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Actor Don Hany and wedge-tailed eagle Bart on the set of the movie Healing, being filmed at Kyneton. He's talking about wedge-tailed eagles, the creatures with which he shares the screen in a new Australian film, Healing, now shooting near Kyneton. Healing was inspired by an article that writer-director Craig Monahan read in The Age in 1998.
Monahan made other films, but the story stayed with him, he researched and wrote, with co-writer Alison Nisselle, and found a way to bring Healing to the screen.
Hany (East West 101, Offspring) plays Viktor, a prisoner nearing the end of a long sentence. Raptor expert and bird-handler Andrew Payne has brought about 14 birds to the set, and prepared the actors to work with them.
On set, Payne has his three eagles tethered in safe spots near the aviaries, where they can absorb the atmosphere and get accustomed to the location.

Meanwhile, Samuel is in one of the aviaries, rehearsing then running through several takes of a scene that also involves Doris, a voluble barking owl that his character has started to dote on.
For him, ''the parallels between caged animals and caged humans was a great vehicle to tell a story'', in a setting that has almost none of the images of a traditional prison film. Plot: At the tail end of a 16-year sentence, an inmate is sent to a low-security, pre-release prison with a special program that pairs men with injured game birds.
Journalist Geoff Strong wrote a moving story about a rescue program at Won Wron prison, run in conjunction with Healesville Sanctuary, that brought together prisoners and birds of prey, with benefits for both. The cast also includes Hugo Weaving, in his third film with Monahan, as the prison officer who starts the program, and Xavier Samuel (Twilight: Eclipse, and the forthcoming Two Mothers), as one of the young inmates. Up above, wild birds are soaring and swooping, disconcerted to find these interlopers in their territory. Healing, he says, explores, among other things, something that's a challenge for long-term prisoners coming close to release - ''the pain of understanding that you need to leave the cage''.

It gave inmates in a low-security prison farms the responsibility for helping rehabilitate injured birds to prepare them for returning to the wild, and the experience seemed to have a profound impact on many. When this happens, the Healing second unit has taken the opportunity to film them in flight. I'd love to cuddle her, but as soon as she gets a taste of food or a hint of weakness, she just goes you. Sometimes you'll put a bird on a person's arm and they can look all stiff and uncomfortable.'' After the pair are introduced ''you can get them, with baby steps, to do more and get the bird accustomed to someone different''.

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