Besides that, what about the fact that our children can no longer enjoy childhood privately?
I’m looking at you breastfeeding pictures, placenta smoothies, moms running marathons at 30 weeks pregnant, and perfect Pinterest nurseries.
To celebrate Hypothyroid Mom’s 3rd anniversary, I will be celebrating with giveaways all throughout October. FIVE people will win her book Living Well with Hypothyroidism: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Tell You…That You Need to Know.
One lucky winner will receive free admission (worth $150) to attend Mary Shomon’s workshop in New York City on November 21, 2015!
Filed Under: Thyroid Advocacy Tagged With: Thyroid Books About Dana TrentiniWho knew that little butterfly-shaped thyroid gland at the base of my neck could affect my life so completely? Mary’s book is the first book I read that really got me involved and telling my doctor what I wanted, not what she felt I needed. If you don’t have luck finding a doctor who takes your insurance and money is a huge issue, evidently you can order thyroid hormones from Thailand that will work. I have had hypo thyroid for 30 yr…always taking my pills and my thyroid crashed so bad last week I was in hospital for 3 days! Trying to comprehend my labwork to see if I agree to up my medicine, and add another one as a doctor has recommended I do, when I know there are other issues involved I’d like to address first. Hypothyroid Mom has 2,311,429 monthly pageviews with 713,466 monthly unique visitors from 209 countries in the world. Then, in true fairytale fashion, I got to meet the author of the book, and I told her what a difference it had made.
There are a lot of great books out there with great advice, sharing great systems and techniques.
What’s more, because I believe in the system so much, I shared the book and techniques with my husband, and it made sense to him as well.
I believe so passionately in the power of productivity and organisation, that I became a Professional Organiser, spreading the word and helping countless others feel that magic. Since then I’ve also been able to learn from her when she was the keynote speaker at our industry conference.
I can admit to many moments of feeling envious towards a friend when they post pictures of their immaculately decorated house or their kid eating like roasted salmon with asparagus.
When she is not busy playing princess, you can find her pushing the latest YA literature to middle school children, hanging out at Danneel Park, or reviewing and unboxing toys at The Sparkle Wand.

You are all invited to participate from all countries around the world. Since Mary’s book is so popular, it’s possible one or more of the winners of this prize have already read it. My 7 year old daughter was born without a thyroid so I’m always up for discovering new stuff about it! Only once I was prescribed with synthroid,some years back, but I wasn’t feeling well either with it so he stopped. FINALLY – I am understandin how to self-manage this chronic illness and advocate for myself. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos almost 10 years back and had been to several doctors but couldn’t get any better till now.
Before we knew it, we were working as a team on our time management, our lives and our future plans.
A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to meet Julie Morgenstern for dinner when she visited Melbourne on a promotional tour.
The last time we spoke I told her what a difference her book had made to my life, and my marriage. Her business is called Creating Order from Chaos, and she’s been helping clients create order from their chaos for 8 years now. Meanwhile I’m over here in a house with toys all over and kids eating chicken nuggets and ketchup. Yes we all like to be acknowledged for our hard work but isn’t part of posting these pictures (even if just a small part) to set yourself apart from the pack or show others how superior a parent you are? When I was a little girl my mother was always telling me to go outside and play, while I hid in my room to read my books.
I completely trusted my Ivey-league medical school trained New York City doctors to manage my hypothyroidism.
In that case, the winner will pick one book of their choice from Mary’s impressive list of thyroid books.
No sleep, weight gain, brain fog, constantly tied, high anxiety & stress, depression etc. I had complete abdominal hysterectomy after two c-sections and from then on trying to raise two babies born ten months apart by myself, each year I began to get worse. After reading on your web, I learned the importance of both T3 and T4 functioning and that sometimes two medications are needed. The end result is a simpler, easier life, so they have room to breathe and time to enjoy their new environment.

Social media has made it possible to share with the world our performance as a parent, seeking approval by way of likes, while shunning or shaming those who don’t necessarily agree with our decisions. Now there’s the Declutter Club for those wanting to get organised, and The Professional Organiser’s Edge, delivering professional development for new and experienced Professional Organisers. None of them have touched me though like my current read, American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers by Nancy Jo Sales.
Yes we are proud of what our children have accomplished so far but what about when they get older and more aware. This book has completely changed my way of thinking, my thoughts on social media, and my thoughts about my level of sharing about my children in public forums. The day I stumbled upon New York Times bestselling author Mary Shomon’s book Living Well with Hypothyroidism: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Tell You…That You Need to Know was a miracle. Just imagine if we, as adults, are comparing our online lives, teenagers with less coping skills are doing the same thing.
So when I reached my lowest point with hypothyroidism and worried I would never get back up, how did I climb out of that dark hole? Following my miscarriage, my hypothyroidism symptoms worsened so dramatically that I struggled to stay awake to care for my young son. Instead of just enjoying a moment and capturing a memory, we are living through our smart phones. If you are at all curious about what social media is doing to our children, I suggest taking a look at the book. I’ve isolated myself from my friends and any social life mainly because of the weight gain and unable to work. If we don’t get the picture right the first time, we have the children perform to get the perfect shot, chasing those likes and double taps for our next high.
I realized that I lost my child all because my doctors did not properly treat my hypothyroidism. I was determined to have another baby and I wasn’t going to let hypothyroidism stop me. I got so thyroid healthy that at age 40 I became pregnant naturally with my younger son Hudson born October 2010.

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