Be sure to check out Deduce or Die if you enjoy logic games — the time investment is small, the brain workout is large, and the players are all really polite and will help you learn the game (right before they pin the murder on you). Through the Ages isn’t really venerable, it became available in English in 2007 as I recall. I’m trying to get on the french site to play 7 Wonders, unfortunately I never received a confirmation email for either of the two email accounts I signed up with, but it recognized both as having found an account already registered under it, but will not let me log in.

It is for new players surely, but if you are a geek, don’t be afraid, there is plenty to enjoy for you too!
Been playing a lot of Metropolys (such a hard game!) and 7 Wonders on JSP; learning a little French too! Vassal offers a way to play many games online, including but not limited to several GMT titles (which tend to play to a more specialized group of people, so it can be harder to find opponents in your area).

However, 7 Wonders is also available on BSW now, which, while in German, doesn’t require you to make an account or anything (though you can).

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