Petra (?????), one of the New 7 Wonders Of The World, was the Greek name of the capital of the Nabataeans and is located in present-day Jordan. Roots of Petra, a city in the rock date back to about 9000 BC and is one of the oldest settlements in the Middle East.
The world and especially the history of mankind has always some of the most impressive evidence of architecture and culture. Within walking distance are the city through the Siq Petra, achieving a nearly 2-mile track through crevices, lined with 4-5 storeys high rock walls.
It is one of the best preserved evidence of the rocks in all of Petra in the stricken houses, temples and tombs of the times, as Petra was a prosperous trading center with about 70,000 residents.

The beauty and stunning moments in this ancient city that is half as old as time, were also recognized by UNESCO, which Petra has declared a World Heritage Site.
This was probably one reason why George Lucas has chosen for his blockbuster Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Petra and in particular the Treasury as a place to find the holy grail in his film. Petra has carried this film and also by various celebrities such as the French president, who with his family was also prone to media guest, gained enormous appeal for mass tourism. During my visit I had the feeling that a visit to Petra would be in peace and quiet in this place again a significantly more emotional experience.
Just try on a visit to introduce you were alone in this place that has an almost mystical aura.

Said Petra offers the potential for slightly more than one day we will discover if you really want to see everything. At the end of the Siq visitors than expected first look at the city’s world-famous Treasury The Treasury, like a Greek-style temple about 56 BC, was directly in the 40 m high rock wall built.
It is most ready to buy the Treasury of Petra, which was in an Indiana Jones film, the location of the sacred kraal.

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