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Weitere Informationen zu den erweiterten Bildlizenzen und deren Inhalt gibt es in den Nutzungs- und Lizenzbedingungen unter A§17 und A§18. Du musst JavaScript in deinem Browser aktivieren um alle Funktionen bei aboutpixel nutzen zu kA¶nnen. The mouth and teeth break food down into manageable pieces and mixes these with saliva, which starts the digestive process.
The stomach secretes acid and peptic enzymes which further dilute and break up the food, softening connective tissue and hard skins and husks, digesting proteins, killing off the majority bacteria in the food and delivering the resulting slurry into the small intestine in a regulated manner commensurate with the rate of digestion. The pancreas is a digestive gland that secretes an alkaline juice, containing powerful enzymes that break down protein, fat and carbohydrates.

The liver receives blood from the gut, filters it, removes toxins, metabolises drugs, stores nutrients and synthesises proteins for various purposes including blood clotting. The gall bladder stores and concentrates bile, and after a meal squeezes it into the small intestine, where it helps to digest fat. Nutzen Sie das, nach dem Download, sofort einsetzbare Muster als Grundlage um ein individuelles Zeugnis nach Ihren Vorstellungen zu erstellen. Hier kA¶nnen Sie Fragen an unser Redaktions-Team zum Inhalt und der Beschaffenheit der Vorlage stellen. Sehr geehrte Frau Egle, leider haben wir die gewA?nschte Datei auf Englisch derzeit nicht in unserem Sortiment.

It usually takes about 4 hours for most of a moderate sized mixed meal to be emptied from the stomach. Here the major food groups, protein fat and carbohydrate are broken down into amino acids, sugars and fatty acids, which are then absorbed into the blood stream. During a 12-48 hour residence, it extracts salt and water from the solidifying contents, while the trillions of colonic bacteria ferment unabsorbed sugars, starches and proteins to short chain fatty acids, which may be utilised as a source of energy.

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