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Alice BlundenAlice Louise Blunden is a London-based certified Yoga Medicine teacher, primary school teacher, Teach First ambassador, language lover, kitesurfer, windsurfer, skier and traveller.  She is honoured to be working with Tiffany as a Yoga Medicine teacher while continuing her education through the Yoga Medicine 500 hour and 1000 hour Master Teacher Training Program.
Since working as a primary school teacher in inner-city state schools in London, it has been Alice’s intent to offer affordable yoga classes and bring yoga to wider communities; in particular to children and families in deprived areas of England’s capital.
Born and brought up by the sea, when Alice isn’t working in London, she is drawn to the beach!
ALLISON CANDELARIAAllison is a senior teacher of ours currently working toward her 1000hr certification. ALMUT SCHOTTEThoughtful sequencing, conscious alignment and contagious enthusiasm are the corner stones of Almut’s teaching.
Dana has a strong interest in anatomy and physiology, and is passionate about educating and inspiring students to use yoga as medicine by using both eastern and western perspectives in her teaching. Emilie PerzEmilie’s strong vinyasa inspired teachings allow her students to develop a deeper connection to their personal health and wellbeing.
Jessica BakerJessica is a born and bred Oregonian (although there were a couple years spent in the desert of Arizona). She has been a dancer from the moment she took her first steps, which she continues to pursue to this day as a professional company member of a-wol dance collective (aerial without limits).
Today, Jessica teaches throughout the Portland Metropolitan area, in addition to assisting Tiffany Cruikshank in festivals and teacher trainings world wide.
Currently, Joy is working on her Doctoral degree in Medical Qigong – the eldest Chinese medicine modality.  Her dissertation focuses on how mental, emotional, and spiritual levels impact one’s health, and the ability to heal oneself or not. KAITLYN HOCHARTKaitlyn is a Registered Nurse and Yoga Instructor originally from Pennsylvania and now living in San Diego. Kaitlyn is Level 2 Reiki certified and completed her 200-hour yoga training with Tiffany Cruikshank, and currently is pursuing her 500 and 1000-hour teacher training certification with Yoga Medicine.
She has been teaching yoga in the San Diego area since 2012, and is currently based out of MOSAIC Yoga, co-leading teacher trainings and workshops throughout the year. KAT FOWLERKat Fowler is a New York City based yoga teacher, E-RYT 500, and teacher trainer with over 1000 hours of training, known for her lighthearted and inspirational style of teaching that encourages personal expression, inner connection and courage through movement.
Previously the lead yoga director of two yoga studios, Kat now leads teacher trainings in her hometown, NYC as well as workshops across the US. KRYSTYN STROTHERKrystyn Louise Strother is a certified yoga teacher, holistic health counselor, adventure guide, part-time cowgirl, hiker, camper, music maker, lover of outdoor activities, and outdoor showering. LISA FORHAMMARLisa Forhammar attended her first yoga class in 2001and hasn?t stopped since. Approaching class with a joyful celebration of balance and movement, MacKenzie shares physical, mental and emotional empowerment with her students. Rachel LandRachel is a full-time Power, Vinyasa and Yin yoga teacher based in Queenstown, New Zealand. She started practicing Hatha yoga as a teenager, and found it helped her to challenge her strong healthy body, then move beyond it to a place of calm and clarity. LuluLulu has been studying with Yoga Medicine since 2006 and has completed her 200 hour & 500 hour certification as well as assisted many of the modules. AMANDA BONFIGLIO CUNNINGHAMSeva CoordinatorFor 7 years Amanda wandered around to find the world and, in return, found herself.  A decade of practice and 5 years of teaching has solidified her deep-rooted passion in the yogic tradition. In 2012 she founded Full Body Fitness & Yoga and in 2013 her studio was rated one of Northern Kentucky’s Best places to practice yoga.
When Amanda is not in the studio, she’s marketing for an integrative dermatologist in South Carolina, managing a fleet of yachts for her boss in Argentina and passionately coordinating Yoga Medicine’s Seva trip for 2017.  You can also find her at the beach with her pup or cozied up at home with her husband!
