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Transformational schools and transformational leadership are terms easily and readily applied to educational institutions and leaders who are perceived, but not often verified, to have experienced or facilitated positive changes.
Vicki Denmark is the Vice-President for Education Innovation with AdvancED, responsible for leading school improvement projects and creating resources that schools can use to affect student learning.
Analysis: Champions Chelsea Most Efficient Side in the League, Terrya€™s Quality Unparalleled and Other Things We LearnedAs they have done with each of their previous four top-flight title wins, Chelsea clinched their latest Premier League crown at the first time of asking with a vintage 1-0 victory against Crystal Palace at Stamford Bridge. In stark contrast to last season, where the new league champions came up short in games such as the one against Crystal Palace on Sunday, Mourinhoa€™s side is one that now finds a way to win even when nowhere near its best.
Even as the greatest defender in Chelseaa€™s history prepares to lift his fourth Premier League title later this month as club captain a€“ a record-equalling achievement a€“ there is an ever-growing concern amongst the Stamford Bridge faithful that the club is still a ways away from finding a potential successor to fill the void that John Terry will leave when he eventually hangs up his boots. One could be forgiven for thinking that this would be the season when John Terry would be gradually phased out, but the veteran defender has proved his doubters wrong, and in spectacular fashion. Nevertheless, Terrya€™s quality and leadership have had an immense impact on this title race.
In hindsight, it is now clear that Chelseaa€™s efficiency in the summer transfer window was a sign of things to come a€“ a marker laid down before the season had even begun. The last time Chelsea lost a league game, Manchester City had caught up to the Blues a€“ a remarkable situation where the nouveaux riches of the Premier League were level on points, goals scored, goals conceded and the Stamford Bridge outfit were top of the table only by alphabetical order. Chelsea played some of the most entertaining football in the league in the first half of the season.
Leadership Napa Valley participants come from all walks of life a€“ business, government, the professions, the arts, and the academic world. People with mature judgment, who have the support and encouragement of their families and employers to take part in the program. Leadership skills, how to get involved in community life, and how things work in business and industry, government, education, social services, criminal justice, the arts, and hospitality. All over Napa County, from the workplace to the halls of government to the vineyards and wineries. LNV participants get outside of their comfort zone and take on new challenges - they get in touch with aspects of the local community they may not know about - they find new ways to make a difference in the world - they make great friends and cherished memories - and they become the leaders they deserve to be.
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Incredibly, it is Jose Mourinhoa€™s third league title in his first five full seasons as Chelsea manager, a record matched by just two other managers in English top-flight history. Even more than the silky, fluid football and the arrogance in Chelseaa€™s play at the beginning of the season when the likes of Cesc Fabregas, Oscar, Matic, Hazard and Diego Costa were in top form, it is this resilience and maturity that will please the Portuguese manager the most. A The tireless Brazilian, in contrast to the likes of Fabregas, Matic and Oscar, has improved in the second half of the season and despite the signing of Juan Cuadrado, has cemented his spot in Mourinhoa€™s starting XI. There was justified outrage about the Englishmana€™s exclusion from the nominees for the PFA Playera€™s Player of the Year award, although the Chelsea stalwart was included in the Team of the Year. For the first time in his career, Terry, at the ripe old age of 34, is on course to play every single game in a Premier League season. Unlike some of Chelseaa€™s other top players, the former England captain has been consistently brilliant throughout the season, with his performance against Arsenal at the Emirates in particular earning high praise from his manager. Mourinho and the Chelsea board culled players they deemed excess to requirements ruthlessly, whilst adding world class quality to the side, with a net spend the likes of which the club has rarely seen in their time under Roman Abramovich. Thirteen points now separate the sides, and Chelsea have been crowned Premier League champions. As was the case on Sunday against Crystal Palace, in the second half of the season, it has been about grinding out results.

