I am so excited to be sharing the insides of the 2016 Erin Condren Teacher Planner with you! This year's Teacher Planner is similar in format to previous years, which I love since it's a system that has worked for me, but the small design changes they have made in colors and fonts really makes it seem new! If you have never tried Erin Condren's planner or products, I cannot recommend them highly enough.
One correction I want to point out: In the video, I mentioned they do not come with Date Dots and I was wrong. If you haven't signed up with Erin Condren, you can use my affiliate link HERE for $10 off your first order! Inside, I was thrilled to find the newest edition of the Erin Condren Teacher Planner, along with several other coordinating goodies. Just like last year, I will split this review into two parts: the unboxing and a full walkthrough of the planner itself. State Tests (PARCC this year) are around the corner and I am compiling some things to help my students (and I) get through the long two weeks ahead. I posted some tips from a few years ago HERE and I am reposting a few of them here, with some added ideas as well.
We aren't allowed to play music during the test, so I assume you aren't either, but I love having quiet music playing as the kids are coming into the room and getting themselves situated. We are allowed to take one, 3-minute break during each test, and I plan on taking advantage! Our class is next to the bathroom, so I want to make sure that everyone knows it needs to be completely quiet when they are in our hallway. I have done food as treats before, but wanted to mix it up a bit to discourage sugar highs at 10am. So technically, this isn't a new thing to do, but I wanted to stress the importance of getting back to the normal routine and structure of the day once the tests are done. Over the years, I have loved having soft music playing in my classroom during independent work time.
Over the course of the year, and especially now as we head into spring, I like to vary the selection a bit.
I hope this genre can give your classroom music some newfound calm and serenity as we head into warmer months and begin to wrap up the school year. I first created these as our state was moving to more nonfiction-focused reading standards, but I never realized how many text features would need to be highlighted throughout the year! Therefore, I am excited to say that I have compiled a Part 2 to this resource, full of twelve new text features and still providing all of the great activities from the first packet. I personally think these packets work best when used together, and with 24, you are still not having to deal with an insane amount.
I also have Part 2 on sale for the first week, so if you have previously purchased the Original Set, you can get Part 2 at the discounted bundle price. Have fun delving in even deeper to these Nonfiction Text Features and have a wonderful week ahead! I have found that ending my Sunday by laying out this initial skeleton plan allows me to get in the right frame of mind once Monday hits. Now, my Sunday nights are filled with stickers and minimal writing-- how much more fun is that?
I use stickers (found in my Etsy Shop HERE) to streamline the planning process and to avoid rewriting things over and over.
We have a very tight conference schedule and I want to honor parents' time (and my own!) by sticking to the sign-up times.
I take conference notes on a Google Doc, so I open a different tab on my browser and set it when we get started with the sound off. If you Google "timer," they have their own that pops up and you can easily turn off the sound. I also have to remember, that while I go through 25-ish of these every conference season, they only have it once, so I want them to be as involved and invested as possible.
I have this available for free in Google Docs HERE if you would like to print and laminate for your class door. Parent-Teacher Conferences are definitely a wonderful (yet sometimes stressful!) part of being a teacher, so keeping your sanity through them all is so important.
So, after some readjustment and dropping the character and situation cards, I was still able to incorporate this activity but in a more general way. I began by printing out the idiom cards only in two ways: one set full-size, which I printed in color, laminated, and placed into binder rings for future reference. They glued these into their Writer's Notebooks and would use them to write their own examples on the following pages.
I modeled choosing one idiom at a time and writing about three sentences to use their idiom in context with themselves as the main character (which becomes important when we published later). After meeting with a partner to revise and edit, they chose their favorite two idiom examples.
I used color printouts of their school pictures and they used those as their base for illustrating.
I have this great Carry-All Clutch from Erin Condren that I use to store all of my planning materials.

