If you're looking for a way to put the teachings of Abraham-Hicks into practice, or further your skills with the Law of Attraction or manifesting, then this website will help you tremendously. This is because my goala€”one of my life purposesa€”is to share this knowledge with the world, not make buck off it, and by being here, you've identified yourself this very instant as the very next person to discover and be impacted by this work, called Flowdreaming.
Flowdreaming is a technique that will allow you to not just BE in the power of your vortex, but actually direct and shape it through your emotional desires in real-time. I had no idea then that what I was hearing would end up becoming integral to my own life path, and that I, too would be charged with spreading very similar ideas worldwide some twenty years in the future.
I put the cassettes down (and out of my life) for the next 15 years, only to encounter them all over again in a much larger setting, and oddly, I discovered that I was singing their same message, albeit with a twist. Years went by after meeting them in the courtyard, and my career changed several times from opera to journalism, to art to radio. By this time, I was personally interviewing the Hicks in lengthy online seminars hosted by an online radio network that I'd createda€”Hay House Radioa€”still with no intention of ever sharing my own quiet little methods for manifesting.
And then, unfathomably, the little personal practice I'd been doing for years (my own personal way of talking to God and shaping my future, which had clearly been working!) erupted onto the world stage as the art of Flowdreaming. It turned out that people felt Flowdreaming was a perfect complement to what they'd already learned about Law of Attraction, manifesting, and Vortex-thinking. Over and over, people told me that practicing Flowdreaming let them put the pedal to the metal and actually DO IT and FEEL IT instead of just knowing about the so-called rules and laws.

Still others say I've explained a part of themselves to thema€”I've put into words something they've always known they could do (make things happen!) but never knew had a name. And still others say that I have given them a gift by showing them how to manifest and use the Law of Attraction and Law of Allowing in a way that seems hand-picked for their personality and mind. In the subsequent years, I wrote more, published more, and eventually produced over 500 hours of free podcasts.
I recognize that everyone who lands on this page has a unique goal or wish for their lives.
I'm just here sharing a tool, and a little philosophy behind that tool, that I know can and will change your lifea€”because it's already been doing it every day of your life. In fact, after more than a decade of concentrated practice, I've yet to discover the full power or depth of it.
They came as hand-duplicated tapes, which Jerry Hicks himself was making and distributing.
Not a single press release, interview, or even help from a PR person from the very publishing house for which I worked. I wouldn't have been introduced to the Hicks so many years ago; I wouldn't have been selected to study and learn in person from Dr.
Every fear or obstacle I have eventually gets washed under the gentle current of my Flow, and every year since I've started doing this, my life has improved.

I earn MORE than I ever did as a director in a huge corporation, under the yoke of bosses and strict hours. They're both ways of describing a fundamental energy of the universe, our relationship to it, and our ability to either move with or against this current either forward into creating or backward into resisting. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Doreen Virtue, Gregg Braden, John Holland, Colette Baron-Reid, and so many other illustrious minds that I lose count.
And above all, unknown to me, I was being traineda€”given the equivalent of an MBAa€”for the REAL work the Flow had in mind for me. And besides, with teachers like Abraham already out there, what I could possibly have to share?
I feel huge joy knowing that I help people in every level of society (from famous actors to methadone addicts to university professors to stay-at-home-moms) to reclaim immense inner power of their lives.

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