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We must resist the urge to classify a single find as representative of all druids and their work.
Many first-time observers of the ancient art of dowsing have watched in mute fascination as a dowser seeks out — and finds — underground water. Although millions of people have come to accept dowsing as a unique ability or even a divine gift, few have examined this widespread and seemingly innocuous practice critically — with an eye to uncovering the real source behind its power.
Dowsing itself is a broad category encompassing many different forms, one of which is dowsing for water.
Hoffman-La Roche, the huge multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, has been employing dowsers on the company’s payroll since 1944.
When people think of dowsing they often assume the process is confined to category one — field dowsing. But Reverend Evans never demonstrates that dowsing can be considered the biblical gift of knowledge or any other gift of the Holy Spirit. Worldwide, scientific testing of dowsing consistently disproves the dowser’s claim that it merely represents a natural or learned sensitivity to radiations or some other physical phenomenon. In fact, dowsing abilities have been examined in many countries around the world, and the results do not confirm the scientific claims of dowsers.
In 1984, Michael Martin, a professor of philosophy at Boston University, tested Paul Sevigny himself, the president of the American Society of Dowsers. From ancient times dowsing has been considered an occult art, and has often been defined as a form of witchcraft. In this section I will supply my reasons for classifying dowsing as an occultic, spiritistic power rather than the normal human ability or divine gift that dowsers claim. The dowser enters into a light trance as he or she becomes more involved with the person, place or thing being sought, and less involved with his or her own thoughts. The fact that dowsing requires an altered state of consciousness in order to work properly suggests it is not a scientific practice. The facts of dowsing suggest that the force behind this practice is personal, intelligent, and desirous of human interaction. Many indications exist that a personal spirit entity operates through the dowsing implement and that interaction with it is necessary for success. Is it reasonable to expect that mere pieces of paper bearing symbols (horoscopes), simple forked sticks, cards, hands, dice, letters of the alphabet, rocks, facial lines, or dots could supply miraculous information? We would expect the activity of the demonic spirit world to be hindered by conversion or prayer. What proves dowsing is not a human ability is its uncontrollable nature, independent will, and supernatural power.
Although he was skeptical, Sam agreed to permit the dowser to try to find the best spot to drill. As he proceeded to cut a branch from a tree, I told him that there would be no power manifested. Hard as I gripped, I couldn’t keep that rod vertical, although I persisted until my hands were on the verge of blisters. Strong men have tried all kinds of gadgets to retard the movement of the dowsing rod without avail — the best one can describe the movement of the rod is that the movement, being very sudden, is like a mysterious hand which grasps the end of the rod and either moves it up or down. It can be stated no more clearly, it is an outside force that moves the rod, not the slight muscle twitch of the dowser’s arms. It may even be best to pretend that the pendulum or the rod has an independent existence, its movements willed from outside in spite of your rational brain saying that this is impossible. Once started in its movement [the implement] cannot be controlled or stopped by the dowser.
It is also clear that, just like the spirit world, dowsing has access to supernatural information — information a person could not possibly know by normal means. In addition, because dowsing is practiced worldwide, this means the dowsing power can somehow respond to literally scores of foreign languages. The former president of the British Society of Dowsers, Major General Jedyll Scott Elliot, made the following comment to George Crite at the annual convention of the American Society of Dowsers. A former dowser who became a Christian concluded that dowsing was “nothing more than an instrument of divination. All this is why, after years of research into dowsing, including discussions with many leading dowsers, Hester concluded that “we can be no more positive than to state that dowsing is making contact with the spirit world just as certainly as using the Ouija Board.
36 See John Ankerberg and John Weldon, The Facts on the Occult (Eugene, OR: Harvest House, 1991), 11-21. 50 See John Ankerberg and John Weldon, The Facts on the Occult, 11-21 and note 74 of this article.
64 John Ankerberg and John Weldon, The Hazards of the Occult (tentative title), to be published by Harvest House, 1993.

