Made me meditate 3 times a day when I was 14 and showed me how to open my mind to self-healing and intuition.
Read this when I was 27 and a bedroom entrepreneur and it helped me learn to manage finances well so I could grow Mindvalley with zero outside funding till we hit 200 employees.
Check out Consciousness Engineering to discover how to hack your life, upgrade your beliefs and habits, and learn how to be extraordinary in every aspect of your life. I have read this book from 27 to my current age, and continue to do so as the Holy Ghost through righteous living unfolds truth unto me.
I read this book in my 20s and I thought what better than to use Bible verses to allow myself to learn that through positive thinking we can achieve much in life. I read this book in my 20s also, and this book is such a significant book with regard to the ingredient that is needed in our character to go after what we truly desire and persistently. I listened to these tapes in my late 20s and these audio taps allowed me to master my thinking and attitude which is essential in mastering one’s life.
This book was read in my early 50’s, this has been such a prolific book on my arsenal for success. Vishen, thank you very much for generating this discussion, sharing your list and presenting an opportunity to share my list and read comments from others. Then used techniques in the book to become student body president and start 20 clubs and societies in Taylor’s College. Made me realise that once you start one company, you can replicate the model and start hundreds of companies if you just learn how to attract and inspire people.

Made me understand that founders of companies have a unique magical ability and I should never let management, partners or anyone tell me I’m too ADD, too passionate on an idea, or need to change my personality, because it was these neurotic abilities that got me here in the first place. This book allowed me to know that Jesus is the Christ, the Savior of the world; and that there is no other name of which man can be reconciled with their creator. This book along with the Book of Mormon has taught me the way the Lord Jesus Christ will grow, expand, and ultimately rein on the earth before His Second Coming. It lead me from being Roman Catholic to Born Again Christian, and eventually to become a member in good faithful standing in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This knowledge allowed me to learn and know for myself that there is a power within us all if we allow ourselves to Think Big and Dream Big.
This book was given to me by my father-in-law and it has taught me that you have to pay yourself first. These are books following number 9 are books that support and supplement my foundational books above. Reading it after many years time has changed but basics are still great and, what a shame, still necessary.
You can Heal your Life by Louise Hay – I have to keep buying this book as I give my copies away on a regular basis!! It is indeed enriching for all of us to have access to wisdom that comes from great people of the world! More so, it made me convinced that religion was a dangerous historical relic and that mankind is better off without it.

This book helped me pull out because it made me realise that the world is a malleable illusion.
Today a lot of Mindvalley and my own personal lifestyle is modelled after the Virgin group and ideas and conversations I’ve had with Branson. Also, from this I learned where we come from, why we are here, and where we will go when we leave this life. It has taught me the manner in which his kingdom will be established, how it will quietly and un-noticeably grow stronger and bring about much righteousness to subdue evil while God will deal with the wicked in the final stages before the 1000 year reign of Jesus Christ where NO evil and the principles Satan will be completely neutralized. Finally, I learned that through living the teachings and commandments given of Jesus Christ, husband and wife can live forever with their children as eternal families in the presence of God, the Father of us all. And, what I have found out from the remaining books are that much of the wisdom collected from these personal development books or self-help books are contained in these TOP 3 books but in language easier to understand.
Because the language of men is so far removed from the language and understanding of God, the creator of us all. To be enlightened requires to live a life that emulates the greatest example of Love or Charity, the Pure Love of Christ which transcends all understanding. When we can emulate the goodly life of Jesus the Christ in our lives; the Holy Ghost can and will unfold eternal truths only known and imparted to men from God.

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