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US Surgeon General Luther Terry’s 1964 Advisory Committee report on Smoking and Health brought about significant changes for the tobacco industry, leading to far tighter restrictions on advertising as well as the addition of warning labels on packaging.
From the late 1870s, cigarette companies were able to strengthen their brands due to the invention of color printing, which heralded a new era for both advertising and packaging – including the placement of trading cards in individual boxes. To this end, tobacco marketers got actors, athletes and even doctors to endorse their goods and make astonishing claims, with pseudo-scientific medical reports another staple of this strategy.
Craven “A” began marketing its cigarettes under the slogan “For Your Throat’s Sake” as early as 1939 – if not before.
Suspicions about the negative health effects of cigarettes had already become ingrained in popular culture, with terms like “coffin nails” and “smoker’s cough” part of people’s everyday language. Although advertisers can no longer claim that smoking keeps you slim, in decades like the ‘60s and ‘70s women were targeted with ads that promoted smoking as being somehow glamorous. For more than 50 years, tobacco ads focused on dispelling growing fears that cigarettes have a negative impact on health. In the years before the Surgeon General’s report, tobacco companies did their best to bury the truth. In the following decades, tobacco companies further targeted the younger generations by ensuring that cigarettes figured prominently in cartoons and popular TV shows.
Tobacco companies hosted dinners at fancy restaurants for throat specialists, where the practitioners were encouraged to recommend cigarette brands to patients with coughs and other complaints. The fact that many major otolaryngologists testified before Congress against the Surgeon General’s findings is alarming. The Lucky Strike advertisement pictured above was launched in 1949, and one of the models used in the campaign, Janet Sackman, was only 17 at the time of the shoot.
In this ad, steel-nerved oil well firefighter “Pat” Patton endorses Camel cigarettes “for digestion’s sake.” Run in 1937, the ad was part of a campaign that claimed smoking Camels assisted digestion by increasing the movement of alkaline digestive fluids. Since 1964, even more stringent restrictions have been introduced – including the June 2009 FDA Tobacco Regulation Bill, which gave the Food and Drug Administration extensive power over industry products, labeling, ingredients, and the size of the warnings on packages. This 1949 advertisement for Viceroys featured a dentist instead of a general physician or otolaryngologist to suggest that smoking is okay. Although increasingly stringent regulations have put constraints on the tobacco industry and the days of false health benefit claims are gone, the battle is far from over. Figures one (1) through eleven (11) graphically illustrate that in North America, Europe, and the South Pacific, major declines in life-threatening infectious diseases occurred historically either without, or far in advance of public immunization efforts for specific diseases as listed. Figures eleven (12) through twenty-four (24) graphically illustrate that immunization is not by any means a proven and foolproof measure for protection from various infectious disease conditions. His most recent post in the Canadian public service was as Senior Advisor on Cultures, Knowledge Systems, Local Ownership and Ethnicities at the Canadian International Development Agency.
Co-Chaired the United Nations Environment Program - Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Ad Hoc Technical Expert Group on the Potential Impacts of Genetic Use Restriction Technologies (alius “Terminator Seed” technologies). Spearheaded the first world-wide inter-sectoral review funded by a Western government on Indigenous Culture Based Knowledge Systems in Development.
Electromagnetic waves are a form of energy waves that have both an electric and magnetic field. This site is a product of TSI (Technological Solutions, Inc.), Copyright 2016, All Rights Reserved.
La vestimenta utilizada por los egipcios debe su diseno y eleccion de generos a las altas temperaturas que debia enfrentar esta civilizacion. En tal sentido, a los largo de las tres etapas fundamentales del Imperio egipcio, esto es, Imperio Antiguo (2800-2200 AC), Medio (2000-1780 AC) y Nuevo (1570 – 1065 AC), no se observaron grandes cambios en relacion con la moda. Las variedades de telas utilizadas no fueron muchas, el lino se constituyo como la materia prima a partir de la cual, dependiendo de su grosor, se desprendian diferentes calidades: lino real, un lino elaborado con mas relieves (sutil fino), otra con leves relieves (sutil) y, por ultimo, el lino liso.
