If it is the manifestation of an already exsisting desire you need not seek enlightment, but seek alignment with that which your contrasting experience has already caused you to ask for. Yes perhaps allow alignment would have been a clearer word to use in what I said instead of seek alignment. And out of the Vortex - is the confusion and non-recognition and all other bogus feeling of yourself This conversations helps me expand on this subject exponentially! Elena: Huma€¦I had a very unique experience in my life, and thata€™s what I want to talk about. Elena: Huma€¦Thata€™s what I want to talk about, because I went to one workshop where you were saying that people who meditate a lot, they withdraw from life and they look kind of dead. Elena: Yes I understand that and the meditation was never for me to withdraw from physical experience but more like releasing resistance.
Abraham: So you were living such extreme situation that it was necessary for you to feel your way into alignment?

Other unpleasant sensations on the body begin to show up, heartburn, sore shoulders, gallbladder pain. But I can focus my awareness on the breath coming out of my nostrils and on to my upper lip. I travel across my body and the pains become more severe, the pleasurable vibrations become more prominent. Parts of this bulletin board may not function unless you enable JavaScript (also called Active Scripting) in your browser. You do not look deada€¦(Laughter), but meditation is a quieting of the mind and therefore a releasing of resistance and therefore a moving into the Vortex and a dawning of that broader perspective. But you do not have only those two choices, we talked about that several times here today, we are encouraging you to let go of what bothers you through meditation and reemerge into the fullness of who you are and then to take that aligned You back into the physical world and live fully.
Thata€™s 10 to 12 hours of wake state that you could be vividly in alignment and participate fully, the whole of you, in life as you intended to do.

And ita€™s not so different, really, from the vibration that you held before you came forth and focused. And there certainly isna€™t anything wrong with what you do, we are just here to say to you, to all of you, that 15 or 20 minutes a day of tuning to who you are is enough deliberate intention to come into alignment with who you are.
So the only reason that we use the term, which is a bit harsh, of withdrawing from life is because when you stay there for long periods of time you are not experiencing what you came to experience. If you say: I want to go to a movie or I want to swim in the ocean or I want to play tennis or I want to meditate, all of that is perfectly alright. We just want it to be very clear that meditation is a tool for alignment, not a tool for withdrawal from the physical experience, and there are a lot people that are using it that way.

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