We provide standard templates that contain items appropriate for participants at different levels.
What’s different about the way Linkage conducts 360-degree feedback assessments is our wide range of instruments available for different aspects of leadership. Linkage Asia has administered 360-degree feedback assessments for more than 400 leaders across Asia with an Asian norm group of over 3,000. Achieving mastery of the managerial role requires abilities in sixteen key areas, which can be sorted into four broad categories.
The Compleat Consultant Assessment Instrument enables Human Resources and Organizational Development (OD) professionals to shape and direct their behavior to better drive organizational goals by assessing the variety of roles played by the internal consultant.  Individuals and organizations can use the model to assess their mastery of the six critical roles via 360-degree feedback, ranging from Business Driver to Trusted Advisor, and enhance their competencies and performance effectively.
Linkage has developed its High Performance Leadership Model through extensive research and in conjunction with Warren Bennis. Linkage is not wedded to just one tool, idea, or domain when it comes to leadership development. Personal Interests, Attitudes & Values™ (PIAV)  and Workplace Motivators™ assessments (complete with detailed Action Plan) measure a person’s personal drivers or motivators. Sales Skills Index (SSI) measures a person’s selling comprehension and where in the sales process they excel and where they need help. Trimetrix Personal Talent Plus Report™ is an online self-assessment used to rate an individual’s capability with respect to 23 specific attributes, their behavioural traits and attitudes.
The Personal Talent Skills Inventory™ (PTSI) is an in-depth assessment of an individual’s capability, talent and potential for workplace performance.
TTI EQ measures a person’s ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions to facilitate high levels of collaboration and productivity. TTI DNA describes what an individual has done in 23 research based capacities or personal skills that are directly related to the business environment.
Our technology offering is tried and tested providing best in class service in the areas of 360 degree feedback, employee engagement surveys and customer satisfaction surveys.
Our simple, but well-defined 7-step survey project management process helps mitigate several common risks that occur when rolling out a feedback initiative across a large organization.

Mike is responsible for overseeing Applied Research's individual and group assessment programs and services, as well as the design and implementation of new products and services for use worldwide.
We have specially designed multi-rater instruments to assess managerial to top-level leadership behaviors, communication styles and abilities, coaching competencies, and consulting skills. In addition, we specialize not only in quantitative assessments, but also qualitative 360-degree feedback assessments for senior executives at the top. The relative importance of these areas may vary in accordance with your specific job responsibilities and the nature of your business. Exceptional managers grow into their role such that they demonstrate each of the capabilities in a situationally appropriate mix, in alignment with the needs of their organization. Taken together, scores on style and ability provide a snapshot of their communication capabilities and areas for development. The model focuses on critical skills and competencies necessary for effective leadership, and can be implemented with a suite of Leadership Assessment Instrument (LAI™) self- and multi-rater feedback processes.
We believe in providing the best solution for our clients and this entails being skilled, knowledgeable, and equipped in a variety of tools and approaches to fit our clients’ needs. Our attitudes are a type of window through which we view the world and seek fulfillment in our lives.
It is a summary of a person’s talents and is used to support hiring, coaching, performance management and succession planning initiatives. TTI EQ can improve the coaching and development process by giving superior performers the opportunity to truly understand themselves so that they can make educated, sound decisions with their head, instead of just their heart. Through the self-evaluation assessment of an individual’s own soft skills, this quantitative measurement tool analyzes each capacity on 3 levels: mastery, some mastery and no mastery. Having worked with more than 200 clients in the last 12 years, our technology solution is both cost effective and highly customized to meet your specific needs. He has a unique combination of international and talent development expertise gained from nearly thirty years of professional experience in the United States, Middle East and throughout Europe. Managers are able to assess their effectiveness in these roles via the AIMTM 360-degree feedback process.
Each participant receives a personal assessment report, which presents data from up to three rater categories – supervisors, direct reports, and peers.

In addition to a comprehensive report, the LAITM is supported by a complete development planning resource guide.
The reports generate valuable information on a person’s natural and adapted style, strengths, communication preferences, ideal work environment and areas for improvement. The survey includes 54 selling scenarios covering all aspects of business to business selling from prospecting through to closing.
Hartman’s Study of Axiology, the PTSI assesses what a person values as determined by how they think. The assessment results define what skills an individual has exhibited in their whole life experience by ranking them on a 10 point scale that reveals their top strengths on the job. Prior to joining Applied Research, he was responsible for training, recruitment, employee development and resource planning at Cleveland, Ohio-based Sohio Oil.
Participants also complete a self-rating, which provides the opportunity to compare self-perceptions with the perceptions of others. Earlier in his career, Mike ran a large training organization for offshore oil exploration and gas liquefaction companies in the Arabian Gulf during a period of major change following nationalization. The C-SAIL is an invaluable tool for coaches, HR professionals, and leaders looking for opportunities to improve communication performance in individuals, groups, and organizations. Subsequently, he held other talent development positions including head of HR for British Petroleum Ventures, where he played a key role in the establishment, acquisition and sales of a group of small to medium-sized companies in a range of different industries in the U.K. After that, he was responsible for establishing BP Detergents International and BP Nutrition, both of which had operations throughout Europe. 16 years ago, he was responsible for providing the full-range of HR and talent development services to BP Oil International's global marketing and refining businesses. Mike holds an honors degree in business studies from the University of Portsmouth, England and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

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