The program includes a mixture of classroom time, numerous field trips, and work in a location chosen by the participants as they develop their Practicum projects. No matter the governing body, geographical region, or setting of an underperforming school, there is a common belief that the leader (singular) is solely responsible for changes to occur.
Denmark’s educational career spans over 30 years devoted to working in public school systems in Georgia.
As has been the case for much of the second half of this season, it was a functional rather than aesthetically-pleasing Chelsea on Sunday afternoon, but most crucially, it was a Chelsea that yet again got the job done.
The term a€?Mourinho playera€™ is often associated with the former Shakhtar attacker, and it is obvious why a€“ Chelseaa€™s no.22 has an exceptional engine, with the Brazilian covering every blade of grass on the pitch on Sunday against Crystal Palace and making an absolute nuisance of himself with his relentless pressing and pressure on opposition defenders and midfielders. Playing almost as an auxiliary right-back at times, he has provided excellent cover for Ivanovic, whilst helping out defensively every time it is required of him. Not only has he appeared in all 35 of Chelseaa€™s Premier league outings till date, he has also played in all of the cluba€™s important games in other competitions, including the Capital One Cup final at Wembley against Tottenham where he clinched the opening goal, setting his team on the path to victory. Chelsea will never find a like-for-like replacement, but the club need to start looking a€“ preferably from within their own ranks a€“ for someone with the potential to lead the side like he does.
The championsa€™ brilliant season then, started much before that awesome display of attacking, free-flowing football at Turf Moor against Burnley in their league opener. There has been much debate lately about Chelseaa€™s safety-first approach to the top-of-the-table clashes against Manchester United and Arsenal, with critics scornful of the Bluesa€™ lack of attacking intent. This common belief is partly correct; however, transformation requires the leadership of more than one individual for pervasive and lasting change. She served as an elementary classroom teacher, assistant principal, middle school principal, area superintendent, and assistant superintendent.
Whilst it is true that he can contribute more in terms of goals and assists, and that he needs to improve his end product, Williana€™s ability to fit into any system Mourinho plays, his selflessness and his willingness to make sacrifices for the team mean that he is a€“ quite rightly a€“ one of the managera€™s most valued players. Chelsea fans will be left wondering how different their cluba€™s fortunes could have been in previous seasons had their captain been afforded more trust and minutes under the likes of Andres Villas-Boas and Rafa Benitez. With a year or two of football still left in Terry, now is as good a time as any for the club to identify and start nurturing a€“ with the aid of Terry a€“ their next captain, leader, legend.
What Mourinho will point to, however, is their record since the defeat to Spurs all the way back on the first of January: 11 wins and 4 draws in 15 games. The league champions have displayed ruthless efficiency, killing all talk of a potential title charge by Arsenal and Manchester United even as itA began. Transformational leadership is not limited to the building principal or the school system superintendent; all educators in a building or school system must contribute to the evolution from an underperforming school or system to an effective school or system.
She also worked as an assistant professor at Georgia State University and taught and developed post graduate courses in the areas of curriculum, supervision, organizational behavior, and educational leadership.
Chelsea are likely to refresh their squad over the summer with attacking options such as Antoine Griezmann and Pedro being linked with the club. Terry followed that up by scoring a crucial goal against Leicester City in midweek that gave Chelsea the lead late in the second half, leaving them a mere three points away from the title. The Bluesa€™ ability to adapt to their opposition and play different a€?stylesa€™ of football has helped them throughout the season, and is arguably what has made the difference at the business end. Whilst the rest of the league debates whether or not Chelsea are entertaining, and rival managers take thinly-veiled digs at the Chelsea manager and the teama€™s style of play, Mourinhoa€™s Chelsea continue to do what they do best: winning.
