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Genital herpes is characterized by the outbreak of painful lesions generally located in the genital area, around the anus, and sometimes on the thighs or buttocks.
Many people don’t know that they have genital herpes because the symptoms may sometimes be very mild or non-existent and can be confused with blisters or other skin infections. Genital herpes is transmitted through skin contact with an infected area, mainly during vaginal, anal, or oral intercourse with a person who carries the virus.
Take an analgesic to reduce the pain (don’t hesitate to ask your pharmacist about it).
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Genital herpes affects nearly 1 in 5 Canadians, which makes it one of the most widespread sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in North America.
The risk of transmission is higher at the beginning of an outbreak when blisters are present. To protect the female genitals, you can cut a condom lengthwise or use a dental dam (a thin square of latex).
However, it is possible to reduce the number and severity of blisters and accelerate their healing by taking medications as soon as the first signs of the disease appear. If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription. Being well-informed will help you control its impact on your life and minimize the risk of transmission. When the virus becomes active again, some warning symptoms such as local tingling and itching may be experienced.
It does not mean the end of your sex life, but it is necessary to be informed and behave responsibly to prevent the transmission of the disease. In addition, an infected person may see the virus spread from one part of the body to another.

However, during subsequent outbreaks, the symptoms are less severe than during the first one. Some people just have one episode of genital herpes in their lifetime while others will see its recurrence several times a year. Genital herpes can also be passed on from mother to child at birth if the mother is a carrier of the virus, which can prove to be dangerous for the newborn. Always consult a health professional before taking or stopping medication or making any other related decision.
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