First Database of Interprofessional Health Care Training Programs for Team-Based Care AnnouncedThe Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative (PCPCC) launched a free online database on December 10th containing more than 100 primary care health professional training programs that focus on interdisciplinary, comprehensive, team-based care.
Blake Andersen,  writes about the changing state of health care for the Journal of the Nurse Practitioner Association of New York State (NPA)Dr.
The HCPA is the only validated measurement and quality reporting system for health coach proficiency and program fidelity to MI in health care. The only national chronic care and health coaching program submitted for inclusion was CCP Health Coach.

MI is considered the only evidence-based health coaching approach as evidenced by over 300 clinical trials showing better patient-level outcomes. Participants learn how to respond to patient statements, provide information and support shared decision-making--while avoiding patient discord (linked with poor engagement and behavior change) and evoking change talk (linked with behavior change). Using the 2012 Miller & Rollnick motivational interviewing (MI) health coaching framework as a guide, CCP helps learners address common health coaching barriers, while improving the impact of brief telephonic and face-to-face health coaching practice across the care continuum.
In addition, learners choose from expert presentations on topics that match their clinical roles and interests featuring 25 HealthSciences faculty contributors from Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Harvard and Johns Hopkins.

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