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Since the day we found out Stella had diabetes, friends, acquaintances, and complete strangers have been offering up suggestions, hints, and tips that are supposed to cure my daughter.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Aggressive periodontitis is more common than a lot of people think, nevertheless many people are unaware of the symptoms and occurrence of this disease.
It is possible to graft bone into the areas around the teeth by taking it from somewhere else in your body such as your hip or your ribs, but the problem with aggressive periodontitis is that the bone erodes away because of an exaggerated destructive response of your gums, and this excessive destructive process usually affects the grafted bone so it melts away as well. Aggressive periodontitis is a disease much like the high blood pressure and diabetes which, whilst unfortunately cannot be completely cured, can be controlled and managed exceptionally well with medical treatment and specialist after care. This is the preferred surgical treatment for Aggressive periodontitis as suggested by many periodontal experts.
In conclusion, Aggressive periodontitis can be a serious condition with a fairly grim prognosis if it is not caught and treated in a timely fashion. Of course, your periodontal specialist is the one to consult for an individual diagnosis and prognosis of your condition.
I offer both telephone and face-to-face consultations and can work together with your own dentist to provide the best treatment plan for you.
However it has to be said some dentists and periodontists extract teeth early because they recognise that they have a poorer prognosis, whereas others recognise that not all teeth with a poor prognosis have to be extracted, and will try and carry on and keep as many teeth in your mouth as possible for as long as possible. However I have not seen you, and I have not seen how bad your gum condition is, so it may be that it has indeed gone too far and you may have to lose some teeth, but I cannot give you a diagnosis or treatment plan or any idea of whether you can retain your teeth will not.
Yes Lule, it sounds as though your dentist is right, except that these days the tendency is not to use surgery.
I have no idea what the situation is in Kosovo, and you are always welcome to visit me in London if that is possible. You will almost certainly lose your teeth if you do not get them treated, and clearly your general dentist cannot do so. What you need to do is to find a dentist who specialises in periodontal diseases (such as a periodontist) and get them to help you bring the condition under control. You are in the Philippines, and I happen to know that there are a number of periodontists in the Philippines, because I have trained a few of them who trained at the Eastman Dental Hospital in London. Hi i was wondering if you could help i have a crown in which is attached to a screw from an accident i had when i was 17 am now 34.
I am afraid there is nothing that you can do until you get this tooth out and get a plate made. 1st and foremost, the fact that you have had laser treatment all over your mouth for periodontal disease is irrelevant!
There is a huge media hype about using lasers to treat periodontal disease, because it is said it is painless and an instant solution to the problem, well, it simply is not ! Secondly, your headaches and your toothache are probably not being caused by the treatment and the fact that you had a root treatment done and it has not helped implies that there is something else going on that is causing all of this trouble.

I have recently been to Liverpool dental hosp who said I had a aggressive periodontal disease which he reckons I have had for at least 8 years and was going to recommend to my local dentist to remove my 2 front teeth and replace with false ones.
This is a very big problem in that when aggressive periodontitis takes hold it is very difficult to stop and bring under control. Even at this late stage it is sometimes possible to keep the teeth in your mouth by cleaning underneath the gums, and maybe gluing them to the other teeth with a splint. Of course, I have not seen your mouth, so I do not know how bad the problem is, but it might be useful for you to see a specialist periodontist for an opinion and advice on what options may be possible for you. Have Your SayFeedback on our commitment and service is crucial to the growth of our business. The most obvious features of the disease include hasty attachment loss and bone obliteration and genetic aggregation of the teeth.
Textbooks state that if you lose more than a 3rd of the bone around your teeth the teeth have a hopeless prognosis and need to be extracted.  That is very often what a dentist will tell their patient because this is what they have been taught. Depending on the time of diagnosis and the intensity of the disease, the treatment will vary accordingly. The surgery repairs the loss and also prevents any further damage or loss of the gum bones. Over a couple of weeks i noticed it was loose so went to my dentist and they did an x ray which told them i had bad gum disease he then tested it by inserting a rod which he said was 10m. Firstly should I be angry with my dentist for not seeing this problem before now and secondly is there anything else I can do to save all of my teeth. From his practice in Golders green, North London, he specialises in the assessment, treatment and aftercare of periodontal disease using non-surgical and non-invasive methods. If therefore we excel or indeed fall short of anyway in our dealings with you, please advise me directly. Just click here to see our Customer review page with an easy Review Form so you need simply type your comments and let us know your thoughts. And if you have ever had to work with insulin, you already know that it has a mind of it’s own, much like diabetes. If the disease is diagnosed at an early stage, then your periodontal specialist will  have several options for treatment – one of which is Scaling and Root Planing. Gum graft surgery is done to cover roots and encourage development of new gum tissues on the gum line where there is a shortage excessive gingival recession. Nevertheless, even severe or chronic conditions can sometimes be treated without the need for surgery.
I go on holiday to florida in 6 weeks and they said i would need surgery extraction before putting a plate in. I recently got the LANAP laser surgery done on my entire mouth and it didn’t hurt at all. The diagnosis of the disease is similar for all patients, but the treatment can vary from person to person due to their different characteristics and the intensity of the disease.

As a periodontal specialist in North London, I have been treating very advanced cases of periodontal disease with bone loss for many years and in most cases the condition can be managed and treated in different ways and in some cases very successfully without any tooth loss at all!
This works by removing plaque and calculus in all the areas around the teeth and gums and also flattening the surface of the root. In graft surgery for gums, the surgeon takes the gum tissues from any relevant part of your body (for example your hip or rib) or any other donor’s source to fill the exposed root of the teeth.
There is a 12 week waiting list for this and my tooth is still wobbly because they could not do anything for me that day. It is definitely curable and should be treated as early as possible in order to avoid any kind of severe loss of the teeth. Scaling and Root Planing treatment helps significantly in getting rid of the mouth bacteria which is mostly just along the gum line of the teeth. I always go to my dentist and have her check my conditions but she hasn’t really treated it.
I am on course of antibiotics because of an absus which didn’t hurt until he put the rod into my gum. Other days it’s like trying to get an 11 year old girl out of bed for school the first day after Christmas break.
Unfortunately, once it has reached the very advanced stages, the patient  would usually have a lot of bone loss and once the bone has gone it cannot be regenerated. This kind of treatment works best where there is early stage detection of the disease or for cases which have not developed viciously.
It can be done either for one tooth or several teeth as per the requirement and condition of the root under each tooth until the gum line is completely recovered, and the sensitivity is reduced.  As stated above, however, the problem with aggressive periodontitis is that the bone erodes away because of an exaggerated destructive response of your gums, and this excessive destructive process usually affects the grafted bone so it melts away as well. This does not however mean that the disease cannot be successfully treated and managed, often without the need for surgery.
If the situation is severe and it is not timely diagnosed, then many periodontal specialists go for other complex treatments where periodontal surgery is highly likely to be the treatment proposed. This is why I always propose looking at non-surgical and far less invasive treatments where at all possible.
Right now I’m wearing braces and some of the teeth are mobile because of my gum disease. I have developed a practice over 20 years specializing in exactly that, and now lecture extensively on the subject of non-surgical treatment of periodontal disease, including aggressive periodontitis. I mean I would rather live with periodontal disease and pain free than without it and be in constant pain the rest of my life.

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