To understand better transformational leadership, a quick trip back in time is needed.Transformational Leadership TheoryAlthough extensive research conducted over four decades concludes that more research is needed to increase our understanding of leadership, a significant knowledge base has been established from which we can glean effective practices to influence and improve one’s leadership skills, especially in organizations that need improvement. She was awarded the Excellence in Educational Leadership Award from the University Council for Educational Administration in 2004 and was given the Lifetime Membership Award from the Georgia Middle School Association in 2008. It will, however, take a special player to dislodge Willian from his position on Chelseaa€™s right wing.

That goal was his 38th for Chelsea, a record-equalling achievement in the league as a whole for a defender. Transformational leadership, a popular leadership theory, has research roots as early as 1978 when James McGregor Burns, considered the founder of modern leadership theory, defined a transformational leader as one who “looks for potential motives in followers, seeks to satisfy higher needs, and engages the full person of the follower.” Although this model of leadership was developed for political leaders and without empirical evidence, it influenced other researchers to further conceptualize and make the model applicable to business and education.
She holds a master’s degree in elementary education, and a doctorate degree in Educational Policy Studies. Another rock solid display followed against Crystal Palace on Sunday as the league champions kept yet another home clean sheet and sealed the Premier League title.
For example, Bass and Avolio (1994) and Leithwood (1994) developed the transformational leadership model for education, with a primary focus on school principals. Generally regarded and respected as research and practitioner-based quality practices essential to achieve improved student performance and organizational effectiveness, the Standards are adaptable as transformational leadership behaviors or practices.
After comparing the research on transformational leadership to AdvancED’s Standard statements, the extrapolation can be made that if a leader internalizes, exemplifies, and implements the Standards, a leader could be characterized as a transformational leader who achieves lasting results.
Another example is apparent in the Standard that describes the importance of a school’s purpose and direction (Standard 1) and is supported by the dimension “building school vision and establishing school goals” (Leithwood, 1994). Almost all leadership literature and research state an effective and successful organization has a clear and purposeful direction that embodies the values and beliefs of the stakeholders. This adaptation continues to demonstrate how each Standard statement interpreted through the leadership lens and effectively applied, can transform a school or a school system. The logic is simple, consistent, and rational: if the AdvancED Standards are implemented with fidelity as a process for continuous improvement or sustained transformation, then the Standards are a process for leaders to become or refine their skills as transformational leaders. It is just a matter of perspective.Transformational Leadership and Systems ThinkingIn the introduction, it was stated that the transformation of an underperforming school or school system requires the leadership of more than one individual. Staying true to research, for transformation to occur in an underperforming school or school system, then leaders must act as system thinkers.
True transformation happens not in silo-structured organizations, but in organizations that respect all of their elements, maintain their interconnectedness, and have a common purpose.
Systems thinking serves as the conceptual framework for the AdvancED Standards for Quality, evident in the focus on continuous improvement and the interdependency of one Standard with another. Furthermore, a report that examined the top 20 school systems in the world concluded that all parts of a school system must properly function in order to produce desired outcomes for sustainable improvement, (Mourshed, Chijike, and Barber, 2010). 51), stated, “all schools in a district must be treated as part of a single system” and “changing one school at a time is no longer an option for countries that want to compete internationally.” Perhaps Reeves (2009, p.
They are expected to implement changes or reforms that have direct, immediate, and lasting impacts on student achievement — a task not easily accomplished without practicing systems thinking and implementing a process for continuous improvement. Everyone who serves in a leadership capacity in a school or school system fully realizes that regardless of the size, configuration, or challenges, positive change can occur for a short period of time. Transformational leaders however, make lasting, widespread improvement by following a process that ensures all parts of the school or system are connected and share a common purpose (systems thinking).
The AdvancED Standards, based on systems thinking and educational research, are best practices for school improvement and transformational leaders. The league champions have displayed ruthless efficiency, killing all talks of a potential title charge by Arsenal and Manchester United even as they began.
Whilst the rest of the league debates whether or not Chelsea are entertaining, and rival managers take thinly-veiled digs at the Chelsea manager and the teama€™s style of play, Mourinhoa€™s Chelsea continues to do what it does best: winning.

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