This division includes classes designed towards a more serious pursuit of a career in the arts and those looking for more of a challenge in a caring but disciplined environment. This division includes classes geared towards fun and fitness with an emphasis on proper technique. The popular show Miss Nelson is Missing!, based on the book by Harry Allard and James Marshall is premiering on the Rochester Civic Theatre’s main stage this Friday.
No audition is required, but teachers reserve the right to place students according to their ability.
Additionally, students are required to dance during the summer for Teen Company & Senior Company.

Call 359-2540 for more info.!Girl Scout classes available at adiscount rate!!!!Come in to earn a badge or to just have fun!
We will offer classes in Dance, Theatre Dance, Fairy Tale Dance Camp, Theatre Dance Camp, and more! Zibby┬ástarted her acting career at the Masque Youth Theatre before taking classes at the Civic. At the beginning of every new school year she reads the book, Miss Nelson is Missing to her class, so naturally she’s had a blast playing the part on stage. Later on, she participated in shows such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as well as being in troupes such as Inside Out Players and Otherwise Actors.

As a professional, Melissa must master the art of balancing both the kind and strict qualities that are needed in a good teacher, but in the show she enjoys losing that balance. Being the only adult in the play was a scary prospect for Melissa, who’s never worked with only teenagers before. Melissa recommends the show to people of all ages because of its light hearted humor and valuable lessons about respecting others and being grateful.

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