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When illness strikes, we are never ready–but we can find hope in the midst of these storms.
But the two hours of waiting was not wasted as I talked to several people and shared that I could smile in spite of my pain—because God is good! Several standing near by asked if my injury was recent, or how long I’d be on crutches, etc. The key to creating a positive day is remembering that God has a specific plan for my life.
Yes, I’ve had more opportunities to witness from my recliner than before when rushing around in the world! I to have chronic pain that I have had since I was seven, when I was seriously injured, and my parents refused me medical care. I waited two hours for them to complete the transaction in about eight minutes (I ordered a disability license plate). And questions such as those provided opportunities to talk about how much God cares for me and loves me—and them too.

No matter how I feel or what I’m doing, I have a responsibility to share His love with those I meet. Her philosophy is “Create a positive day!” She enjoys watching football, digital scrapbooking, and reading. Before I was a Christian I used to get sooooooo mad with Christians telling me that I could experience His peace too!! I was very thankful that I was done in time to make it to my chiropractor appointment for an adjustment and treatment. However, since I was standing and pacing from time to time in the back of the room, people noticed me. Did you get angry, or did you see it as an opportunity to talk about what He has done through your pain? I’m especially horrified to hear that there was no help from your church or the pastor & his wife!
People let me down often, but Jesus is always with me & comforting me, when others abandon me.

How can you use it as an opportunity to share about the Lord’s goodness, rather than a time to get annoyed the next time this happens? I have finally come to grips with the fact that either God is so cruel that he makes me suffer pain everyday of my life since he can help people if he wants, or he just can’t do anything to help anyone including me. But they share their feelings, theirhurts, their triumphs, and their love of God, and I suddenly don’t feel so alone. I have had glimpses of it, but still have a lot of self improvement work to do in this area.

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