Education – I educate clients and families about what ADHD is and what it means to struggle with executive functioning challenges.
Skill Building – I work with clients and their families to identify strengths, talents and resources. Achieving Goals – By partnering with you to identify your goals and what you would like to accomplish in ADHD coaching, we can ensure you achieve these goals in a timely manner. Learn more about ADHD, my approach in coaching, how an ADHD coach is different from a traditional therapist and how ADHD coaching can help.
Talking with KNSD TV San Diego about student molestation allegations at Hamilton Elementary School in City Heights. TestimonialsWithin 5 minutes of my first coaching session with Roya, 47 years of shame and embarrassment began to fade away.
I really want to acknowledge that you gave me the first step on finding out that I was working to cover my weaknesses which I stop doing, today I am working with getting stronger with my natural strengths and that is the reason why I am very grateful with you. After I discovered I have ADHD, Roya Kravetz started coaching me through Skype since I was living in Europe.
When choosing individuals that will be working with our children, we prefer people who are loving, accepting, understanding and caring.
The "four step process" is a simple, yet extremely effective life coaching system designed to cover four key aspects of ongoing support: reviewing goals, effective listening, brainstorming, and scheduling.

Michael sends out emails (usually on a monthly basis) with free life coaching materials, upcoming events, and articles. Join PPC Coach now, we have over 120,000 posts on our forums, years of experience and a $1 trial for 14 days! If you are stuck in an unhappy career feeling burnt out or unemployed, Ruchira Agrawal can help you find your fulfilling career. DeFinis Communications offerings include Presentation Skills Training, Executive Speech Coach Communication Skills Training and Business Presentation Skills in Bay Area, Silicon Valley and California. Bay Area Standup comedian, creativity coach and solo coach, laughter yoga teacher, and workshop facilitator Alicia Dattner muses on everything from traveling in India to Getting Things Done. Robert Graham and GrahamComm offer corporate training and coaching programs in sales training, public speaking, presentation skills, sales presentations and team building in the San Francisco Bay Area. Life coaching and organizing services for finances, debt, retirement, stress and clutter in Oakland and SF Bay Area.
Understanding how these challenges impact your life is the first step in learning to manage them.
We develop strategies around those strengths to help manage challenging aspects of daily life. Speaking with her reassured me that my lifelong doubts, fears and limitations about who I was and what I could aspire to become were about to change.

These strategies help in a variety of executive functioning tasks, including time management, decision-making, communication and organization. With Roya's help, this weight was no longer a nameless shapeless thing, and as soon as I could see it, define it, observe it I realized I could change it. I can honestly say throughout the period of time, in which my son have been going to Roya, I have seen great improvement with my son. I no longer felt that I was struggling alone, and this helped me share with my family, friends and supporters. I can personally say that Roya has made a positive impact in my son’s life and I would highly recommend Roya as a Coach. I could let go of trying to hammer myself into a shape that was not suited to me, and instead, focus on my strengths and allow this "condition" to become an asset. Roya is a gentle soul with a strong determination to help, and her solid convictions made it easy for me to see that I could overcome the illusion of limitations, which were held in place from a lifetime of measuring myself against the standards of others.

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