The Emerald City of the Pacific Northwest, this city’s stately skyline sparkles against a backdrop of inland seas and snowcapped mountains.
This waterfront town built on trestles, docks and pilings looks like it has been plucked from a storybook about frontier life. When a drifter named Joe Juneau picked up the first Alaska gold nugget out of Gold Creek in 1880, he could hardly imagine that his name would be affixed to a state capital.
Victoria is known as “The City of Gardens” and is the most English city outside of England, featuring a beautiful harbor, historic museums, and the world-famous Butchart Gardens. If your category request is available with applicable pricing – your registration will be processed. Information on an optional travel insurance program will be included with your confirmation after registering. Shop glittering downtown, the bustling Farmers’ Market, historic Pioneer Square, or see it all from the top of the Space Needle. Explore historic Creek Street, now a covey of contemporary art galleries and quaint boutiques.

Fronting on the blue waters of the Gastineau Channel and surrounded by the stunning backdrop of Mt.
During the late 1800’s people were drawn to the town's hotels, saloons, dance halls and gambling houses.
The city's British colonial heritage is still very much in evidence, but contemporary Victoria has a distinctly Pacific northwest flavor. Meet the spirits of the raven, whale and eagle as you view the largest collection of totems in the world at Totem Bight Park. Juneau and the Tongass National Forest wilderness, its visual drama never fails to stir visitors. Victoria's unique character is deeply rooted in its 150-year history -- a history full of colorful people and fascinating tales. Waterfalls are plentiful and icebergs make their way to the sea in all sorts of wondrous shapes. Visit the stately Governor’s Mansion, saunter through the swinging doors of the Red Dog Saloon, or sightsee the mighty Mendenhall Glacier, just outside town.

This unique town retains the flavor of the gold rush era, especially on Broadway, with its false-front buildings, and its famed museum, with its outstanding collection of memorabilia. And tucked away at the end of this remarkable waterway are two very active reminders of the Ice Age - the twin Sawyer Glaciers.
Some of the special group tours offered in this port include the White Pass and Yukon Train, horseback riding, golf, and the notorious brothel. Mountain goats and seals are a common sight, and even whales and bears may make an appearance in this magical place.

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