Amanda is a few hours away from completing her 500-hour with Yoga Medicine and was a part of our inaugural Seva group whom traveled to Kolkata in 2015. Dana is also the founder of a web and graphic design agency. Born in Israel and raised in New Jersey, she now lives in Byron Bay, Australia. Yoga Medicine Is a trademark used to identify products and services offered by Tiffany Cruikshank related to the study and practice of yoga. Recently I received an extravagant gift: an interview with my favorite yoga luminaries, Ana Forrest. In fact, she’d probably correct me if I called her a rock star, and insist that she is a modern Medicine woman. Ana Forrest‘s brilliance lies in many realms, but first I noticed is she can read what is happening emotionally for me in a yoga pose. She stood at my mat like a tiger when I started to space out (and think about my evening dinner plans).
Ana has extraordinary ability to get you back in your body, with all components working in the service of your sparkliness, your innate wisdom.
Listen in to a short segment of our time together, and prepare to dive deep and dislodge what no longer serves. In the meantime, we are working with Ana and her team to cook up a few more modules of our synergy together, related to your mood, addiction to struggle, fear, weight, energy, of course– (Natch! Just as Ana dislodged the disorder, the frat party, happening in her thyroid, and is not on any prescription medication, let her, in collaboration with me, dislodge what’s out of order for you. I suggested to Ana today that I was so blessed to be digging this WELL with her, and that we only got an inch deep in our tantalizing time together on my birthday. One evening while teaching a self-defense class I experienced a crippling injury to my lower back.
You see, before my injury I had owned and operated a very successful martial arts academy with over 300 students.
That same night I came to a profound realization that my misfortune could somehow become a huge opportunity. I decided that night to keep seeking for a solution to the pain and become someone who could, through example, be an inspiration for others and help them break-free and overcome their seeming insurmountable challenges. Along this journey of healing I investigated techniques for the body, such as natural healing herbs, vital energy foods, raw food diets, qigong healing movements, self applied 'movement-massage' techniques, healing breathwork exercises and musculoskeletal strengthening exercises.
However while studying everything I could find on developing the healing potential of the body I also deepened my understanding of how the mind can be used in healing. Gradually my understanding of this mind-body-spirit trinity expanded, and I learned how to integrate all three into my healing process. I found that by (1) gently unwinding the tension from my tissues (the body), while (2) combining the power of the breath (the spirit) and (3) focusing on releasing fear in the brain (the mind), I was able to remove the reactive-pain-patterns that had been trapped within my body-mind for all of those years!

This discovery freed me from my prison of pain, I got my life back and found a way to pay-it-forward by creating the Martial Yoga: Movement Medicine program. Gradually, as you unwind the tension from your tissues and release the reactive patterns (mental blueprints) from your brain, you will begin to reclaim your natural range of pain-free motion and mobility.
Today, I get to live full-out again: working out, running, jumping and teaching martial arts. I created this program as a guide so you can apply the same mind-body-spirit movements that helped me SO much in the healing journey.
Course Guide: The Guidebook breaks down the sections of the program, giving you step-by-step instructions so you know what to do and when to do it. Private Lessons: In the Private Lessons I walk you through each movement, slowly demonstrating the postures and giving you the nuances to master them. Online Academy: Everything you need to have a truly successful experience with Martial Yoga is available with Lifetime Access in our Satori Method Academy. Power Series: The Power Series blends all of the movements together, giving you a wonderful 20-minute routine that you can use to maintain pain-free living! In this video program you will learn how to use a Foam Roller to release tension from tired, soar and overworked muscles. With the pressure created by your own body weight, you can use a foam roller for your back, hips, legs, arms, and other parts of the body, to release muscle knots. Affirm-A-Visions™ are digital vision boards that use an advanced process to integrate everything you love about vision boards, meditation, affirmations, visualization, self-hypnosis and brain entrainment technology, giving you the perfect tool to yield incredible mind altering results, in under 7 minutes. One of the main reasons the Healing Affirm-A-Vision™ is so powerful, and why it can help your mind and body reach the perfect state for healing, has to do with the special Brainwave Entrainment Technology included. In this Healing Kit we are including Sensei Tristan's Breakthrough Sound Breathwork Training. The Sound Breathwork Technique is Easy to learn YET extremely powerful at helping relieve pain, aches, discomfort, and injuries.
