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Under a rate plan approved by the PUC in 2012 and extended in 2015, Xcel's authorized annual rate of return is 9.83 percent. Xcel Energy asked the PUC and the cities the utility serves for a $53 million increase - ," Hudson said.
At power plants, electricity is almost always produced by three-phase synchronous generators, generating ac power at voltages that typically range from 14 kV to 24 kV.
The Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) on April 9 adopted a November 2014 recommended decision from PUC staff to approve Xcel Energya€™s 345-kV Pawnee to Daniels Park transmission line project in north-central Colorado, conditioned on a delayed construction date. In its decision, the PUC also denied Xcel Energya€™s exception to the recommended decision seeking authority to move forward with construction on the substation portion of the project. PUC staff last November recommended approving the application for a certificate of public convenience and necessity to build the $178 million, 115-mile line, conditioned on construction of the project not beginning until May 2020. In its recommendation, staff said that the delay in the start of construction would balance the need for the project with an interest in avoiding a premature effect on customer rates. The project includes construction of the new Harvest Mile substation and the 345-kV transmission line connecting the Pawnee power plant, near Brush, Colo., and the Daniels Park substation, near Castle Pines, Colo.
Xcel Energy filed an exception to the recommended decision, requesting approval to begin construction on the Harvest Mile substation prior to May 2020.

The PUC disagreed with Xcel Energy, and denied the requested exception, saying that Xcel Energy did not provide sufficient proof that there is an immediate need for the Harvest Mile substation separate from the need for the entire project. The PUC noted that the application to begin construction on the Harvest Mile substation would determine expedited need but not specific siting or construction requirements, which would remain under the jurisdiction of the local land use agencies. An Xcel Energy representative was not immediately available for comment on the PUCa€™s decision as of press time on April 10. Subscribe to Electric Light & Power or POWERGRID International and the email newsletter today at no cost and receive the latest news and information.
Read more from ratepayers and overshoots the cap on a state-authorized return on investment, then the extra money must be credited back to its Colorado electricity customers via a credit on Friday asked state regulators to approve returning $14.9 million back to customers. At the site of generation, transformers step up the voltage to long-distance transmission-line levels, typically in the range of 138 kV to 765 kV. These sources include coal-fired plants (for example, the Valmont plant in east Boulder), hydro plants such as Georgetown and Shoshone, the Cabin Creek pumped hydro storage facility near Georgetown, natural gas plants such as Ft. The company claimed that immediate construction of the Harvest Mile substation would address a current need due to existing transmission constraints at the Smoky Hill substation. Those voltages may be reduced for regional distribution using subtransmission lines that carry voltages in the range of 34.5 kV to 138 kV.

Xcel Energy also claimed that, because the Harvest Mile substation will require acquisition of property, it may be more difficult to obtain permits and land use rights if construction is delayed until 2020.
Close to major load centers, transformers in distribution system substations further step down the voltages to distribution feeders, most commonly at 12.47 kV.
Finally, transformers on power poles or boxes deliver ac power to residential, industrial or commercial users at 120-600 V. The complete power distribution system, from power plants to consumers is called a power grid. Understanding of the technology and economics of the nation's electrical power system is essential for the study of potentials for wider deployment of renewable sources.

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