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We encourage people to learn to dowse so that they can sort the wheat from the chaff, determine for themselves what is right for them, and not to be taken in by glib salesmen. Dowsing, Pendulum, Muscle Testing, Kinesiology or Neuromuscular Feedback, as it is currently called, are all names for the same thing, simply different techniques. The ancient art of dowsing has been practiced for centuries; although the names used to identify it may have differed in various cultures and eras, the techniques have not.
Just as radios pick up information from unseen radio waves, the pendulum is a powerful antenna that, through your involuntary muscle responses, receives information from the vibrations (energy waves) emitted by people, places, thoughts and things in this and other “dimensions”.
Remember, the key to accurate dowsing is CLEAR INTENT.  Be as explicit as possible about the information you desire.  Remember, the Universe has a sense of humor! You can also use your fingers as a dowsing tool, and that is the exercise we will explore this month.
Touch the finger tips of your left ring finger and thumb and make a circle.  Place your right index finger inside the center of the circle. You can use this process to answer any yes or no question you may have or to discover if something would have a positive or negative affect on you. Serenely contemplate your question (or if you can, empty your mind completely) as you stand relaxed, breathing quietly and naturally.
It is thought the be the first documented archaeological find of a druid’s grave, and it reveals some interesting grave goods – dowsing rods! However, it does seem to indicate that in at least one instance the types of activities that have come down to us through story and lore may be borne out: this druid was a healer, herbalist and diviner. This feat the dowser accomplishes merely by walking the land with his or her dowsers’ stick until it is forcefully thrust downward at the location where the water is to be found. The fact that dowsing is also increasingly accepted in the church as a spiritual practice adds to the need for an evaluation of this technique. It is the thesis of this article that all forms of dowsing are ancient pagan practices that are really forms of divination. The question remains: should dowsing be used if it is really a method of occultic divination?
As I will show, this fact underscores the psychic nature of dowsing in that the dowsing power does not reside in the object used. Unfortunately, Christians who claim the Bible teaches dowsing are forced to treat Scripture in the same manner as cultists who distort it to justify their particular religious beliefs and practices. Careful examination of the claims and activities of dowsers (which are frequently contradictory) reveal that there is no factual basis for regarding dowsing as a physical phenomenon. Below I will list seven common characteristics of dowsing practice that reveal its true nature as a psychic ability. Perhaps this is one reason Martin Luther referred to dowsing as a form of idolatry.39 If men were only dealing with an impersonal force, it would never require respect, or faith, or personal communication. Yet it is difficult to deny that there is frequently a living power behind it — an independent, personal spirit entity that demands one to inquire of it if one wishes success.
If dowsing were really a learned human ability then it could be controlled at will, just like any other learned human ability from bike riding to typing.
Because the issues involved are so important I will document this section in a bit more detail.
If that theory were true, the experiment should have worked the second time because the water was still there and it had powerfully worked for Sam the day earlier. An examination of dowsing phenomena itself reveals that a genuine supernatural power is at work. We watched and interviewed an internationally known dowser who, at our request used two pairs of pliers to hold his forked stick.
Some dowsers do not recover their sense of well being for hours or many days after witching.
This coincides with its use throughout history where the staff has been a tool of witchcraft, magic, sorcery, and other occult arts.
It is a spiritistic power used by dowsers who only think they are using a natural or divine gift.
For a critique of homeopathy and other methods, see John Ankerberg and John Weldon, Can You Trust Your Doctor?
Some of these methods have provenance, and most have been validated by my own work to my satisfaction at some time or another.
I think that this is because of the lack of imagery from any time before the engravings and woodcuts which began to appear when printing became popular. It’s not an overwhelming validation of the work that modern druids do, but it does at least show us that there is some level of truth permeating the accounts of the work of druids, and it does help us to feel more validated in trying to recreate some of that activity in a modern context.

This blog will always be a reflection of that work, and the importance that I place on divination as a means of staying in touch with the subtle forces of this world and beyond it. Before I document that it is and therefore should be avoided, we need to understand the influence, variety of phenomena, and wide-ranging uses of modern dowsing. In France, dowsers have a national union, and dowsing societies in many countries — such as the United States and Germany — have memberships of several thousand. He has dowsed for over fifty years and was instrumental in organizing the American Society of Dowsers (ASD). Kurt Koch, and others reveals that dowsing is considered an acceptable, or at least innocent, practice in the minds of many Christians. For example, controlled tests conducted by famous magician and psychic debunker James Randi yielded no evidence that dowsers have any unique ability to find water. But these responses are exactly what spirit guides require and demand of their human mediums. The following is a sampling of common forms of divination with their associated contact materials.
Consequently, Christian actions can hinder genuine psychic activity but it is not credible to think that a neutral or natural power would be so affected by Christian activity. He called a local drilling company only to discover they employed a dowser to locate water.
And if it is a natural practice, why did it only work for certain members of Sam’s family?
The pull downward by some external force was so great it stripped the bark off the stick held in the pliers. Despite its modern explanations being couched in scientific or psychological language, the occult nature of dowsing has not changed throughout the centuries.
Marjorie and I do Mind, Body, Spirit type exhibitions all over the country and also in Ireland; people coming to the events come looking for help spiritually, emotionally, physically etc.
Later I will show why I believe the real source of a dowser’s power is the spirit world. He served as its secretary and was editor of its periodical, The American Dowser, for over a decade. When he got to the same spot as before, the stick was powerfully thrust downward as if by an invisible hand.
The fact that it did not work for everyone shows that some other factor must have been responsible. Kurt Koch has told us of dowsers who, although apparently suffering none of the above effects, have fallen prey to severe psychic disturbances at a later date. 1984, 59-71, self-published and available from the author at 4883 Hedrick Ave., Arlington, CA 92505. Koch observes that “believing Christians are divided on the question of what they should think of rod and pendulum [dowsers]. How can it “demand” this — unless, of course, one is really dealing with something personal like a spirit entity? When these activities counteract certain practices, then, by definition, those practices cannot be activities of God, or else God would be seen to work against Himself. No power was manifested because (1) the dowser was not there, therefore his spirit guide was probably not present; and (2) even if it were, I had prayed that God would prohibit spiritistic activity. If you tip to the right or left, or don’t tip at all, rephrase the question (remember, yes or no answer) and try again. He knew he had done nothing to move the stick, but it had still reacted powerfully to the same location. Koch has also recorded case histories of severe psychological and psychic trauma by recipients of medical dowsing. Surely dowsing is a quaint notion of a forgotten skill, now ridiculed into obscurity by scientific progress? Instead, the dowser locates the target from a distance of up to several miles; (3) Map Dowsing — the dowser locates the target using a map or sketch, often accompanied by the use of an occult pendulum. Sometimes answers may simply not be available, but dowsing techniques improve with practice, so don’t give up easily!
There are no distance limits here, since the dowser can supposedly locate his or her target even 10,000 miles away; (4) Information Dowsing — the dowser obtains needed information on any subject with neither space nor time limits. It worked for two others, but for three additional members it would not work at all — no matter what they did.

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