes streams for the express purposes of savings so that you can increase what you have in the bank. And having more money in the bank at the end of the month is also inspiring me to find more ways to tighten up even further.
Subscribe to your favorite magazines rather than buying them in the grocery check-out line. Take a half hour to review your latest bank statement and evaluate every automatically recurring purchase.
The recipe called for five pounds of beef, but I made the stew with just over two pounds (cut up small so it seemed like more.) I made up for the missing beef with extra carrots and potatoes.
I'm a writer and mother of five who has been honing the fine art of satisfaction during my seventeen-year evolution into a (usually) happy mom.
If you're looking for something in particular, enter your search terms into the field above. Four shows featuring dynamic interviews, fun cohosts and real-life stories and tips for living a creative, happy life at home, as a mom, and in your work.
Free weekly shows featuring dynamic interviews, fun cohosts and real-life stories and tips for living a creative, happy life at home, as a mom, and in your work. Amazing smartphone app earn points just for walking in the door as well as scanning products on the list. This water is used for washing, drinking, cleaning, cooking, growing food and so much more!
By using biodegradable products, you are reducing the amount of chemicals entering our waterways and keep our waters clean! Ideally, you should set short and long term goals with your savings. Emergencies, large expenses and retirement. Before you know it, you’ll have quite a tidy amount in your savings account if you keep it up on a regular basis. It’s easier to develop the habit of putting money into your savings account before you start spending your paycheck, so make transferring the money the first thing you do. At around $4 for a typical newsstand magazine and between $10 and $15 for most yearly subscriptions,  you’ll come out at least $30 ahead by the end of the year. Even if you only plan out two or three meals per week, you’ll save significant cash over totally winging it. Meijer, a regional big-box store where I shop 2-3 times per month, has a program called mPerks where you can clip coupons online and redeem them at the register just by punching in your PIN.
It was still super hearty and flavorful, but I saved $4 or $5 just on this one meal by reducing the amount of meat. Here on The Happiest Home, I share what I’ve learned–and am still learning–about family life, motherhood, and the pursuit of happiness.
I get 50% savings, and if the cut isn’t on my meal planning list for the week, I pop it into our freezer. 500 points gets you a $2 gift card ( you can usually earn that amount in 2 trips) AND they include more coupons for the store! Here are 40 ways to make the most of your money while adding more cash to your coffers.YOUR HOME1.
Plus, it’s so fun when a surprise issue of Country Living or Better Homes and Gardens shows up in the mailbox. I can use them in all kinds of different ways and the leftovers last for days, so even though the initial cash layout might seem steep (these ARE big ole hunks, after all) in the end, it saves us cash. Where I live, farm stands are plentiful and tend to be cheaper than the farmers’ market. If you’re in a rural or semi-rural area chances are there are multiple farm stands within a few miles of your house.
You'll save the 5 percent fee real estate agents charge, which can amount to tens of thousands of dollars. Look closely at the shoulder of the road next time you’re driving and you might just save big.

Banks have an inventory of millions of houses selling for 20 percent to 30 percent below market price.
If the value of your home has fallen and your property is overassessed, hire a lawyer to protest the assessment.
The lawyer gets paid only if your bill is reduced, with the fee equaling 25 percent to 50 percent of the first year's savings.4. Cut your energy bill by 15 percent by installing compact fluorescent bulbs and insulating your water heater and attic.6. Install a programmable thermostat, which lets you raise or lower temperatures throughout your house according to your comfort level.
Sign up for, an online service that gives you access to major networks, cable TV and movies via your computer or video game console, like PS3.
Fashion designers sell top-quality clothes at the end of each season for discounts of 50 percent to 75 percent off retail prices. Expect to receive up to 30 percent in rebates on purchases at more than 2,500 retailers, including Walmart, Macy's and Victoria's Secret.CREDIT AND BANKING12.
If you can't qualify for a low-interest-rate credit card because your credit score is too low or you've accumulated too much debt at interest rates of 20 percent or more, it might make sense to work with a national credit counseling agency to combine all your outstanding debts into one payment at a much lower interest rate (typically 6 percent to 10 percent).
This will allow you to pay off all your credit card debt in two to three years instead of 20-plus.
And check with the Better Business Bureau ( to make sure there aren't any alerts on the provider you're considering. Simple financial software or apps for your smartphone can help you identify where your dollars go. Take back control with packages such as Quicken, Acemoney and UltrasoftMoney.HEALTH CARE17. Offer to clear your outstanding debts to a health care provider for 10 percent to 20 percent of what you owe. Sign up for a dental discount plan and score 20 percent to 70 percent off everything from routine cleanings to root canals to bridge work to orthodontics. An FSA program allows you to put aside up to $2,500 a year on a pretax basis to use for medical, dependent care and transportation expenses. You can even refinance if you owe more on your mortgage than your house is worth (known as being under water).
Employ the Mortgage Equity Optimization Strategy to pay off your 30-year mortgage in about five to seven years on your existing level of income.
If you hate to negotiate with car dealers, hire a car-buying service to help you figure out which car fits your needs, then shop for the best price and financing or lease deal within 100 miles of where you live. This service charges $300 to $500, depending on whether it reviews the deal you already have or handles the purchase from beginning to end.26. Car insurance companies such as Progressive offer discounts of up to 30 percent on premiums if you limit your mileage and demonstrate safe driving.TAXES27.
Settle back taxes with the IRS or your state tax agency to avoid massive penalties and interest mounting up. Both the IRS and states provide Offer in Compromise programs that allow you to settle your past tax debts for pennies on the dollar, typically from 20 to 50 cents, depending on your circumstances. Consolidate your federal and private student loans at a lower interest rate and pay them off years sooner, saving you tens of thousands of dollars in interest.
You may also qualify for federal income-based repayment plans, which forgive all your student loans after ten years if you meet certain criteria.
If you need an advanced degree to get a raise at work, you can take courses online at a reputable university. While colleges charge the same tuition for online courses as for attending in person—and some charge more—going back to school virtually allows you to keep earning a paycheck at your job. If you book through a travel agent who specializes in cruises, you can get as much as 50 percent off published fares.
Hotels presell millions of their rooms to large hotel booking sites that pass the savings of as much as 50 percent off published rates to you. If you are able to be flexible and can travel within 30 days of booking a vacation, you can save 50 percent or more off regular rates. Cut down on those fees by flying on airlines such as JetBlue (first checked bag is free) and Southwest (no charge for two checked bags), or get an airline credit card with Delta or American Airlines which lets you check your first bag for free.37.
If you rent a car from a local car rental agency or dealership, you can save $50 or more per day. If you can pick stocks on your own, you can dramatically whittle down the commissions you pay by signing up with a deep discount online broker. A DRIP allows you to automatically reinvest dividends into more shares of a stock with little or no brokerage fees.

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