New construction accounted for 24% of Gainesville luxury homes sold through November 2012, with luxury homes being built in Wilds Plantation, Carriage Way, Town of Tioga, Cheney Walk Estates, and Haile Plantation. Sixty one percent of luxury homes sold in Southwest Gainesville, with the greatest amount of luxury homes being sold in Haile Plantation. Luxury homes in Northwest Gainesville sold in Thornehill, Sawbuck, Elizabeth Place, Carriage Way, San Felasco Estates, Hermitage, Millhopper Forest, Turnberry Lake, Windy Hills Farms, Splitrail, and Pine Hill Estates.

On average it’s taken 18% longer to sell luxury homes in Gainesville in 2012 than it did in 2011. Luxury homes in Southwest Gainesville also sold in Hayes Glen, Town of Tioga, Wilds Plantation, Cheney Walk Estates, Abbey Glen, Cambridge Forest, and Cobblefield.

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