I also recently read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and it’s one that I will be re-reading periodically.
I just started reading this too — and as simple as some of it seems, it just makes so much sense.
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This photo cracks me up!  Kate and Jono went to the mall in Malacca, Malaysia to see a movie and play some games in the arcade when they came home with this gem! Apparently it’s not enough to be an army man (or woman) in real life – you will still want to test your mettle against the Ghost Squad game!

The website USA.gov lists the 10 most common New Year's Resolutions by do-gooding, self-improving Americans. I get a small commission if you purchase something from that link and this helps cover hosting costs (I use DreamHost and have been a happy customer since 2009). The idea of the Sunshine award is that bloggers tag other bloggers that they think are deserving of acknowledgement and link them to their page. Jono Asleep On The Bus In Penang!7 commentsFavourite Fotos - Cutest Monk Statues Ever!7 commentsKeep The Kids Entertained On Your Travels! It’s another great success of the current Ten Speed Press lineup – one of my favorite publishing houses.

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