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The next time you find yourself in a lackluster late-afternoon quagmire—or even before you begin an early morning run—reach for one of these quick pre-workout fixes and get at it!
Guarana is extracted from seeds of a Brazilian shrub and acts as a stimulant that is found in many energy drinks and supplements. Energy gels and chews (such as GU and Honey Stinger) made with ingredients that benefit endurance athletes are still one of the quickest, easiest, and most effective ways to boost your workout.
Containing both fructose and glucose as well as antioxidants and vitamins, honey is nature’s little energy boost. Easy to digest and packed with simple carbs, vitamins, minerals, and fiber, raisins deliver essential sugar, electrolytes, and calories for endurance athletes.

Yes, tree nuts are fatty, but they are filled with energy-boosting (and easy-on-the-stomach) essential fatty acids such as omega-3s and omega-6s.
One slice of bread with a tablespoon of almond butter provides both complex and simple carbs as well as energy-giving essential fatty acids. The purest form is the guarana berry and contains almost twice as much caffeine as coffee beans. You can get in your workout—and you can avoid having to do so in a state of mild starvation.
Since most gels don’t contain any (or minimal) fat, fiber, or protein, they are easy to digest and are absorbed quickly into your bloodstream for quick and sustained energy.

The complex carbs from the whole grain will provide sustained energy, while the jam (or honey) will give you some simple carbs for a quick boost. Caffeine boost alertness and fights fatigue but the guarana berry also contains theobromine that supports the central nervous system.
Avoid fat-laden spreads like butter or cream cheese, which will weigh you down and may upset your stomach.

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