Wea€™ve all heard the old line in this business, a€?Ita€™s all about who you know.a€? I believe that ita€™s less about who you know and more about how well you know them.
Share your passion and talent with the people in your life and encourage them to do the same. As cool as it would be to control everyone around you, that’s just not the way it works. Respected as one of the entertainment industrya€™s leading experts, Dallas Travers teaches actors the career and life skills often left out of traditional training programs. Speak Easy caught up with Julian Rebolledo, Sean Kenin, and Ed Lewis, the team behind Shut Up and Talk. Ed: A big misconception about demos is that you need to show your entire range and I dona€™t believe thata€™s true. Sean: When Julian and I started we turned away a lot of people who wanted to make demos, and we ate a lot of cheap food, and the two of us had a lot of down time!
Ed: Everything I know about how to produce a demo came from my years as an agent because I heard so many bad demos. Jen: So whata€™s the word on the various kinds of demos: animation, commercial, narration, regular VO demo?
The audition process can take as little as one day or as long as many months, but the goal is always the same: to find the right actor for the role. You may be spending too much time trying to decipher what a€?theya€? want and not enough time crafting the best way that this role can be illuminated through your one-of-a-kind spirit!
Obviously those choices wona€™t always be on the mark for what a€?theya€? want, but you arena€™t a mind reader and we dona€™t expect you to be! Along the way you will certainly lose roles because of your individuality, but dona€™t let that deter you. Students gain experience through trust exercises, scene study, and practicing cold readings. Originally from our fair City, Ronnie recently returned from Los Angeles and Chicago where she earned her BFA in Drama from the Theatre School at DePaul University, formerly the Goodman School of Drama. Applause Westchester in Mamaroneck, New York, will introduce four new classes for kids - including acting, dance, music, and theater - this fall. Applause Westchester, a music and drama center for kids, has expanded a second time since opening in 2008 and will add several new classes to its fall programming. Applause Westchester's new state-of-the-art dance and rehearsal studio is located on the second floor of its current location in Mamaroneck, adding a third floor of classroom and studio space -- it first expanded, to the location's ground floor, in September 2010. Acupuncture may be able to help alleviate some of your child's chronic conditions, including asthma, allergies, or frequent colds and ear infections. New York Acting School faculty - Professional teachers and instructors, Acting Classes & Courses. The Acting Studio - New York's staff of instructors are all master teachers with many years of active and on-going professional experience in both the industry and in education. James Price (Intro To Meisner, Meisner Technique 1 & 2, Scene Study) is the founding Artistic Director of The Acting Studio - New York and Chelsea Repertory Company. Bruce studied with Sanford Meisner at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre in New York, and later returned to the Playhouse to teach on the acting faculty. John Grabowski (Associate Director, Monologue Workshop, Directing Workshop, Performance Workshop ) is the resident director of Chelsea Repertory Company at The Acting Studio - New York where he is also a teacher.
He also directs staged readings of new plays at The Acting Studio and other NY theatre companies and is currently head of Chelsea Rep LAB.
Halfway into their 10-week Introduction to Meisner class I was hooked and seriously thinking about acting as a career. James Price is a gifted artist, teacher, and human being whose mission in life is sharing his authority and love of acting with each and every one of his students. James Price is a teacher in the truest sense of the word, and, by being his student, my life (acting and otherwise) has been permanently changed for the better.
I walked away from the Studio’s Performance Workshop feeling confident and capable as a professional actor.
John Paul Getty once said that he would rather have 1% of the effort of 100 men than 100% of his own effort. You can only control your own actions, so let go of any expectations you may have about who should do what and how things should all go. Don’t worry about what happened last week, about what you forgot to do, or where you dropped the ball.
Her groundbreaking book, The Tao of Show Business, has won over five awards including first prizes at The Hollywood Book Festival and the London Festival along with the National Indie Excellence Award.
A To be performed by a living, breathing human being in the presence of other living and breathing human beings. A It’s not my intention to stress quantity over quality, but monologues from plays have more words to work with than monologues from film and television. Voice actors Rebolledo and Kenin launched Shut Up and Talk in 2001 and for the next seven to eight years, the two coached, produced demos, and taught some voice over classes.

