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Refined sugar is a simple carbohydrate, which is often found in some cereals, sodas, fruit drinks, candy, and baked goods.
You probably have heard, since your own childhood, “Don’t eat too much candy otherwise you are going to have cavities”.
Weakens Immune System – As your child’s immune system is weekend, he or she will be more prone to developing diseases ranging from skin disorders (warts and psoriasis) to cancer. Causes Obesity – The average child consumes about 16% of his or her daily calories from sugar.
Delivers Poor Nutrition –High levels of simple sugar inhibits a child’s growth rate and development. It is not possible for you to completely eliminate sugar in your child’s diet, but you can offer your child natural sugars so they still receive the necessary glucose for energy.
You can’t be constantly watching what your child eats or sheltering him or her from sugary treats, but you can teach your child good habits at home. Does this sound familiar on occasion – rushing to drop off your child at day care then rushing to get to work on time? Grilled Fish Sandwich – Grilled fish sandwiches are healthier than the deep fried frozen variety. Grilled Chicken Sandwich – Always choose the grilled variety that is available at McDonald’s, Burger King, Jack ‘n The Box, and Wendy’s. Chicken Nuggets – White chicken breast nuggets are healthier than the earlier versions of this food. Deciding on a healthy diet for your toddler is most likely going to be based on your eating habits. Once establishing healthy eating for your child, he or she will most likely continue on this path. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – there always seems to be some holiday or other where cookies and the like begin to sprout out from every corner!
As the obesity epidemic increases in our society among the children, we as parents are responsible for what our children consume. Even if you have been preparing healthy meals and snacks for your toddler or young child throughout the year, the holidays have a way of sneaking in and sabotaging healthy eating habits. Natural sugars are already something found in your little one’s diet, so the last thing you want is to intentionally add more sugar to their tiny bodies. These cookies will not only be healthy, but your child (even your significant other) will not know the difference – honestly! We’re excited to play a role in these efforts and we invite all of our readers to visit the official let’s Move! The goal is to find foods that will stay with our little ones longer and that don’t compromise nutrition. The goal is to bring the little ones into the decision making process and eliminating the rush of driving them to school and hurriedly encouraging them to eat the food you’ve packed instead of trading it. Over the years, experts, including pediatricians, have differed on the benefits of over-the-counter vitamins for kids. Disclaimer: This information is provided to present differing opinions and latest information on this topic. It does appear there’s been a shift in the past few decades over whether or not vitamins for kids are necessary. Vitamin A is found in dairy products and orange or yellow veggies, such as carrots and squash.
From the parent’s perspective, there are specific tips and recommendations for raising healthier children. The bottom line is we have one shot at raising healthy kids who, in turn, raise their own healthy kids.
After all, it’s easy to forget that when a child is fed too much of the sweet stuff, it can make the adult role of supervising them more challenging.
We can all agree that children, for the most part, are precious, lovable, and fun to be around. Before bringing a youngster to child care, it’s natural that a parent would want to nourish them with a filling breakfast.
According to the American Heart Association, toddlers and preschoolers should not consume more than 170 calories worth of added sugar per day. With this in mind, consider swapping a sugary cereal for fresh fruit, oatmeal, eggs or wholegrain toast. Avoid giving babies younger than six months any fruit juice, and limit the amount of juice to six ounces for those younger than one year.
We all want those traits for our children, and this is one very attainable way of accomplishing it.
Unfortunately, when a child misbehaves at daycare because they were fed too much sugar at home, it affects the entire group. Tough economic times, job changes, financial concerns – all of these factors are playing a significant role in and changing the face of the contemporary American family.
As mentioned, changes in jobs are shaping what parents are doing to ensure their children are receiving proper care in their absence. Recently (September 2011), a hearing was held on Capitol Hill that addressed these tough questions.

There’s an interesting report from the National Early Childhood Accountability Task Force.
It is reported that children are exposed to over 30,000 advertisements for sugary foods and drinks per year. Glucose delivered in these simple carbohydrate forms is often referred to as “empty calories” due to their lack of nutritional value.
The white blood cells’ ability to fight disease decreases by 40% with a high intake of refined sugars.
It fills children up with “empty” calories, hindering children from eating wholesome, high nutrition foods needed for evolving into a healthy adult.
There is no magic number of how much simple sugar is safe for children, so the key is limiting refined sugar consumption when your child is with you for better health. Triggered by the astonishing amount of overweight and unhealthy people in certain countries, many fast food chains revamped its menus to include healthier options.
