Natural Science Center When is the last time you petted a 5-foot long albino black rat snake or an adorable hedgehog or ferret? Guilford Hills a popular neighborhood with affordable homes in Greensboro, has had a lot of activity this summer.
41 Park Village Lane, Greensboro, North Carolina Irving Park Village JUST REDUCED TO $145, 000!
The Starmount Neighborhoods, which include Starmount Forest and Starmount Farms, has 9 homes currently under contract and 20 that have sold so far this year. Sunset Hills located in Greensboro, NC, has had a significant activity in home sales in 2011.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is dedicated to making your visit a memorable experience. Join the Greensboro Science Center and help us build one of the greatest educational resources in the Triad.
Cardholder must be an employee of the business who holds the membership; employee must show GSC membership card, photo ID, and proof of employment to use the card.
The housing market was a little sluggish in the beginning of this year but has eight homes sold so far this year.
As a business member, your company will receive the deserved recognition of hundreds of patrons that visit our Center every day.

The partnership between your company and our organization provides us with financial support to sustain our growing Center. In return, we will provide your business with increased name recognition, significant tax deduction as well as exceptional incentives for your employees.

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