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Shingles (called herpes zoster) is an infection that is producing fluid-filled blisters’ severe painful skin eruption. The varicella-zoster virus infection, which can be in the chickenpox form ends with the virus entering the nerve in the ganglia (cell bodies nerve group) of cranial or spinal nerves and remains latent there. Symptoms, such as fever, chills, ill feeling, urination difficulties, diarrhea or nausea the three or four days before shingles progress. Most individuals recover without any lasting side effects, however, skin scarring, which may be extensive, can happen even if an individual does not progress a secondary bacterial infections. Shingles are resulted from the same herpes virus, called varicella-zoster virus, that results in chickenpox. Shingles always limit the person’s skin dermatomes (nerve roots involved) distribution.
Neither antiserum consisting of high antibodies to varicella-zoster infection, nor corticosteroid are effective on shingles once it starts.

The herpes zoster infection can never result in symptoms again or it can be repeated many years later. A dermatologist can experience troubles diagnosing Shingles before the blisterĀ  appears, but the initial pain location in a vague band on 1 side of the person’s body may be a clue. Based on the nerve involved, the pain can resemble that resulted from large intestine inflammation, gallstone or kidney stone, or appendicitis. However, antiviral medications including famciclovir or acyclovir can be prescribed to shorten skin eruption duration, especially in individuals with an impaired immune systems. Keeping the person’s skin clean is very important to prevent secondary bacterial infection. The affected body areas are generally sensitive to very light touch and can be extremely painful. Codeine or aspirin can subside pain temporarily and may be helpful if pain interferes with sleep or activities.

However, aspirin must be avoided in children, because of the risks of getting Rey’s syndrome. Unless scabbing happens, the blister consists of herpes zoster virus, which may result in chickenpox if transmitted to susceptible individuals. A blister that persist for more than two weeks or that cover large skin areas, commonly show the body’s immune system is not working properly.

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