And Ed is super credible to produce demos: Hea€™s a casting director (a€?The Wonder Pets,a€? a€?Team Umizoomi,a€? and numerous voiceover campaigns), directs audio books, and also spent three years as a voiceover agent.
When their first and second reads are competitive with what I am hearing during my days in my own casting sessions, thata€™s when I feel they are ready. We like versatile actors for film, TV, and theater, but in the commercial world, variety is not always what we are looking for. I do have a consultation once we are done with the demo to teach them about what to do with the demo, and about the websites that they can make some money on. An actor may be defined as someone who observes and portrays a charactera€™s psyche, but everything is ultimately filtered through onea€™s own prism. If youa€™re trying to please everyone, you can easily lose what is special about you and end up pleasing no one.
The opinions expressed in this article belong solely to Marci Phillips and do not necessarily reflect the views or endorsement of ABC, Disney or any of its subsidiaries. This acting class is for students age seven and older who desire to study both for the stage and screen. Students will also have actual screen experience by being filmed and then receiving an evaluation on overall technique from the viewing. She has performed in different venues like, Buried Child, Vinegar Tom, The Crucible and Noises Off to name a few. Price has also taught acting at Trinity Rep Conservatory in Providence, RI and has worked as actor, director, teacher, and producer in regional, Off-Off Broadway, stock and college theatres. Over the last twenty five years he has performed over eighty acting roles and directed some fifty plays. He has also directed numerous workshop and lab productions for Chelsea Rep LAB and other off-off Broadway New York companies.
I finished their full acting program one year ago and am still involved with The Acting Studio community, still working, learning, and growing. His attention and perception are uncanny, and I will never forget him or the time that I spent in his classroom.
James Price and John Grabowski are amazing teachers who are dedicated and meticulous, and who provide honest, in-depth critiques of our work.
Look for creative solutions and constructive ways to create new results, encourage new behaviors, or completely change your relationship.
Stop worrying about the future, wondering about whether or not you’ll get that callback or if your agent is really working hard on your behalf. She has helped thousands of actors to increase their auditions, produce their own projects, secure representation and book roles in film and television.
A On-camera, particularly where film is concerned, the visual aspect of the script cannot be overestimated. A When you perform a monologue from a play, an industry person tends to find you more sophisticated as an actor than if you perform a piece from film or TV. A Very few plays are identified by the performance of one actor, and many different actors will play all theater roles over time.
A He teaches at virtually every top acting training program in the country, including Juilliard and NYU. In 2008, Julian wanted to expand the company, so they rebranded and started an audio post production company called Hyperbolic Audio. You want to show them: a€?Look, I can make you some money!a€? So at Shut Up and Talk, we aim to produce five spots. People think we just want their money, but we really have to assess them and then decide if they are ready to make a demo. Bottom line: I really need to know if you can deliver a piece of Sprint copy in a conversational manner and make it your own as well, not that you can do every single accent and voice on the planet. We all a€“ actors, casting directors, producers and directors a€“ come from a particular vantage point and bring our own unique life experience to whatever we do.
If everyone had the exact same opinion, wea€™d just bring that one person in, cast him or her, and be done with it! No one wants you to give the exact same audition as the 20 actors that came in before you and the 20 actors that will come in after you.
Always stay within the parameters of whata€™s organically honest for the role, the scene, and the world youa€™re portraying, but if a choice strikes you as particularly funny or poignant, dona€™t be afraid of it!
If youa€™re right for the role, then we (or the director or the producer) will guide you from there.
As new techniques are gained, misconceptions are shed, and the emerging actor becomes a more honest human being ready to act truthfully. Price majored in theatre at Indiana University and worked as a professional AEA actor before attending and graduating from the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater, to where he later returned as a member of the teaching staff under the tutelage of Mr. A task-master with 49 years of experience, he continues to actively train and practice with his fellow Studio associates in conjunction with Chelsea Repertory Company where he actively produces, acts and directs. He recently directed the premier of two original plays, FIG.1 and MUD NOSTALGIA, at the Prague Fringe Festival, Czech Republic, also touring in Hungary.

You can enlist the support, feedback and resources of others to make things happen more efficiently and effectively.
You cannot change the past and you can’t predict the future, so just be cool and stay present. A Every on-camera performance you see has been edited and set in a way that cannot happen in the theater.
A Doing a monologue from film or TV can lend a comparison to the original artist (the film was made and then it was done, over A and frozen).
Today Hyperbolic provides the full audio post services while Shut Up and Talk continues as the educational arm. Our intention is to make it sound like five different spots recorded in five different locations and assembled into your demo. Just like you go to the dentist, or your accountant, seek out the professionals for your demo! In 2005, he received The Ohio State University Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching and in 2013, the Texas Tech University Award for Professing Excellence. Even if you’ve heard it all before, always bring new ears and eyes to every situation in order to learn. A Each line in a monologue dashes onto the next, either for immediate results or to serve as a tactic that will have a payoff later in the play. A Choosing material from a play tends to make an industry person think you’re savvy and aware by virtue of the fact that you made that choice.
A Bear in mind also that the film actor performed the monologue in optimum circumstances, i.e. A Also, always bear in mind that your selection for a monologue needs to match the needs and sensibilities of whomever you are auditioning for.
Ia€™m perfect for this!a€? but there are literally hundreds of other actors responding that same way to that same role at the same time.
He has twice been invited by Rose Bruford College of the Performing Arts in London to teach at the Stanislavski Center as a guest artist. Just keep getting called back and “nailing” it and one of these jobs WILL have your name on it!!
A So if a film and TV casting director should happen to ask for a monologue, the heightened language of a playwright such as Tom Stoppard would not be ideal. I cana€™t predict if youa€™re going to make it, but I do share some feedback about what I hear and assess how many coaching sessions I think youa€™ll need in order to be ready to make your demo. When you walk into the audition, you dona€™t know what preconceived notions the casting director has for this. Bayles will be working with our students on trust excercises, monologues, one act plays and improv.
A And as long as you’re getting called back, most representatives will keep sending you out. Then ita€™s the actora€™s choice whether they want to invest that kind of time and money into it. You dona€™t know if therea€™s something in the directora€?s history thata€™s coloring his or her conception of the character. A So you’ll want to find a monologue where the dialogue sounds more accessible, more vernacular, more like conversation than would a classical piece. You may have read the script but you may not know what the writer is actually visualizing here.
A It needs to feel like a good fit for you and the language of it needs to fit you well and show whoever is watching and listening how you can be of value to them. A There’s no need to sit there and watch what everyone else can do when someone gave us what we need. Yet Justine figured the best way to take an agent meeting was to arrive all buttoned up and proper. Make introductions to support the Collaborators in your life and tie your separate circles together while you’re at it. I want to make demos for people who are ready, and high quality demos, which is something Shut Up and Talk has been doing since its launch. The Tao of Show Business involves a natural flow, so if you are unwilling to give things away, you actually block the natural flow of things. Stay in consistent communication so asking for help is no big deal, and receiving it is easy. As soon as she allowed herself to be her true self, she found the right agent who found the right auditions and Justine started booking like crazy.

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