A A A  Rapp makes this remark when asked about the idea that psychiatrists are really just paid to care, to listen to peoplea€™s stories when no one else will. A A A  In the course of his career, Rapp has been as a skeptic on many fronts, including the issue of False Memory Syndrome. A A A  Implanting this garbage into the minds of patients is all too easy if you spend enough time with them, Rapp explains.
A A A  Attempting to take a history, Rapp asked a patient what medication he had been taking. A A A  One time a patient pulled out a tissue and used it to grab the door knob as he exited Rappa€™s office. A A A  Speaking of OCD, I tell Rapp I was recently diagnosed with the condition and I ask him for a second opinion. A A A  He cleaned up in a less-than-thorough way, so I located a pair of rubber gloves and a bottle of Fantastik Anti-Bacterial spray. A A A  Then I wondered: are there drugs that would make me not care about this kind of situation? A A A  I explain this bizarre story to Rapp and ask if, in his judgment, I really have OCD. A Happy Daycare - March Newsletters   March 3-7, 2014 “You’re  never too old, too wacky, too wild to pick up a book and read to a child.”  We said Happy Birthday to Dr. You can hear it in his voice, which is friendly, compassionate, with a healthy sense of humour bubbling underneath. The obvious question from a clinical standpoint is: if you can implant horrible false memories, what about pleasant ones?
He has written some very amusing articles, including a collection of things patients should not say to their doctor.
Although the patient had not complained of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), Rapp began to suspect that it might be present in some degree.
Seuss, the beloved author of The Cat in The Hat, this week and kicked off a month devoted to Dr.
And you can hear it when he talks about how good he feels when he helps a patient to change their life: a€?I get quite excited when things work well,a€? he says.

Example: a€?now that you mention it doctor, yes, my dad did sexually assault me when I was three. Look at you a€“ youa€™re wearing rubber gloves and youa€™re carrying cleanser and a sponge.
One gentleman, a physician, suffered a bathroom misadventure which culminated in the accidental plugging of the toilet and the overflow of ita€™s contents, including fecal matter, onto the floor. They announced that, “The Cat in the Hat is back, just in time for the annual reading motivation and awareness program that calls for every child in every community to celebrate reading on the birthday of beloved children's author Dr.
Seuss.”  We will be celebrating the love of  reading for the entire month of March with Dr. Seuss’s simple word repetition and rhyming words helps a child  to begin to learn the fundamentals necessary for reading. The children loved hearing the story of the Cat in the Hat and then making their own hats at Art Time. Literacy enrichment activities like this brings the story to life and  instills in the children the love of not only reading but of learning as a whole.
Patrick’s Day we will read the book Green Eggs and Ham and have our own Green Eggs and Ham Lunch. Math: Counting to 100 with the Cat in The Hat, exercise with 100 song, Leapfrog Math to the Moon. Seuss’s lovable elephant, Horton, has been the star of the week with Horton Hears A Who and Horton Hatches An Egg. Horton Hears A Who teaches the lesson that, “A person is a person, No matter how small.” and that every voice counts and is important. Horton is also a good character to teach the children about being truthful, loyal, doing what is right, being a leader, handling peer pressure and helping others.  The children made Horton elephant ears to wear for a special story time “read” by Ralphie, Victoria, and Irie.
They pretended to be elephants, listened to an audio book Horton story on our smart TV, and colored their own Horton with a fuzzy clover where the Who’s from Whoville live. They are excited to play the shapes are everywhere game where they look through their environment to find as many shapes as they can hidden in everyday objects.    Thanks to Asher’s Mom for bringing us special shaped noodles for each of the holidays. The children are looking forward to eating the shamrock shaped noodles.  A Happy Birthday to Cole who turned 5 and Gideon who turned 2.

The children helped change our tree from Winter time to Spring by adding leaves and flowers.
It was our annual Green Eggs and Ham Lunch on Monday and all the children were about to find out. They stared at the bright green scrambled eggs on their plates and took a little nibble then  a big bite. Soon all the eggs were gone but the children discovered that just like in the book you don’t know if you like a food until you try it. If you try it you might not only like it but love it.  How do you catch a leprechaun?  You make a leprechaun trap and that is what the children did. They drew windows, ladders, doors, and rainbows on the trap to lure the leprechaun inside their trap.
We have been working on large group activities like this where every one has to work together to achieve the finished project. Large Group Activities teach children cooperation, taking turns, and how to use good social and communication skills with others. While the children were busy trying to catch the leprechaun he surprised us by hiding a pot of gold in the yard.
They looked high and low until Irie spotted the pot of gold filled with cookies and treats hidden by a log. By incorporating a theme through out different subjects and play opportunities it helps young children to grasp concepts easier and build their knowledge base.
Math: Shamrock count and add, counting to 100, rainbow patterns, Ten Apples Up On Top story time. They announced that, “The Cat in the Hat is back, just in time for the annual reading motivation and awareness program that calls for every child in every community to celebrate reading on the birthday of beloved children's author Dr.

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