A plain hamburger without cheese has less calories and fat, but if your child wants cheese – that is fine.
Don’t be confused with the fried version that is loaded with extra fat that your child does not need.
Choose whole wheat bread with roasted turkey, grilled chicken, or tuna with fresh vegetables.
McDonald’s led this change with its McNuggets, decreasing the calories and increasing the protein.
It is always best to cook meals in advance and freeze them for options during the week; however, when you will be arriving home late and your child is screaming with hunger, you can save your sanity and choose the right fast food.
Choosing fast food is not all bad in moderation, so the next time your day is frantic and you don’t have leftovers, treat your children to a fast meal. Start with one type of food source at a time to ensure your child doesn’t have any food allergies. Yes, other children or adults will introduce your child to candy and the greasy fast foods like hamburger, but having a good foundation is what builds a healthy child.
Additional sugars will only begin the process of multiplying the amount of fat cells that their body has. The cookies may be a little bit moister than cookies made with hardened oil, but who says cookies have to be crispy?
Launched by First Lady Michelle Obama, this comprehensive efforts was created to put into place better options and solutions for eliminating childhood obesity. If you’re a child care provider, have you introduced any elements to the First Lady’s initiative? And to make sure it comes back empty because our little ones actually ate what we packed versus trading it out or worse, tossing it on the way out of the lunchroom. Cutting the apple up for them is a surefire way to make that happen, but then, kids are sometimes turned off by the natural browning of apples that begins as soon as they’re cut. A couple of hours spent making banana bread, chicken salad and other foods for lunch that week also reinforces those great eating habits. Cut the leftover chicken in to bite sizes and send Ranch dip in their lunch boxes the next day.
A little preparation is the best ally in your efforts of encouraging better eating habits for the little ones when you’re not there. Experts have long since insisted a healthy and balanced diet is the best way to ensure our little ones are getting all of the nutrients they need. According to the FDA, vitamins A, B (including B2, B6 and B12), C, D and calcium are an absolute necessity. This is only one more reason why consulting with your child’s doctor is your first best measure for keeping your little ones healthy and happy. It provides definitive solutions for the adults responsible for nutrition in a child’s life.
The worst thing a child care provider wants to deal with is a group of four year olds who have just consumed an overload of sugar. New guidelines also encourage frozen, canned and dried fruits when fresh choices aren’t available. It’s perfectly understandable, since nothing makes a child happier than lapping at a lollipop, or munching on a candy bar.
However, if a child is fed too much sugar, it can take an ugly toll on his or her behavior. However, they should resist temptations to plunk a plateful of a chocolate chip pancakes, or a bowl of sugary cereal, on the table. This varies from brand to brand, with some companies loading their product with the white stuff.
If they’re already consuming their recommended daily intake at childcare, temper the amount they receive at home. Parents should ensure their own diets are rich with nutrition, rather than jammed with nutritionally useless syrups and sugars.
If it’s eaten properly, it can help a child be more attentive, responsive, and better mannered. Many families aren’t even aware of how these dynamics are redefining their foundations. With more of us working two and even three jobs, many who have found themselves working shift work and of course, the high number of foreclosures that mean many families are having to move, it’s more important than ever to provide a safe and healthy environment for their little ones. Convened by Senator Barbara Mikulski (D, MD), the chair for the Subcommittee on Children and Families in the Senate’s Health, Labor, Education and Pensions Committee (HELP), the goal was to quantify the quality of child care throughout the industry, while also identifying key areas where problems exist.
People choose this career because of their genuine desire to help children succeed and to play the role of a positive force in their parents’ absence. While it was compiled in late 2007, the issues are still being discussed and debated today. Natural sugars, or complex carbohydrates, found in fruits, some vegetables, and whole grains are healthier for children due to its nutritional value that outweighs the sugar.
You now can choose foods that represent the main macronutrients needed by your child – Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats, without guilt.
Stay away from McDonald’s Fillet ‘o Fish or any other fried options that are loaded in saturated fat.
Burger King, Jack n’ The Box, and Kentucky Fried Chicken have also followed in offering whole white meat nuggets. Try the healthy options – it promises to relieve you from additional stress and satisfy your child’s hunger without the worry that you are feeding your child “bad” food.
Whether you are a vegetarian or a meat eater, it doesn’t matter; your child will eventually pick his or her own path. Your child will eventually make his or her own decision on what type of food to eat – but a healthy foundation is never forgotten. These foods contain chemicals that are known to cause heart problems and cancer, so why would we want to predispose our precious children to this?

