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About Face are Scotland’s only specialists in these procedures with all our electrolysists being fully qualified in them.
Using electrolysis to remove these blemishes is quick and safe and unlike surgical removal leaves no scar. They can all be hereditary or are sometimes caused by damage to the skin such as squeezing a spot or an injury. They are removed with electrolysis using a very fine probe placed just under the skin’s surface and passing through a tiny amount of galvanic energy combined with a little heat to seal off the tiny capillary.

They are removed by applying the heat energy of electrolysis to the base and are gently scraped off.
Clinic owner Helen Graham is responsible for developing many of these techniques and teaches Advanced Electrolysis for both the BIAE [British Institute & Association of Electrolysis] and Sterex International, the world leaders in manufacture and supply of electrolysis equipment. Red veins appear as small red lines, blood spots are round, red lumps, while spider veins have a central red spot with red lines leading out from them like the legs of a spider. They are removed quickly and easily by applying the heat energy to the stalk or neck of the skin tag – they come off at the time of treatment and usually do not require any further treatment.

Red veins can be caused by exposure to harsh conditions such as wind and sun or smoking, washing with hot and cold water, poor skin care, pregnancy, certain medicines and many other causes. The procedure is not painful at all but may be a little uncomfortable like a tiny nip or sting – a bit like tweezing a hair out.

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