Did you ever start reading a book, and you just didn't want to stop, you wanted to finish it the same day? I have a son, and as a responsible mum of course I had to think of his future before I could think of my dreams.
I know lots of kids dream like this, but I really wanted to help him so I started to search for a place where he could get a good education and at the same time maybe make his dream reality.
But luckily my son Mert had a dream too -- he wanted to play professional basketball, and Istanbul was really not the right place to do it.

It was not an easy process, I had to leave all my family and friends behind, my career too. I wasn't expecting to hear back, but I was so happy when I got the most wonderful, personal reply from him. I saw his movie, re-watched it a few times, and then I started to learn about his life story and his many books.
I read all of his books, but one of them, Sacred Journey Of The Peaceful Warrior, affected me very much.

It describes his experience with a mystical sage called Mama Chia on the Hawaiian island of Molokai.

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