Your child will love it – and you will love yourself more for giving your child the best start in life. It’s about providing healthier environments where choice is encouraged, but healthy habits are instilled in the process.
Try cutting up an apple during a typical Saturday afternoon and before calling the little ones down, allow the apple to show a bit of the natural browning. The healthier the choices, the fuller the little ones will feel, which will serve them well if they do have an early lunch. There began a turning of the tides, so to speak, as more realized the traditional family life of dinner at five, with a well balanced meal was becoming increasingly rare as both Mom and Dad worked outside the home , and everyone’s schedules varied greatly. In many ways, it’s inviting parents, child care providers and other educators to come together with a shared goal of instilling better food habits. From burning off that restless energy kids are known for to encouraging sportsmanship, it allows little ones to burn off some of that restless energy while also encouraging sportsmanship. Now, these same providers can take a pro-active approach when looking for cooperation from parents. There was a time when many in the medical community thought canned fruits offered no nutritional benefit.
But while such goodies can be a kid’s best friend, they can also be an adult’s worst enemy.
And, so, parents can do everyone – including their own children – a favor by capping sugar at small amounts. Employers have grown hesitant or even discontinued those perks that used to draw parents to a position in the first place.
To be sure, there has been an explosion in child care providers throughout every community. From the rising costs of quality child care to the training and screening processes in every municipality, this important hearing sought to ensure quality control measures were a part of every state’s law. But thinking about your own state and compliance laws, what are the issues you would like to see addressed? More importantly, what changes will you make to your current management practices to be in line with the changing landscape? Do you also notice that candy and sodas are also strategically placed right by the checkout in grocery stores? Approximately 40% of your child’s diet should come from complex carbohydrates, which is easily digestible and contains fiber for satiety. In addition, the excess sugar that can’t be broken down and used is stored as fat in the body.
Stay away from the McDouble from McDonald’s, Wendy’s Triple Burger, or the full-size Whopper at Burger King. Fast food only becomes a health issue if it is eaten three or more times a week combined with unhealthy meal choices. Then on the opposite end, you may have read reports emphasizing that young children need fats for their development. As your child is still drinking milk, most of the protein and fats will be received in that form.
What matters now is providing your child adequate fat and protein for brain and overall development, as well as whole foods to prevent diseases.
And the biggest trick to healthy eating for children – NEVER deny them something they want to try.
So the choices we make for our little ones now can determine not only their adult weight, but their future health as well! It’s about healthier foods in school classrooms around the country and better solutions for child care providers and just as importantly, ensuring families can afford these healthier choice. With attention paid on what families choose for their nutrition, she hopes it will encourage those families to introduce daily exercise into their lifestyles, as well. Here are a few back to school tips that can help the little ones stay focused on what’s in their lunch boxes versus the cafeteria line.
In fact, a recent survey revealed the average lunch time for elementary and middle school kids to be just 25 minutes.
This introduced that age old question as to whether multi vitamins for kids would benefit their health. Some child care providers have even introduced relay races or other age-appropriate competitions, complete with a prize, in order to further their efforts. By stocking fridges with healthy alternatives, and making meals in advance, this can be avoided. Don’t buy the sugary refined and processed foods so they are not available to your child at home. Your child is probably thirsty as well, so instead of reaching for the soda or other sugary fruit punch drink, choose pure fruit juice, milk, or bottled water. Even if leftover spaghetti is too messy, take the meatballs and cut them up into bite size pieces.
Approaching parents can sometimes be a challenge, and certainly when broaching certain topics. For parents, there’s a fantastic source of information on the site, Especially for Moms. Guaranteed success rate – if your cabinet and refrigerator are filled with healthy food options, your child will eat it.
So how do you beat childhood obesity and diabetes, but still provide for your child’s developmental needs? We are in control of keeping our toddlers and young children on the healthy path of good eating.
It’s informative, current and can be a powerful tool for moms and dads looking to ensure life long healthy eating habits. It may shock you when your child reaches for the apple on the counter, and not the candy brought home from some birthday party…! After all, what they are allowed to consume now will determine how they will eat and how much excess body fat they will carry as adults. These are all important questions, and likely ones you’ll be asked at some point in the future – especially if these Capitol Hill hearings move forward.
With states acknowledging the changing landscape of child care, partly due to the changing landscape of the employment sector,  your input can definitely help shape the new laws in your own home state.

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