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The Center for Continuing and Professional Studies at Morgan State University is offering Certified Holistic Hair Stylist non-credit course that begins on March 4, 2014 and will be held on campus for students and community members. What I do…I help people who seek alternatives to traditional medicine improve their health holistically through diet and lifestyle changes and with natural medicine that is a safe, effective and affordable. Why I do what I do…To help people who feel dissatisfied with their health or unfulfilled in what they do, recognize and reach their full potential.
People all across the world are scrambling to find natural solutions to their health problems. In traditional medicine, when suppressive pharmaceuticals are prescribed, they rarely address the conditions that lead to chronic disease in the first place, like environmental exposure to allergens. And unfortunately there is a chance that the side effects of pharmaceuticals will dangerously outweigh the benefits they confer. Topical steroids can stop an itch that prevents sleep or leads to scratching and infection, but chronic use of topical steroids can lead to infection, thin the skin permanently, and may even suppress the adrenal glands.
Oral steroids and more potent immunosuppressives can stop a dangerous allergic or inflammatory reaction that threatens life or function. Many patients who are not helped by current therapeutic paradigms are beginning to question what they are being told by the medical and pharmaceutical establishment, by insurance companies, and by the government agencies that oversee our collective health care. As always, the content of this blog is for information and education purposes only, and should not be used to prevent, diagnose or treat illness; please see your physician for care. Why not just go to your local dermatologist and get the latest conventional treatments for your skin disorder? But some people who respond initially to conventional treatments find that their condition returns again and again and that they need stronger medication each time to suppress and control it. When I practice Holistic Dermatology, or natural skin care, I look for the triggers of what originally caused the skin condition.
A certain part of the trigger mechanism, and the treatment to stop the trigger, will be the same for some groups of people. Like my more conventional colleagues, I examine the patient, take a history, make a diagnosis, and prescribe treatment.
When I practice Holistic Dermatology, I work with my patient to find the solution to their skin condition. But when the possible causes seem overwhelming, and my conventional dermatologist colleagues simply prescribe cortisone-derived creams, or more powerful immuno-suppressive, our practices differ greatly.
As I mentioned in part three of this series, inflammation is a key issue in skin disease, as well as many other conditions. If some of my treatments bear similarity to each other, it is because we live with a number of cultural and environmental imbalances that take a similar toll on a wide variety of individuals in a variety of ways. In part two of this series, I discussed how healing most skin diseases involves looking for inflammation.
But as with too much of any good thing, they often end up causing heat, redness, swelling, pain, and sometimes loss of function.
And unfortunately, inflammation has been found to play a significant role not only in dermatological conditions, but in common health issues such diabetes, heart disease, allergies, asthma, and arthritis, to name just a few. More on inflammation in part three. Because dermatologists normally deal with diseases of the skin, many people think that I deal with surface issues. But the truth is I look at patients’ insides to find out the cause of what is happening on the outside.
Since foods, chemicals, infections, and stress often lead to inflammation, and inflammation is the process that causes allergy, autoimmunity, and many of the diseases of the skin, my burning passion is to identify whatever it is that provoked the immune system to start its virulent attack in the first place. As often as possible, my prescription for natural care of the skin focuses more on diet, nutritional supplements, and herbs than on drugs and surgery, but I use western modalities when they are the best option for the situation. I also work with people who desire a career in holistic health and wellness become successful Wellpreneurs.

