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Physical signs of heavy drinking often include the stumbling walk, slurred words, memory lapses, trouble with their balance, poor judgment andA  are uncoordinated.
Regular use of alcohol often leads to a tolerance where the user will require more alcohol to acheive the desired effects. Cocaine is one of the most commonly used drugs because it creates a feeling of alertness, euphoria and increases energy levels.
Along with blocking the re absorption of dopamine, cocaine can block the re uptake of serotonin. Cocaine has a number of effects on the body, many of which are largely unknown by illicit users.
1)Increased blood pressure can cause a stroke by triggering a haemorrhage or blockage of the arteries in the brain. 2)The quickened heart beat can put users at risk of an irregular heart beat or a full heart attack. 5)The increased heart rate and muscle activity associated with cocaine use causes the body to produce more heat. 6) Along with all the real physical symptoms, cocaine can cause itching, hallucinations and paranoid delusions.
The way alcohol affects the brain and central nervous system is the cause to these physical signs. Signals throughout the body that control thought processes, behavior and emotion are transmitted by neurotransmitters, they act as chemical messengers for the brain.

People who have used cocaine often describe the feeling as an intense excitement as if you are ready for anything, however there are many different effects of cocaine. The first thing it does is block the bodies ability to reabsorb dopamine, which is one of the chemicals responsible for regulating your mood and energy levels. This creates problems because the brain becomes desensitised to dopamine which means it takes more dopamine for an addict to feel normal. Serotonin is another chemical present in the brain that is associated with controlling mood and energy levels. It can cause complete respirator failure or a number of other lethal side effects including a pulmonary edema. As the cocaine causes blood vessels to constrict, the heat generated by the human body can not dissipate quickly enough. The neurotransmitter GABA is directed effected when an individual is intoxicated by alcohol.
As the dopamine levels increase, it produces the high that people associate with the effects of cocaine.
This is most commonly seen in chronic users who have a flattened nose after cocaine has killed their nasal tissue. This is because smoking crack cocaine coats the lungs with a black tar like substance which can severely reduce lung capacity. This can cause muscle tissue like your heart to die, shut down your kidneys and kill you very quickly.

Immediate effects of alcohol go directly to the brain causing blurred vision, difficulties with walking, slurred speech, slowed reaction time and impaired memory.
These effects of the GABA are what cause the sluggish behaviors seen in the physical signs of intoxication of alcohol. Cocaine can also dilate blood vessels which puts users at a greater risk for a lethal blood clot in the lung.
This means the brain will temporarily become more sensitive to dopamine rewards when cocaine is taken. These effects will go away as the body cleanses itself of alcohol, the effects of heavy regular drinking are those that could be permanent. The chemical dopamine in the brain’s reward center when drinking alcohol, this creates the feeling of pleasure when intoxicated. What stopping the use of alcohol they will experience withdrawal symptoms that vary in severity but often return the user to alcohol for comfort.
This fuels a persons desire to use cocaine and, because of the extreme lows experienced without the cocaine, makes it much harder to stay clean. To successfully overcome an dependency to alcohol most will require an Alcohol Treatment Center that offers medical detox, therapy, counseling and chemical dependency education.

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