En el Imperio Antiguo, los hombres utilizaban una especie de falda llamada faldellin que se hacia con una tela cuyos extremos se anudaban hacia atras, a la altura de la cadera, y cuyo largo se extendia hasta las rodillas. La vestimenta femenina tambien consistia en un trozo de genero, este cubria todo el cuerpo en forma envolvente: desde las axilas hasta los tobillos, cuyas tiras a los costados y anudadas hacia atras, cubrian los pechos. Como se ha mencionado, el color basico era el blanco, aunque cuando los generos comenzaron a trabajarse mas, se anadio el color rojo y marron, con los que se hacian figuras geometricas que servian como ornamento para cuellos y mangas.
A partir del Imperio Medio, el faldellin masculino comenzo a ser mas largo y la vestimenta femenina mas sensual y sugerente, los pechos iban directamente al descubierto. Tiempo mas tarde, durante el Imperio Nuevo, la vestimenta ajustada al cuerpo de la mujer deviene en ropa interior.

Tanto esclavos como trabajadores de las castas mas bajas, usaban apenas un tapa rabos de lino a modo de slip o, en su defecto, iban desnudos. Si bien al comienzo del imperio se las hallara cortas, hacia el Imperio Nuevo, se usan mas largas. Tal como se indico al comienzo, tanto la materia prima como la confeccion de prendas estuvieron subordinadas a las elevadas temperaturas, lo que hizo necesario que estas fueran livianas y frescas. As far back as the early 1950s, cigarette advertising had begun to attract controversy, yet tobacco companies continued to pour money into their marketing efforts. When people began to express uncertainty about the health effects of smoking in the early 20th century, tobacco companies responded with a campaign to reassure the public about their products – and thus safeguard their industry.
These 10 vintage ads offer an opportunity to explore the attitudes of the day; and by today’s infinitely stricter standards, many of them seem almost hilariously outrageous. The brand, which is currently owned by Rothmans, Benson & Hedges, enjoyed huge popularity during World War II.
To protect their empires, tobacco companies began an all-out campaign to convince people not to abandon their smokes. Worrying research carried out by London’s King’s College predicts that female lung cancer rates will triple over the next 30 years, because incidences of the disease are generally a sign of people’s smoking habits three to four decades earlier. By the time the US Surgeon General published the report of 1964, the detrimental effects of tobacco were well documented.
They found doctors willing to justify the brazen claims made by their ads in exchange for fat payments worth almost half the physicians’ annual salaries. Reynolds, the company behind the Camel brand, paid to have surveys carried out at medical conventions.
For example, The Flintstones used to be sponsored by Winston cigarettes, and Fred and Wilma could be seen lighting up at the end of episodes. Reader’s Digest articles further publicized claims that filters could be effective in this way. Furthermore, even after the 1964 Advisory Committee report, leading medical experts still testified in favor of the tobacco industry. According to Sackman, an older tobacco executive present at the shoot encouraged her to start smoking so that she would know “how to hold a cigarette.” She picked up the habit and suffered from throat cancer in later years.
Perhaps a dentist was used in this case to ensure that there were a variety of different healthcare professionals extolling the virtues of cigarettes.
In fact, in 2008 the US tobacco industry forked out nearly $10 billion on advertising and promotional efforts. That is a common misconception -- in actual fact, it was better sanitation and hygiene in the cities that prevented the spread of diseases. This provides irrefutable evidence that vaccines are not necessary for the effective elimination of a wide range of infectious diseases.
It is often inconsequential epidemiologically, and in some cases it is shown to actually worsen health-care outcomes. Evidence also points to the practice of immunization as a principal factor in the recent massive increases in neurodegenerative conditions such as autism in children.
He is currently engaged with government funding as Senior Researcher relative to establishing a Public Sector Policy on Traditional Medicine in Canada. Electromagnetic waves are different from mechanical waves in that they can transmit energy and travel through a vacuum. We use microwaves to cook food, transmit information, and in radar that helps to predict the weather.
