Maybe he should start a support group for all the spouses who were unwittingly thrown into the world of real-food by their ever-researching, healthy-minded spouses. This recipe was handed down to me by my mom (but I added the marrow and changed the flour to arrowroot starch). This recipe is great if you are following Ramiel Nagel’s protocol for healing your teeth as outlined in his book Cure Tooth Decay¬†(affiliate link). Stir in the arrowroot starch until well mixed and cook for just a minute or two while stirring constantly.

Serve to your hungry family with the satisfaction of knowing they are eating a nutrient-dense meal handcrafted by you with love! I just used some broth I already had on hand for the recipe, I didn’t include a recipe for it. I'm just a Jesus lovin', baby raisin', coffee sippin', girl trying to keep it simple in this crazy thing called life. I wish I could send you some delicious, healthy, grain-free cookies straight from my oven, but since I can't a monthly email with my posts will have to do.

I have fond memories of eating this soup around the dinner table with my family growing up. It is not only rich in minerals and fat soluble vitamins, but it contains alkylglycerols (AKGs).

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