After reminding the congregation that the word "abundant" means "full, rich, and overflowing," the pastor gave a list of five things the abundant life is not which are the opposite of what the abundant life is. The abundant life is not worrying about how things will work out.God will take care of you when you cast your cares upon Him. The abundant life is a life that is not separated.Jesus has already bridged the gap through the cross. When we talk about feeling disconnected and lacking abundance in our lives, the biggest reason for that is not knowing who we are at Soul-level.
When we don’t know who we really are, it’s like we try to find fulfillment in things that are just not right for us.
What’s missing from our lives is that we’re not truly connected to who we are at Soul-level, which means we are not fully connected to ourselves or to the abundance that naturally lies within us. What is needed in this instance is a reminder of who we are and where we REALLY came from so that we can return to it mentally and emotionally – so we can once again reconnect to ourselves at Soul-level and move forward expressing those characteristics to the world. Having a clear understanding of your Soul Group will help you understand yourself better with a much deeper awareness of yourself and the traits and characteristics you were instilled with during your time there.
Once we know what they are, we can allow ourselves to more fully express them and also allow ourselves to return naturally to the flow of abundance rather than fighting ourselves by trying to express characteristics that are truly not our own. There are other pieces to the puzzle as well that make up our Soul Design, such as your Archangelic Realm and Spiritual Order, but I will save those for another article. This Advanced Abundant Life Coaching group is only for those who have successfully completed the first Abundant Life Coaching Group program. If you answered yes to all of the questions above, then sign up for another six weeks of discovery, opening and creation! If you have said “No” to any of the above statements then this program is not likely for you at this time.
Mary has incorporated all of her healing systems into these Coaching sessions, so you will experience them all and will learn how to use them in conjunction with creating your Abundant Life.

Sacred Soul Embodiment is a proprietary system Mary has developed that helps clients to discover newfound energy, happiness and fulfillment. Plus Many Many More: Mary offers many more tools, tips and techniques that she will be sharing throughout the audio program.
Through this program, you will spend time daily in Your PLAN to PLAY to increase your abundance. If you’re interested in this program please sign up for the Daily Heart Meditation and list to get updates and details on when this program will be available. Mary highly recommends the Creating an Abundant Life Audio Series as a way to access the content, healing and processes that take place on the Abundant Life Live Coaching Groups.
We can look the devil in the face and laugh because we know we are going where he can't go when we die.
Margaret Minnicks has been a licensed minister since 1995 and an ordained minister of Christian education since 1996. When we are not fully aware of and connected to WHO WE ARE at Soul-level, we simply CANNOT lead an abundant life, no matter what we do. And no matter what we try, we still feel unhappy inside and like we’re lost and living in lack.
This is not only how we reconnect with ourselves, but also how we reconnect to abundance and start to see it show up in our lives again.
Just like we have a birthplace on Earth, we also have a place where our Soul first incarnated. The reason why is because we carry these traits and characteristics forward with us each time we incarnate, and wish to express them during our time here. In this program, you will learn how to take the foundational layers you’ve established from the first level and you will build on them to take your Abundance to a new level.

Instead, it is recommended that you go through the recordings of the first level Creating An Abundant Life program again.
This simple technique when used regularly keeps you on your path and effortlessly focused on your dreams and achievements. This new story erases the old blocks and beliefs and creates a new vibration and expands levels of flow. In doing so you are accessing what is ready to be released and using the tools, techniques and practices to get to the heart of the obstacles to find, discover and embrace a new way of being. Living the abundant life is to stop seeing Jesus as our enemy but seeing Him as our friend.
Each Soul Group carries with it traits and characteristics, just like you carry them from your hometown, and each planet of origination is unique in its own right, just as each and every Soul is unique in its own way. Through the process, you will clearly define your own energetic signature and how to use this understanding to play with the energetic exchanges you have with the world. The subtle healing that occurs in the background contributes to an overall feeling of well being and peace, opening you up to the flow of good rushing toward you. She can then guide this energy into her client’s blocks, dis-ease, pain and dysfunction to create a new field of possibilities, enabling tissues, cells and beliefs to shift into a new form. Minnicks teaches 22 biblical and theological courses at The Way of Life Spiritual Development Center in Richmond, Virginia.

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