Our specials schedule doesn't change each week and I got so tired of rewriting Art, Music, and PE over and over, that was the original inspiration for my planner stickers. This was a tricky one to blog about since I have to respect student privacy, but I started to pencil in some of the details of my week. To see more of my layouts, both at the beginning and end of the week, be sure to follow me on Instagram. If you haven't shopped with Erin Condren and would like a coupon for $10 off your first order, click HERE to get signed up!
This is a great video put together by BrainPOP because it describes how other countries around the world celebrate their new year.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Systematic Plan – HierarchalApproach? 1st tier (non – verbal interventions) ? Students must learn to control their own behaviors ? initial interventions are subtle, non-intrusive, and very student centered. Touch Interference? Touch Interference: A light, nonaggressive physical contact with the student? Teacher should be aware that some students perceive the actin as an aggressive act? To lessen the possibility of aggressive reaction ? Be sensitive to the students (esp.
This is the perfect time of the school year to reflect, review, and revise your classroom management plan. Before you review your plan, think about how students fared in your classroom during the first part of the school year.
Do any students demonstrate behaviors that keep them from developing positive relationships with peers and adults? Do any students have academic difficulties due to behavioral issues (e.g., off-task behavior, failure to turn in work, failure to complete homework)? If you answered "Yes" to any of the questions above, it is especially important for you to think about making a few changes. Use these questions and suggestions to help you rethink the rules and procedures you use in your classroom. Continue to reinforce students when you see them exhibiting the behavior described in your Guidelines for Success. For more information about developing and revising classroom rules, refer to CHAMPS: A Proactive and Positive Approach to Classroom Management, pp. Guidelines for Success describe basic attitudes, traits, and behaviors that will help students be successful in your classroom and throughout their lives.
For more information, refer to CHAMPS: A Proactive and Positive Approach to Classroom Management, pp. I unboxed this beauty, along with several other goodies, a few days ago and you can watch that HERE. After checking, they DO come with stickers for each and every month to put on the circles in the monthly spread.
It's bound to be a time full of nervous energy, so with calming music in the background you can begin to get them relaxed before the long test time ahead.
I do recommend having some Brain Breaks on hand before the test begins (and then hopefully one in the middle, if it's allowed), but be very selective as to which one(s) you choose. I hang this sign on our doorway during each test and then keep it handy for other class assessments we have throughout the year. We test for the first 60-90 minutes each morning, but that leaves a whole bunch of time in the day where we can do and accomplish a lot of fun things! I am instantly de-stressed when this channel comes on and I know your kids will love it as much as mine. I have found even more artists from the Wikipedia article HERE to add depth to my channel and discover even more lovely melodies. This oldie-but-goodie has seen a lot of use over the years and I have found that the combination of the posters, having them accessible on a binder ring, using sticky notes, and thinking about why a feature is used as we go through resources are not only fun and engaging for the kids, but they really help to make these concepts stick. It seems like each year, there are more and more questions asked about text features, and I was finding my original packet was not enough to keep pace.
I would highly recommend mixing-and-matching throughout your introduction of these features, since some are more important and frequent than others. I can visually lay out my week, see what goes where, make a few notes of things I will need to prep and check on as the week gets underway, and then fill in the remainder throughout the day and week ahead. The beauty of planning (if you have the choice, that is!), is to find a system and a flow that fits you best.
I choose two colors that speak to me that week (this week it's starting to look like Spring, so I chose the March colors), and then alternate them for visual interest. I will come back and jot things down as they come to me, or if certain to do's pop up, but I leave most of it for when I am at school and "in the zone." There, this is open on my desk and I am constantly jotting, occasionally erasing, and always glancing down at it throughout the day and week. I have a wonderful group of students and parents, but meeting after school and into the evening is tough, especially when I'm usually in yoga pants by 6! It's easy to get off track and off topic, but I need to remind myself during those types of conversations that it will be a domino effect that will keep me at school later and later, possibly having to reschedule other parents if they have been waiting too long. We have back-to-back 20-minute time slots, so I use a timer to make sure I am staying within that time frame. I find that using a timer avoids the need to look at a clock or look at my watch, which are all very not-so-subtle body language messages that you probably don't want to be sending to your parents. I will sometimes post a schedule by the door on very busy nights so parents know that the evening is full and time is of the essence.

