Notice the section for Leader Reviews on both the Preventive Maintenance Checklist template and the 5S Sustainment Checklist template.
That is where your leaders periodically sign their initials on the printed form that is posted near the workspace — as a form of Visual Management — to let everyone know publicly that this is important, and that leaders really are keeping a close eye to make sure that it gets done, and done right. The 5S for Healthcare Training Set allows you to lead a continuous improvement team in the training and the subsequent implementation of 5S.

6) Use supplemental materials of Lean Healthcare - Implementing 5S in Lean or Six Sigma projects (pdf ebook file) and Today s Lean! The presentation includes a brief overview of Lean, Six Sigma, and Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare, guidelines for each step, examples from successful 5S practices, as well as Sensei Tips from those who have done it. The worksheets that are referenced can be immediately customized in the accompanying Excel worksheet file.

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