The Focus Wheel is a process invented by Abraham Hicks to help people change their point of attraction and vibration on any subject in life.Whenever you think about any subject, your job for example, it makes you feel a certain way. By now you will have gotten some momentum going and it should get easier and easier to think of the next statement.
It works like this… each day you receive $1000+ and you have to spend ALL your money each day.
The other thing you can do is, as you shop and write checks for the items you want, print the items out and put them in your treasure chest or you dream box or start  using them as a treasure map.
I really like your interviews Jennifer, they are not only inspirering but also very warm and nuturing, thanks!
The tips on making a $100 a day from writing your own ebook(s), or in other ways to help others and give value to others, have helped me. BBY Email List SignupSign up HERE to get two amazing gifts: Soul Song of 2010 AND a Healing Talk with 6 different clearing techniques! Check out this 50% discount on MasterWorks Healing Membership Site AND receive over $400 in products just for one Month's Membership.
The Big Book of You MOVIES!Watch These Inspirational Movies Based on the Book Click here to check out The Big Book of You Movie part one and click here to see part 2. Jennifer has trained in many disciplines of vibrational healing including, The Reconnection, Cranial Sacral, Polarity and her renowned Sound Healing and Body Dialoging Techniques techniques (described in Joe Vitale's book The Key.

So if you feel frustrated when you think about your job then your point of attraction on the subject of your job is frustration. You should be very proud of yourself.You have just released resistance, brought yourself into alignment with who you really are and entered your vortex and can now see the world through the eyes of Source.You now have a new and improved point of attraction for this particular topic that you have done a focus wheel on! I created these checks for myself to use each day to spend the daily money as part of the prosperity game. So day one you get $1000 and have to spend it all, day two it is $2000, day three is $3000 day 20 is $20,000 day 60 is $60,000… you get the idea.
I’ll be sure to point others here who are playing the Prosperity Game and would like to use checks!
I have download them on my PC and will have some fun with them I like this idea of working on our subsconcious mind with these checks. She has been practicing these modalities of healing in private sessions with individuals for 17 years. And so you will continue to attract more frustration when it comes to your job.You can change how you feel (point of attraction) about anything in your life.
Then draw a slightly larger circle around the smaller circle and 12 small circles around that circle.
This will only work if you believe the statements to be true.For example your first statement should not be something like "My parents are so proud of me" or "My parents have always been proud of me" because you do not believe that it's true.

I made a few adjustments and are making them available for you to use for your own Prosperity game. I’ll transform my coaching clients of zero to 10 and begin receiving money for it beginning the following month of June. Jennifer's dichotomous experience as a healer and marketing professional afforded her unique insights into the multiple models people use to manage their worlds. Know that these are NOT real checks they are just to be used to purchase your pretend products and put yourself in the new thinking place of abundance.
Now each time you write a check FEEL the feelings of having that item, bring it into your soul into your body and fully feel it.
This coupled with her lifetime exploration into spiritual challenges and opportunities, and her training as a vibrational healer gave her the tools to write the award winning and hot new bookThe Big Book of YOU.
So if the last time you thought of your job you felt frustration and then someone you're talking to brings it up you will feel frustrated.
So the next time it is brought up you will feel better than you used to and you will have improved your point of attraction on the subject so you will start to attract more pleasing circumstances and events in relation to that subject.

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