I hope these tips help you to keep better track of time in order to have the most successful meetings yet!
I'm not sure if it's because I am only part-time, but my pacing seems off and I've had to readjust a lot as the scheduled time has come and gone for several of our projects. It's a fun way for students to practice these in their writing and we use my Idiom Build-a-Story Cards to get prepped for the holiday. I'm excited to share this idea with you in case you're in the same boat as me, or are looking for an engaging project for your students during the upcoming testing season (#ick). Most of the class had heard of some of these idioms in their life, so we shared together and created some short definitions and shared examples as we worked. This will live in our "Class Publications" book bin that has a class-made book from nearly all of my years of teaching.
I use the smaller size to hold all of my sheets of stickers, washi tape, Sharpie pen, and subject holders. I purchased this thin purple washi tape at Michaels (it was a part of a set of thin tapes) and use Avery 8195 labels for the top. So much is repeated each week, so I have the same stickers marking their place, with the exceptions and notes that come up.
Obviously, this is not a super-detailed planning system that I have, but this works beautifully as a big-picture view of the week. I love this time of year in the classroom-- kids are into the routine, you can really start digging into the good stuff, and the ideas of resolutions and goal-setting are a perfect segue into the rest of the year! Other religions and cultures are described (including Chinese New Year) and BrainPOP always does a great job with follow-up quizzes and worksheets.
By so doing, you can better determine how to help your students grow and mature through the remainder of the school year.
For example, if some students have behaviors that prevent them from developing positive peer relationships, you might plan a class discussion on being respectful toward yourself and others.
Calming, stretching, massaging breaks will be best and allow kids to get some wiggles out, but in a smooth, centered way. We're knee-deep in our Animal Research Reports (read more about these through the years HERE), the kids have never been more independent in reading and Daily 5, and we still do have about two months of school left. There is a free version, but it has commercials, so I never liked the disruption and decided to subscribe.
Plus, because it's Hawaiian, it helps me to stay warm and serene on a snowy March day in Colorado like today! In Part 2, I have also included pages with #13-24, so if you ever wanted to use all 24 features for a scavenger hunt or quiz, you can!
So, presenting in front of the class with butterflies in their stomach, or getting ready for the party and jumping over a moon.
I have been posting a few layouts on Instagram and I wanted to take a few pictures this weekend to walk you through how I use the planner as well as the icon stickers found in my Etsy Store. I'm a huge Ticonderoga pencil fan, too, but leave those outside of the clutch so pencil marks don't get everywhere.
I job-share and teach literacy only, so that's why I have so much "To Do & Plan" space. As of this writing, it wasn't free, but they will often offer it for free as the holiday gets closer, so keep your eyes peeled if you don't have a subscription.
Her paper quality is fantastic and they make great gifts for anyone on your list, including you! Our tests are all computer-based, so I want them to relax their eyes, stretch out their bodies, and really be able to settle in nicely for the duration of the test. It is a great way to cheer them on, but keeps the energy manageable and the day flowing as normal.
So, when the tests are done for the day, we immediately turn our attention back to the goodness of school.
It took me several years of finding the sweet spot that fits my personality, teaching style, and helps me stay sane. I will use that space to mark out things to Print and Copy, people to Call and Email, things to remember to send home in the Newsletter (house icon), and who I need to email for Mystery Reader for the next week.
When you do so, frame them as brief phrases that describe the attitudes, traits, and characteristics you hope to instill in your students.
After the tests are complete, though, a dance party is definitely in order ;) Find hundreds of Brain Break ideas HERE. These artists have some fantastic work and you can even grab their CD's and downloads on Amazon. Hopefully this can give you some ideas if you're still looking for your own personal planning style! It also releases a lot of anxiety or worry around the test when it doesn't dominate our thinking for the day. Your testing may be structured differently, but I encourage you to get back to the wonderful routines and systems you have worked so hard to develop with your students as soon as you can!

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