Matt, usually trying to sound smart doesn’t work very well if you say something completely unintelligent like that banana thing afterwards, there has to be some kind of chemical reaction.
Find Us On YouTube!Subscribe today to check out our free Daily Knowledge Youtube video series! With the recent publishing of the How to Part 2 infographic, in about two years of doing infographics, Today I Found Out, with Noreen from Picture the Recipe designing them, has now produced 50 Infographics covering 519 fascinating facts. Get more information about science facts if you want to learn many things in the world.  In this modern world people change much. It is not easy to mention all animals in the world.  By learning the science about animal, you will know the gestation period of a certain animal such as bird, panda, fish, and many more.
The human body consists of eyes, skeletons, blood, bones, muscles, heart brain, kidney and many more.

Learn about solid, liquids, experiments and chemicals when you are involved with chemistry science. When you learn about earth, you need to find out about minerals, volcanoes, earthquakes and rocks.
The people who are interest to find out about the record temperatures, snow, lightening, tropical cyclone, bliss and tornadoes can find out the weather sciences facts. Also, there are many different types of cyanide (potassium, hydrogen, sodium), most or all of which are toxic and should not be consumed in large amounts.
When we talk about space, you need to relate some interesting ideas on the moon, sun, solar system, Milky Way, comets, meteoroid, plants, and astronomy.
It allows you to recognize some planets such as Venus, Mars, Earth and Jupiter.   Now Pluto now is not considered as a planet.

This man founded the general electric and had many discoveries which include light bulbs and phonographs. You can go to Grand Canyon if you like to learn about one of the oldest rock formations in the world.
You can also learn about computer, video games, cell phone and dishwasher when reading about technology.
Don’t forget to read more about several fields in sciences such as physics, biology and chemistry.

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