This is the range of wavelengths from 390 to 700 nm which corresponds to the frequencies 430-790 THz.
At this point in the electromagnetic spectrum, scientists begin to think of these rays more as particles than waves. Segun las etapas, se encontraron variedades sobre una misma base en el vestido pero no modificaciones radicales.
Habitualmente, el faldellin se llevaba al cuerpo, caracteristica que lo diferenciaba de la ropa de trabajo o del campesinado que era mas suelta. Surgen las tunicas anudadas, superpuestas sobre el lino semi transparente, con pliegues y de diferentes colores. La costumbre egipcia, tanto para hombres como para mujeres, era depilarse el cuerpo completo, incluyendo la cabeza.

Los pies se cubrian con sandalias elaboradas en hojas de palma (o palmera), junco o papiro. Part of the reason for this is that cigarettes were donated to the war effort by the tobacco industry and they were included in soldiers’ rations. Lucky Strike ads communicated a variety of messages, from the idea that toasted cigarettes are less harmful to your throat and reduce coughing, to the suggestion that their products could lead to noticeable weight loss. Over 7,000 scientific studies connected smoking with emphysema, heart disease and various other conditions, and a causal link was made with lung cancer.
The 1940 Philip Morris advertisement pictured above is a prime example of a cigarette company making ludicrous claims supposedly backed up by science. In order to skew the results, doctors were given free packets of cigarettes; then afterwards, they were questioned about either which type of cigarettes they had in their pockets or which brand they liked best.
Regulations introduced in 1964 prohibited advertisements that targeted young smokers, but some contend that advertising ploys featuring appealing characters such as Joe Camel were simply subtler means to the same end.
Reynolds Tobacco Company, forbidding them from representing Camels as being beneficial to digestion. The campaign, which was launched in 1928, encouraged women to “reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet,” and it proved very successful. Yellow teeth and bad breath are unattractive side effects of smoking, but if a dentist is recommending Viceroys, then cigarettes can’t be all that bad, right? The question, then, is how can health administrators further leverage their power against the industry – and thereby save lives?
These charts, from official sources, show us that vaccines (1) were not responsible, and are not necessary, for eliminating infectious diseases, (2) are not effective, and (3) are dangerous. The data comes from various sources including national public health agencies, encyclopedias, Vital Statistics and Historical Statistics of the US, published medical journals, UNICEF reports, and more.
Radio waves are often used to transmit data and have been used for all sorts of applications including radio, satellites, radar, and computer networks.
Microwaves are useful in communication because they can penetrate clouds, smoke, and light rain. Gamma rays are sometimes used in treating cancer and in taking detailed images for diagnostic medicine. La lana tambien era un genero muy utilizado, este servia para la fabricacion de ropa de abrigo y de caza. Las pelucas era un ornamento mas, y en ocasiones, elemento de seduccion: las habia lacias, trenzadas y rizadas para las mujeres, cuya finalidad era erotica.
By the time the war was over, many veterans were not only addicted, they were also loyal to a particular brand. In exchange for his endorsement, Lucky Strike provided publicity for three of Lowe’s films. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen until 1951 – more than 10 years after the advertisements had stopped running. It was, however, brought to a somewhat amusing end thanks to legal threats from the candy industry. The universe is filled with cosmic microwave background radiation that scientists believe are clues to the origin of the universe they call the Big Bang.
They can penetrate soft tissue like skin and muscle and are used to take X-ray pictures of bones in medicine. Entre otros generos utilizados, tambien debe mencionarse la seda, en la epoca ptolemaica y el algodon, ya con la entrada de los arabes en la zona. When unsettling reports began to surface that smoking could cause lung cancer and other diseases, people began to wonder whether having a smoke was such a good thing after all. The partnership between celebrities and cigarette brands encouraged individuals – especially young people – to associate cigarettes with glamor and an elite lifestyle, while the products’ negative effects were trivialized. Even the names of some cigarettes (like Virginia Slim) could impart unconscious messages to potential female consumers.
Ultraviolet light is used by powerful telescopes like the Hubble Space Telescope to see far away stars.

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