My credentials include being a certified holistic health coach and graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and a wellness advocate and TERRAfit coach for doTERRA essential oils. Ask yourself this question; Do I live the life I imagined when I was young or have I just settled too many times? Of all the “alternative” options, essential oils are currently the hottest trend toward regaining control of your health! Unfortunately, they can also paralyze the immune system, so that dangerous infections like tuberculosis can take hold, or tumors like lymphoma can start to grow. When likely triggers for skin conditions emerge, I put my effort into reversing them as safely and naturally as possible, preferably with diet and supplements. But my history is much more detailed and extensive, because I am looking for the group of factors which may have set off the reaction, or set the stage so that the reaction would occur.
Natural skin care means that we are both working like detectives to identify the cause, and clear the patient by removing it. And when this is repeated for weeks, months, or years, I strongly believe that the wiser course is to figure out what is likely to be causing the skin problem, and treat it with gentler, more natural means.
An essential part of the dermatologist’s training and knowledge is about the serious internal disorders that may be indicated by a particular change in the skin. Also, hidden infection and environmental sensitivity and toxicity are also sought out and remedied as gently as possible.
Bonnie Nussaum is a licensed psychologist and holistic coach who has been in private practice for over 20 years. They often involve the latest and most sophisticated chemical drugs, which have gone through millions of dollars worth of testing and have been approved by the FDA after a rigorous process. Sometimes a skin rash will clear completely through conventional treatment, but it serves only to drive the actual issue deeper underground. Many people’s skin problems are successfully treated by dermatologists who are capable of treating a lot of people in a day, which is how most dermatologists practice. I not only make a conventional diagnosis, but with my probing, I make a second diagnosis related to cause.
When I do that, I have a chance to get the individual to remove that provocation, or help his body’s own systems to do so. Not only are individuals unbalanced, but the norm for our whole society is unbalanced as well.
And I keep digging deeper into those causes, like peeling off the layers of an onion, to get to the core. And, it might not be a bad idea to get the expertise in skin diagnosis from your local doctor. Nearly all of them would run broke and have to shut down, if they spent the time with each patient that I do, under the current insurance payment system.
I dig into these three deep mines of information to come up with a diagnosis and natural treatment for skin disease when I practice Holistic Dermatology. That causal diagnosis covers the series of probable reasons the patient broke out in the first place. In my practice of natural care of the skin, I invite people to examine what their taste preferences may mean for their skin. It’s just that some patients with chronic problems really do need the time to discover the cause. She uses a variety of holistic healing techniques EMDR, PSYCH-K, EFT, hypnosis, breathwork, and more to create an individual plan for healing suited to your individual needs.

A In 2001 I helped Laura Tyree open the first of the Dragonfly Yoga Studioa€™s and two years later a location in Ft. This may include an intensive VIP Day, a coaching package, or simply one session depending on what is right for you at the time. Always the Seeker, he has always yearned to a€?Knowa€? the truths that are only known when they becomea€?Self Evidenta€? in your consciousness. SonnY has been a devoted student and active member of the Christ Center of Divine Philosophy in Oklahoma City. She is the creator of Meaningful Life Counseling and Coaching where I support you in discovering who you truly are, and creating what you really want.
The teachings of Audle Allison and teachings of Billy Butenhoff are the basis for the classwork. My emphasis is helping you remove your old blocks and limiting beliefs and replacing them with empowering beliefs, so you can discover your own passions and dreams, and live with more meaning and joy.Because of my love of nature and horses, I am also an expert in combining counseling and coaching with horses. From my passion about equine assisted counseling and coaching I developed a Mastery Certified Equine Assisted Training Program and train and mentor counselors, coaches, and healers who want to develop their own customized Equine Assisted Counseling or Coaching practices.
I love learning about the mystery of life and spending time with my family and furry friends in Kiel, WI.I work with clients in person or by telephone. Yvonne specializes in helping individuals as well as organizations identify their key passions, the one main thing they are meant to do and convert their visions into the fabric of their daily realities.
She facilitates life redesign and reinvention in the areas of health, career, relationships, finances and spirituality for people who may have thought that it was too late for them. The goal of Inner Prosperity Academy is to inspire women to commit to recreating their lives to the ones they came here to live, and to give their greatness to the world, by finding their Life Purpose and living a life filled with Inner Prosperity and Joy.  She does transformational individual coaching, online coaching programs, VIP Days and Workshops. Her philosophy is based on a proven Holistic System where the key to life transformation is to heal all layers of the mind, body and spirit at a deep soul level.Holistic Recovery Solutions was created as a result of her personal journey of being married to an alcoholic and her experience as a cancer survivor.
She has created a Holistic System based on her coaching expertise and 18 years as a Holistic Practitioner.
Her mission is to encourage, empower, and inspire women so that they can gain clarity, feel confident, break through their fears, attract healthy relationships, connect to their authentic self, and live a life full of joy, passion, and purpose!Martha offers a variety of private transformational coaching programs, private VIP days, workshops, and on-line programs. Through her signature coaching programs and retreats, based on the phases of the moon, Tina gently guides women from darkness to light as they create an authentic vision filled with purpose, passion, and creative expression. She holds a Masters Level Certification in Breath Therapy, is certified in Ananda Yoga, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Laughter Yoga, Reiki, LaStone Therapy and Holistic Coaching. Through Yoga, Breathwork and Holistic Healing techniques, she supports others to live a more Peaceful, Joyful life. It was through her own journey of depression, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue that she learned to heal at the core level in Body, Mind, and Spirit. Founder of Serenity Yoga and Breathwork, Bobbi has her home studio in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
We will work on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life using energy work, Reiki, bodywork, movement therapy, and holistic coaching.

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