If you have a knack for numbers and strong organizational skills, studying accounting can prepare you to become an entry-level professional with the business skills, management techniques, and administrative practices needed in an accounting and bookkeeping environment.
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When it comes to businesses adjusting to new technology, the moves today are happening faster than ever.
In addition to this, the cloud has a program in place for backing up files (redundancy) just as one’s computer does. Lastly, just as clouds can save money, the security issues that exist (especially the unknown ones) will be much more costly. For the sake of this article we were very fortunate to have an interview with Christopher Pascale, the Chief Financial Officer of Portfolios With Purpose. When pressed to expand, he stated that the charity’s financials are released to Board of Directors every six months, and that he produces monthly reports for his boss, Stacey Asher.

Getting back to the title question of this piece, is cloud-based accounting the future? It very likely may be, but it will also adapt. Every business relies on accounting on some level to keep the business functional, and you could take your newfound skills just about anywhere. This is where networks are not linked through wires, but wirelessly via interface software over the web.
Many accountants today will remotely connect to their computer when they are at a client’s office, but through the cloud there is a step saved from this process. After all, not all new technology takes, and sometimes alternatives are equally matched (such as Blu Ray discs and DVDs). Being a new and up-and-coming organization, one may think that this charity would put its accounting on a cloud, but that was not the case at all.
Upon graduation, you will be qualified for positions such as an accounting clerk, payroll clerk, accounts receivable or accounts payable assistant.

Then computers came out and some accountants made the switch while others didn’t, but as new programs like Quickbooks and tax software emerged, the old way became too slow and expensive. Many feel that this is the future in accounting while others believe it is too dangerous because of susceptability to hackers.
As the technology improves, more steps and expenses will be elimintated making it too expensive not to be on the cloud.

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