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These include: cloudy urine blood in the urine strong urine odor urine leakage around your catheter pressure, pain, or discomfort in your lower back or stomach chills fever unexplained fatigue vomiting CAUTIs can be difficult to diagnose in already-hospitalized patients because similar symptoms may be part of the patients original illnesses. In addition, patients with catheters may already have conditions that compromise their immune systems. For example: the catheter may become contaminated upon insertion the drainage bag may not be emptied often enough bacteria from a bowel movement may get on the catheter urine in the catheter bag may flow backward into the bladder the catheter may not be regularly cleaned Clean insertion and removal techniques can help lower the risk of a CAUTI.

Catheters should not be left in longer than needed; longer use is associated with a higher risk of infection. Your doctor may recommend an imaging test, such as an ultrasound scan, of your bladder to see if you are retaining urine.

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