As a result, she spends most weekends and holidays teaching yoga classes designed specifically for kitesurfers, surfers and windsurfers as well as enjoying some SUP yoga on the South coast of England and abroad. When Allison began teaching yoga it was a perfect transition from her collegiate dancing career and complement to her professional work as an Education Director for a non-profit arts organization. She first encountered yoga at a dance camp when she was 12 and practiced in high school in place of traditional physical education.
Voted one of Los Angeles best yoga instructors, Emilie offers her students a rigorous and refined practice that offers an educational understanding of the physical body through anatomical focal points and precision alignment.
As the name of the company insinuates, a-wol is an aerial dance company which incorporates dance from the floor into the rafters; flying on hoops, fabric, trapeze, slings, hammocks, and teardrops. She has found a true calling in teaching power vinyasa, and is fulfilled daily by love and community that yoga brings into her life.
She has six years experience as a labor and delivery nurse, four of which she spent serving in the United States Navy Nurse Corps. Kat uses her passion for the yoga practice, love for anatomy and biomechanics, and lifelong surrounding of yoga philosophy to inspire her students to experience the limitless potential of the human spirit through the path of the yoga practice. Kat is honored to be working with the internationally renowned yoga school, Yoga Medicine, as an assistant and mentor at their teacher training programs all over the globe.
She is honored to be working with Tiffany as an assistant while continuing her education through Tiffany’s 500hr and 1000hr Master Teacher Training Program. She started teaching yoga in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2006. Lisa’s yoga classes are known for her clear and direct teaching style, where students are encouraged to build a strong grounded base through alignment and anatomy while maintaining a sense of playfulness and mindfulness. After finding yoga while attending college in Los Angeles, she completed an anatomy intensive Power Vinyasa training with Tiffany Cruikshank in 2011, who Mackenzie continues to study with for her 500 hour certification. In-deep knowledge of alignment couples with her contagious and playful demeanor, as Miller encourages students to redefine what is possible in both body and mind through thoughtful, energizing sequences.
It took 20 years, a Business Degree, and a stint in corporate marketing for that initial interest in yoga to spark the idea of something more.
Some of Rachel’s students are strong vinyasa yogis aiming to deepen their personal practice. She brings her heart & soul to every training and is known for her awesome “adjustments”.
After college, 38 countries and 2 trans-oceanic boat crossings later, Amanda decided to make her passion something more. Utilizing her undergraduate degree in Marketing and graduate hours in Teaching, her worlds collided, creating the perfect combo of love and profession. India and its beautiful souls seized her by the heart; she wants you to experience it, too.
None of these products or services involve the practice of medicine or take the place of medical consultation. She noticed in a particularly challenging pose how I was powering my way through it, not taking the time and breathing in the deliciousness of it. Ana happens to be the author of a book by that title, Fierce Medicine, an important synthesis of how to track fear and unravel habitual patterns that keep you down. She wants you to get out of first gear, which is where most of us get stuck, utilizing only our minds to guide our way of walking in the world.
With generously cut arm openings and a slim racerback in ultra soft Tri-Blend fabric, it’s perfect for on and off the mat!
But even after the surgery and 12 months of rehab, I was still in the same boat, unable to walk and in constant pain!! I believe that when we surrender to something bigger than ourselves (and our pain) a shift in our lives can take place. The realization that all three are needed explained why, in the past, each singular modality had failed me. The training is divided into three sections (1) Standing Series, (2) Lying Series, and (3) Sitting Series.
The materials will gently guide you through a healing process to elicit a deep relaxation response - by recalibrating the signal between your body and your brain. You should always consult a qualified healthcare professional with questions about any medical condition.
Her passion for teaching and experience of working in the business world, turned into the creation and opening of Soul Yoga studio in Oklahoma City, where she resides with her husband and two children.

Based on her own experiences as well as 1000+ hours of training Almut loves to empower people to unleash their own healing capacities.
Dana developed a regular practice in her mid 20’s, strongly drawn to the mental and emotional benefits she experienced of finding clarity, gaining confidence, and connecting to a peaceful place within. Known as a straightforward and disciplined teacher, Emilie uses a very hands-on approach and practical application of muscular components needed to create asana as it relates to sports, exercise and therapeutics. In 2010 she finished her 200 hour yoga teacher training through Tiffany Cruikshank and continues her pursuit today towards 500 and eventually 1000.
Jessica has been with a-wol since 2003, and continues her journey still as a company performing member and teacher.
