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I’ve seen low-income people who are obese and thought to myself, “Why are you overweight?
I cannot imagine being hungry all the time or, even worse, seeing one’s kids struggle with hunger.
Today was one of four of the six days of my SNAP Challenge where my stomach was rumbling all day, from before I got out of bed, before, during and after every meal, and while I lay in bed going to sleep.

For the same number of calories, you could choose a low-energy-dense meal of soup, sandwich, fruits and vegetables.
I shopped around, bought wisely, and measured out portions for each meal with a balanced diet of whole grains, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and some coffee (a $2 luxury for the week, I admit). If you have enough money, you can eat and be healthy, but if you don’t, sorry, you’re out of luck?

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