Meet AbraRAM the cute cartoon ram who is always expressing his attitude of gratitude with wild and rambunctious zesty rampages of appreciation. Got the gratitude attitude?In this animated AbraRam animation, he is expressing his favorite sentiment:  It's great to appreciate! Want a positive affirmation book to write in?  Rampage your appreciations with either words or pictures into these handy spiral bound 8 inch by 5 inch ram PAGES.
AbraRam is ready for a joyous rampage of appreciation on each page in this book for creating (attracting) an attractive reality that you want..

AbraRam says it's either time for fun, happy, laugh,dance, sing, funny, good, great, lovely, wow, knock your socks off, and of course, JOY. Today he is grateful for grass and hills and ewes and clover and valleys and cliffs to climb and bunnies and prairie dogs and rocks and birds with blue feathers. A recent study by the Appreciology Assessment Association in Washinton DC has just recently released their findings.
Applaud, admire, adore, approve, appreciate, and focus on the positives and let law of attraction make them grow until they surround you.

He's so happy from all this appreciation he is smooching on the rock and singing "I found my thrill on Abraham Hill"  The local prairie dogs find this lively entertainment.

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