When she’s not practicing and teaching, Jessica will be found in the great outdoors exploring, hiking, camping and traveling with her husband and soon to come baby boy! With an emphasis on internal, subtle alignment and precision, Kaitlyn’s intention is to help her students build a sustainable practice, and to use the time on their mat as a means for self-inquiry, observation, and discovery. Since birth, Kat was raised a vegetarian and connected to yoga philosophy, eastern spirituality and holistic health.
Kat has also trained and mentored numerous teachers at Pure Yoga and Yoga Vida in NYC, and guest teaches at several 200 hour teacher training programs across New York City. Her intent is to provide a safe and fun environment for people to cultivate awareness, physical strength and an overall sense of well-being in all they do.
Supporting her students to grow and learn new things is the best part of teaching for Lisa.
MacKenzie teaches classes in her hometown of Seattle, and her offerings of workshops and retreats allow her to bring expertise of asana and myofascial release work on the road.
Her asanas may be much smaller and her vocabulary may be quite limited but her heart is wide open and her only goal is to serve the community through her offering of love. Her classes are a light-hearted, well-balanced flow of ancient wisdom and modern day practicality. She is a board-certified gynecologist who teaches natural hormone balancing in her novel online programs so that women can lose weight, detoxify, and slow down aging.
This information is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your physician or other healthcare professional or any information contained on or in any product label or packaging.
She has completed her 200hr Vinyasa teacher training with Tiffany Cruikshank and had the honor of being selected as a Yoga Medicine assistant in 2013.
She owns two yoga studios in Stuttgart, Germany where she teaches both students and teachers and holds the space for people to heal and to grow. She encourages her students to develop a deeper dialogue with themselves, helping them to strengthen their bodies, rehabilitate from injuries and achieve an overall greater awareness of themselves. Jessica incorporates a combination of athleticism and playfulness in her classes, while providing a continuous and congruent flow.
After years of dedication to the practice, she realized that the effects of yoga extended well beyond the physical.
While attending college, Kat specialized in year-long courses of Yoga Philosophy, Hindu Philosophy, the Bhagavad Gita, Buddhist Studies, and Eastern Religions under Senior Prof.
Kat has been featured in various video and print ads for Manhattan Magazine, Shape Magazine, Lululemon, Runners World, Amazon, Natural Health Magazine and Athleta, as well as featured on the cover of Om Yoga Magazine and Natural Awakenings Magazine. She believes that everyone comes to their own understanding of what yoga is to them and that this understanding is forever changing.
And her therapeutic private yoga students want to learn how yoga can help them feel stronger, more stable, and more serene.
Do not use the information on this web site for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing medication or other treatment. I'm sick AND tired of this physical and emotional pain." I began considering my exit strategy!
Allison is also a contributing teacher at our 200hr trainings and can be found on many of our retreats helping to make your experience more enjoyable.
For Kaitlyn, yoga has provided her with a sense of clarity, and a profound awareness of the connectedness and relationship that she has with herself, the others, and the world around her. You can take class with Kat Fowler in New York City at Pure Yoga and Yoga Vida, or online via Yogavibes. It is her hope that through your experiences you will learn a little bit more about yourself, laugh a little bit louder and love a little bit deeper. Whether they attend group classes, workshops, retreats, or private sessions, the common denominator is lively curiosity; they come to learn – about alignment and anatomy, and about themselves.
Always speak with your physician or other healthcare professional before taking any medication or nutritional, herbal or homeopathic supplement, or using any treatment for a health problem. Allison looks forward to combining her love of yoga, her passion for continuing education and her business management experience to better serve the Yoga Medicine community. Because of this, yoga permeates into almost every aspect of her life, and she is thrilled to have the privilege of sharing this practice with others. When she isn’t assisting Tiffany Cruikshank’s teacher trainings she leads wellness programs and adventures around the globe. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, contact your health care provider promptly. Integrating her upbringing of spirituality and over fifteen years of a personal yoga practice, Kat’s classes are creative and intelligent, anatomically informed, athletically challenging, spiritually grounding, and accessible to yoga students of all levels. Do not disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking professional advice because of something you have read on this web site.
Information provided on this web site and the use of any products or services purchased from our web site by you DOES NOT create a doctor-patient relationship between you and any of the physicians affiliated with our web site. Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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